Feb 19 2010I Dare You To Try: 'Please Rob Me' Website


PleaseRobMe.com is a website that lists people who have recently left their homes and announced their location on Twitter. So you can go rob them. Or go spread rose petals all over their porch if you're not into the whole robbery thing. The website was created to make an important point. One about me getting rich. Now, I'm gonna need some pantyhose and a Santa sack.


Thanks to DKNL, Griffin! and Amanda, who, meet me on the corner of 219 S. 2nd Street in 20 minutes.

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Someone stole my URL!!!!!!



Should have thought of using this as a robbing tool sooner...

p.s. posting first on a geekologie blog, is gay... even gayer, is cheering about it a few posts down...

GW, why do you need Santa's balls to rob a house?
...... just askin

On the plus side, random idiots who think people actually want to know their every movement on twitter finally have someone who actually DOES want to know.

@6 ... have you seen all the stuff you can cram into those things......just sayin

@8 Nope, but I have seen what he crams his sack against...... Mrs. Claus' chin..... just sayin

Ahh, the downside of unchecked narcissism...

Very funny.

@10 wait until the twidiots realize that one

@7 didn't read your comment before posting my previous one, couldn't agree more

@9 maybe so but they still hold alot of junk, just look at Mrs. Claus' cheeks when he is done..............just sayin

There was a similar news story about how someone was able to rob a house because the owners had posted on Facebook that they were on vacation.

@13 That just remineded me of a lyric from a Beatnut's Song:
"Taste dick when you're kissin you girl?
Well you should, cause she swallows more nuts than squirrel n*gga"

@15...ummm ewe

@5: well, i NEVER EVER NEVER EVER got to be first to post, so, stfu.

Imagine if this worked and people did try and rob people.

I'd post some information just so I can be ready to pounce on the first intruder to come to my home. That way I can unload upon with a bat.

As Will Ferrel would say, it's time for a bat fight...it's a gentlemen's game.

Why's the robber on the site gotta be brown?

plz, brown ppl don't know how to use the internet like that

Hahaha! The Whole thing just works only assuming that everybody lives alone. How sad..

i think there should be an anti-stupidity insurance clause. where it states that if you are so dumb as to post that your home is unoccupied, you don't get reimbursed for losses due to theft.

@ 7 seriously, if you get robbed cause you announced you went to Chicago for the week, you 're assed out and have no one to blame but yurself for sharing stats no one gives a crap about.



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