Jan 22 2010Yeah, This Will End Well: Scientists Develop "Autonomous Bipedal Robot Built Out Of DNA"


Just when I thought my dino-ribonucleic acids were safe, I get news that scientists have developed autonomous DNA-bots that can biped their little asses around inside me and royally f*** all my insides up.

The walking device consists of a strand of DNA that contains a 5',5' linkage in the middle. One leg is called L-E and the other is called L-O. It walks on a track consisting of a series of stem-loops (T1-T4) that are part of a stiff DX motif. It is fueled by a pair of successive stem-loops (F1 and F2) that are in solution. The driving force for its motion is the formation of more base pairs than exist at any given time.

Right. DNA-scale robots? That's freaking tiiiiny. And I can recall a time in the not-so-distant past when I was confident nothing could possibly be smaller better to crush monster trucks with than my penis.

Autonomous Bipedal Robot Built Out Of DNA [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Dave, who's working on building an army of nano-ants to combat this evil DNA.

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Reader Comments

Awesome. We're all gonna die.

Clear as mud

The End is Nigh!

cooolll im all for Bipedal pron action

Long live the robots.


why don't they make microscopic robots that attack cancer?


was a good idea!

Ok scientist people, we get it. You're smart and can figure this stuff out. Now please stop it.

They are going to kill us all!

I'm not into this the tech stuff, that's more Otacon's thing.

Don't take a piss. DNA robots will swarm right up through your dick.

Awesome, molecular biology getting it due props!

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