Jan 5 2010'Worst Christmas Ever', Or, 'How To Scar Your Child For Life', Or, 'Wow Your Dad's A Dick'

This is a video of a little boy opening up an XBox 360 on Christmas. Except, instead of a console in the box, it's a pair of pajamas. Then the boy proceeds to cry while his dad laughs at him hysterically. Maybe next year they'll run over your dog!

Peor Papa en la Historia!!! [randomsadas]

Thanks to Carlos, who agrees crying children rank right up there with people hurting themselves on the funny meter.

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That's just mean. And brilliant!

poor boy

Long live the robots

LOL, elRellano meets Geekologie!

oh boy, what a dick

Only a jewish black family would do such a thing. Prolly a stolen box anyways.

She must thrive on his tears

I don't think a Jewish black family would do that, MAINLY cause Jewish people don't celebrate Christmas

SOOOOO F$CK!NG WRONG!!!!!!!!!! i would never do that sh33t to MY SON!!!!!!1111 Knowing how seriously i take 73h V33de0g4m3s!!!!!!!! man me and my son are hitting up the PS3 right now!!!!!!!!!! and that lil feller is only 11 months old wuut wuuuuuutttt!!!!!!! P4wn K33llLLLzzzzzZZZ!!!!!!! and also because i don;t want that sumbeeotch to kill me in my sleep, dude, worst christmas EVAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! if anything my rents did the oposite of this to me!!!!!! you guys remember back in the the days of FAMICOM!!!!!! they put mine in a box some thing lame i can't remember then they were all "come on open it" and i was all p1ssed & sh17 but then it was all like WUUT WUUT MUH FUKAZZZ, I got a Famicom, LET THE V33D30g4ym3 addeecchun begiiiiinnnn!!!!!!!!!

look at the kids hair...are you surprised his parents would do this?

kinda a dick thing to do...

kid: fuck you mom
mom: hey, be greatful we didn't abort you.

@11 [Peter Griffin] "Shut up Meg"

nah my son don't play PS3, he just kinda gets to think he does cuz i have a broken controller i messed up after countless smashings to the wall during some crazy madden-a-thons with some homeys and i give it to him so he can smash up some buttons while i play and stuff...... he mostly just smacks it agains other toys and stuff though.... STILL!!!!!!!! never too early...........

That is just fucked up. His parents are assholes.

These niccaz are going straight to the nursing home as soon as albino Riley here gets the chance to.

If I was that kid, the next year I would buy my dad hunting lessons..... and a pair of antlers for mom...... just sayin

@15 dayum......... family guy is the lamest show man c'mon i know you can do better man........ try again, try to make it funny this time though okay buddy.

I will send this kid an xbox. Send an email to jgarner3999@gmail.com if you know how to get it to him. peace.

i mean i'll send him an xbox 360.

You're supposed to put cool gifts in stupid boxes.... not the other way around.
I feel sorry for that kid. His Ahole parents ruined his Christmas.
I'm a dick.... but I wouldn't do anything that mean to my kids.

D: The Pokemon battle chat made my day.... and this ruined it. Thanks a lot GW. :( How awful. We should all adopt him, buy him an arcade version xbox, then get his hair done! :') Poor thing!!!

Hey GW, that's YOUR, not YOU'RE.

As in "Wow, your dad is a dick"

Not "Wow, you are dad is a dick"

Also, evil prank is evil

@20 Family Guy Lame? Really?!
As I read your first comment, all I could hear in my head was Peter Griffin saying "Shut up Meg" ................. you know because no one ever cares what Meg (i.e. GINORMAGANTUAN) has to say

{You seem like you might be new, and if so, don't take offense}

GW it's 'your Dad's a dick ('the possessive). You're is a contraction of you are!
that was mean!

Not sure if this is legit, but it has more views than any of the other videos and the description of the video reads:

My mom decides to buy my brother an Xbox 360 for christmas. We leave that night and return the next morning to find he has sneaked a look....just as my mom thought he would, this is the result...and yes he did get the game i will try to post the second video

Here's the link to it. The audio seems fucked up though.


Wonder if this kid is going to have trust issues.

let the serial killing begin!!


Well that father shouldn't be surprised when he wakes up one night to his son stabbing the shit out of him! He deserves it! What an asshole!

This reminds me of the time mom said daddy was coming home... but instead, we just got a box and a letter. The letter was from father, reminding us how much he loved us, and how much he wishes he could be with us. He said in the box was a bunch of pictures and presents. In the box was a folded American flag... the government had a laugh... bastards.

@28 Ohhhhhh gooood!! :D Ok, my day was made better! :)

Yes! Yes! Oh let me taste your tears, son! Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! Mmm-yummy! Mmm-yummy

How can they afford a video camera but not an XBox 360? Things are dirt cheap and have been out forever, so they should be at about every pawn shop.

My kids know we only roll Nintendo, no Microsoft products allowed in my house.

wow, at first I was like that is funny but then his family just walked away? That was a fucking douchebag move. This is where the kid gives his dad a fake win lottery ticket, says he can't afford anything else, then gives his dad a heart attack.

well, i guess that'll teach him for sneaking a peak at his present the night before huh?


Black people suck


while we're at it, how about this one:

This is why black kids join gangs and kill people.

This poor kid. Those parents are so mean. If I were that kid, I would have seriously flipped out right then & there and beat the crap out of everyone in that room that laughed.

Guess they couldn't afford the Xbox because his mom ate $400 worth of Oreos. Her butt looks like to Sumo beanbags.

Mom can't afford to buy her son an XBOX 360, but she sure can afford to feed her fat ass!

This video has been on the internet for a year or two.

The parents borrowed the box from their neighbor who actually got their kid an xbox.

This almost two years old. Dont worry Engadget eventually got the kid a 360. Still a douche move by the parents. Heres the full story.


The fact this kid didn't flip out is what worries me more... Is this just yet another in a line of psychological abuse this child has had to put up with. great laugh for everyone in the room but if you are going to pull a prank like that on a child at least "have" an XBox waiting somewhere.

I just hope the YouTube views his parents got can make up for the loss of trust their child now has in them.

thats like the complete opposite of the n64 kid
what a total douche!!!
i do something similar, but with crappy boxes so no matter whats inside i look good, i gave my niece some games she wanted in a crock pot box muahhahaha, but that shits just mean, i call douchebaggery on the dad, the kids too young to mess with him that bad

I don't care what that kid did, that's just wrong. That probably permanantly ruined Christmas for that kid for life.

This would be funny if the kid didn't have SUCH a genuinely happy, kind-hearted, unselfish look on his face as he tore the wrapping paper off and saw an XBox box inside. If he was one of those screamers that you know begged his parents for months for an XBox, I'd love it, but you can tell this kid was NOT expecting something so extravagant. And then when he realized it was just a cruel trick, it wasn't that he wasn't grateful for clothing, but he was so genuinely hurt by the trick. You can tell from his slow, gradual shift from happiness to tears that he wasn't so much sad that he didn't get an XBox, but that his family tricked him into thinking he did and then laughed in his face before just walking away telling him "we can't afford one, duh!"


@36: This is pretty old, so when this came out Xbox-360's were still relatively expensive.
That kid is pretty cute, which makes this video even sadder. He looks so happy when he thinks it's an xbox, it's like he doesn't even know what to do with himself. The idea of his horrible family doing something good for him probably shocked him to his core.
Then when he realizes it's "winter clothes", that look of defeat, betrayal and confusion as the elation is ripped away from him is so much worse than the disgusting narration on the video.
The only thing I can hope for is that his mother walked away from this realizing that her interior is infinitely more grotesque than her morbidly obese exterior, which is saying a lot.

this is old - back when it was first posted, the family caught a bunch of hell for it. some people from engadget or one of those tech blogs ended up buying the kid an xbox...

I don't see the problem. The kid can just get his dad a cool present box with Anthrax inside. HA HA HA YOU'RE DYING HA HA HA

Congratulations. You just created a serial killer. A serial killer who kills fat bitches and their asshole husbands.

If his dad has a life insurance you can always get that and get a xbox.


damn - i just feel stink for that little dude.
I think that little screaming bitch from http://www.geekologie.com/2009/12/i_hope_its_red_ringed_already.php should have his confiscated and donated to this kid.

Asshole parents...just plain rude and mean spirited...shame on them

Unfortunately this is going to be a Christmas that kid never forgets. The Christmas he realized what assholes his family were.

Fail, this is really old.

@57, hi, um, this is the unfortunate boy, yes I am, can I have the xbox now? Or you can send the money to my paypal account, or cash, whichever's easier for you.

P.S. I thought something was fishy when the box felt so light, my stupid-ass parents didn't even bother to put some bricks or shit in it to make it feel heavy and realistic, CAN I HAS XBOX?

@36, good for you! don't let none of that microsotf crap within 5 yards of anybody I say.

this is so sad and mean. even if he did eventually receive an xbox from someone the emotional damage was already done. the horrible thing is knowing that this family will no doubt continue to emotionally abuse this child. what a bunch of fat assholes.

"Look at the camera and cry." So horrible, so funny.

situation a) he hangs himself in mom and dads room
situation b) he gets gun happy at school

a lovely example of why some people just should not have children

as a kid shrink, i'm the one cleaning up these douchebag parents' mess


someday that dad will get old and have to rely on his son......payback biatch!!

if i got a gun... i'll your daddy.. damn that's so fucking sad... merry christmas

*sniff* *sniff* -- something smells stale. Oh, it's this video!

Old clip is old. Man, that clip has been around for 2 years.

@25: One day, your going to regret being a grammarnazi. Let's just hope that you come to you're senses soon.

Thats fucked up

I'd chip a couple of bucks to get that kid a 360. What a douchbag thing to do.

Ok they can afford to be fat asses but they can't cut back on the McDonalds for a year and get their kid a damn Xbox? Meanest Xmas gift ever.

Stupid N1ggers.

Send those fat n1gger monkeys back to Africa.
Im sick of them.


I know that it´s a gay world, that extracting value from the way we look is stupid and nazi,


I still think that there´s some relation between the amount of frustration, sadistic display (without timing), jealousy (from the brain dead who´s filming it) and the size of the victim mother´s ass.

This is ridiculously sad

Wow, that hurts my heart. I can't imagine purposefully being cruel to another person on Christmas for a laugh. Adults forget that some kids REALLY believe that financial impossibilities can be overcome - in other words - Santa will come through with the magic of Christmas.
With all the heartbreak and disappointment that comes with being an adult - why would you do that to a kid?
Shocked and saddened.
Is that kid available for adoption?

this is why niccaz are an infection to the earth this kid will be scarred for life for no reason other than his mom parents being scumbag a$$holez.

PattyPimpsThese you really are a dumb fockin idiot just as useless as the parents in this video

fucked up parents.

another sad thing is I knew the racists would come out of the woodwork

Seriously, way to totally ruin that kid's Christmas. What a cheap and nasty prank. They've no right to call themselves parents playing a trick like that on the kid. I can't believe how heartless that family is. So you can't afford a '360, that's no big deal, but why rub it in the kid's face just for your own cruel enjoyment?


Well, you can't judge right? I mean, maybe the kid has been an asshole to other people, and this was just sweet justice, or karma, or whatever. Otherwise, yeah, fucked up parents.
Yeah, I bet all the money goes to mom, they can't even afford a decent camcorder. They probably uploaded it on dial up, or at the library. Which is why some kids take to stealing. Hey neighbor, watch your back, you gave my parents the box so they could pull a prank on me? Well, that makes you an accomplice: All your 360 are belong to us BITCH!

He probably did it because that kid has some fucking weird hair.

the family mysteriously died a few days later.

I heard that the kid hung himself a week later.

Well I think they deserve the Parent of the Year award... Funny thing is my uncle wrapped up some toilet paper for me one year for X-mas. I was pissed off and chewed his ass out, but the funny thing is that what he did was unrolled the whole roll then rolled money in it about $400 dollars. I guess a roll of toilet paper with cash in it is still better than this lil kids gift...

@35 south park reference... nice!!! I had the same line in my head!

I hope there was a box from Old Navy that had an Xbox in it. Otherwise, that's totally f'ed up - especially after last Christmas' Flowbee.

And a criminal is born...

seriously, take this as rascist if you will, but this video is a clear indication as to why some kids in the "hood" grow up to rob and kill. it starts with the parents. that lil boy was completely destroyed there. sure, i can find some humor in it, but you cant fuck with a kids christmas. thats like some serious bad karma there. i just cant see how you could do this to a kid.. oh wait, yes I can. its called he's nothing more than an extra chunk of change on a wellfare check....

wow thats messed up. :(

Messed up

aww poor boy, he was pretty shocked more than upset....perhaps plotting revenge next holiday season. Get one of those jewelry boxes (from Jared or some fancypants jewelry place) and fill it with abc gum. >:D

*to give to his parents...

Wow.. this sucks...

but are all the racist comments necessary?

This is reall fucked up. i want to find his family and beat them, he was truly really uppset

im kinda uppset this is even on here, I love this site, but i think this pushed the envelope a lil far.

btw the brother filming is so going to be a flamer when he gets older.

@ 96 as we all said, take our comments how you will. the bottom line, is that this is a perfect depiction of a racial stereotype playing itself out. If people don't want to be thought of as a certain way because it offends them, they shouldn't act that way, on a camera no less, and leak it to the internet. That video will circulate for a very long time. Millions of people will see this video. A certain percentage who see this video, will look at people of color, and think "i wonder what they got their kid for christmas".
I shave my head bald, down to the scalp, and i have a mustache (not the charly chaplan type) Does this make me a neo-nazi? no. because I don't act like one, or uphold the ideals of that culture. If i were to act sinister, or prejudace, or any other number of things that the public opinion views as being associated with neo-nazis, i would be labled as such. However, i call them as I see them. I know black people aren't all bad, or any other negative things. But as the old adage goes "one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel"


who cares? look at the poor kid getting all upset!!

anyone wonder how they got the box from the console?

LOL funny shit.

There's a special spot in hell for those types of people.

Right next to double-shotgun guy from COD.

Screw all you jizz rags who felt it necessary to inject race into this. No one likes you.

So what's with the running theme of old ass youtube videos lately?

I understand were murderers come from now.

OMG that is just mean, poor kid.
If you can not affort an xbox, then why the hell did you put the clothes on the dam box.....
Cruel, cruel, cruel thing to do.....Poor kid.
And to you Mr. Dad, your an ass....

fuck you GW, and cancel my daily visits to you site.

HA! Bitch got OWNED!

Got this from the REAL uploader..
"My mom decides to buy my brother an Xbox 360 for christmas. We leave that night and return the next morning to find he has sneaked a look....just as my mom thought he would, this is the result...and yes he did get the game i will try to post the second video"

How is it that this little sambo has golden locks? It appears he somehow has blue(ish) eyes as well.

Looks like ol' KING SAMBO needs to keep a closer eye on the spawning habits of my sambo underlings.


30 years later: "Sorry Mom, you know we can't afford the abuse-free nursing home."

omg that so wrong!!!!!!!!! but im guessing they did get an xbox why eles would they have the box?

Friggen crack heads, if you listen you can hear the father rambling about how they, "Can't afford an x-box." Put down the chore boy and get a fucking job. This made me sad in my heart and for this I will go and beat my girlfriend. Fucking people.

maybe if the fat bitch of a mother stopped spending all the families money on her obviouse eating disorder than maybe they could have got him one.


this is old - back when it was first posted, the family caught a bunch of hell for it. some people from engadget or one of those tech blogs ended up buying the kid an xbox...

They can't afford an X-Box but they can afford a nice video camera.
Fuckin' hell. Just kill your parents.

Hi Guy's,
I just hope the YouTube views his parents got can make up for the loss of trust their child now has in them.

That is a really mean prank, and not in a funny Japanese mean prank kinda way.

Damn you DON'T do things like that... Believe or not things like that can leave scares on kids... not funny at all... depressed me a little bit...

ok... you don't do that to a child!...they should go to hell..not even japanese ppl do that to their children!

Thats sick...D: poor little guy
and thats why kids join gangs

Hey little man! get out of that house NAO! RUN!
and thats how you kills ppl from inside........u_u

If you did that to a child in Japan they would definitely kill you in your sleep. The streets of japan are safe, but if you screw up then your family isn't. Yeah... I'd probably end up in juvenile prison after that. Fuck you parents.

Poor, poor kid. I've never felt so sorry for a kid on Christmas ever. And to everyone in the comments getting pissed about the racism...build a bridge and get the fuck over it. Racism has been around just as long as humans have been. If you aren't racist, then be proud of yourself and ignore those who have chosen the life of prejudice. Comments are here for the soul reason to voice opinions on posts. To the person who said they "knew the racism would show up" or whatever...don't get angry when it does! You shouldn't have read the comments in the first place if it upsets you that much. People who are racist will get what's coming to them. Don't bash them on the internet for it, lol.

That's horrible. I refuse to get my son what he wants all the time... but I TELL him that he can't have it, that we can'T afford it, that he has to wait for his birthday or whatever.... don't give him the box and then let him find pajamas inside! I'm glad this kid got his Xbox eventually though.

This wasn't funny.

bet the boy got his 360, they don't sell the box separately.

That was so wrong...his parents are fucked up in the head. This is going to be the moment that will always replay in his brain right before he saws his victims arms off. Poor kid...From the highest of high, to be brought done to a lowest low...
His parents are sadistic, I dont know them...but I find myself comforting this deep hate for idiots in this world...My goodness.

C'mon Pooky Lets Burn This MuhhFucker down!!!

That's just fucking cruel! The parents should go to jail for child abuse.

Worst parents ever.
@130 true, true...

This video is OOOOLLLLDDDD.

That video just enrages me. These are sadistic parents. I can't imagine anyone enjoying their child's distress in this manner. I'm sure the parents got themselves what they wanted for XMAS. There is nothing funny about traumatizing your child in this manner. Assholes.

I bet they could afford the Xbox if his fat ass of a mom quit stuffing her face with Fast food everyday

Jesus, give me the kid's address. I'll sent him an Xbox overnight mail! WTF is wrong with those people. The kid is CRUSHED and has to sit there with all those "adults" laughing at him. I hope when he snaps he takes them out first.

Maybe this kid ended up writing his thesis paper on this. I'm sure you could give him a call and ask if he remembers back when this video was first posted to the Internet.

I don't see why people are losing their minds with grief about this. According to the original uploader, he had sneaked a look at his present when he wasn't supposed to, and this was in response to that. The poor, traumatized moppet got his real present later. What's the problem?

Life's full of disappointment, and there are tons of kids who didn't even get an empty box this Christmas. Suck it up, princesses.


Staged. No one opens any electronic like that as soon as it's unwrapped.

so his parents couldn't afford and Xbox but they could afford a video camera??

that poor kid. His dad's such a dick.

@137 Well spoken.

That was friggen hilarious, its exactly what my dad did to me once.

And guess what ladies and gentlemen:
I'm not a psychopath, infact i laugh about it now.

This is why kids grow up and become school shooters, I feel so bad for that kid, I wish I could give him an xbox 360 that only he could play.

Would have stabbed.

Found on original youtube upload:

My mom decides to buy my brother an Xbox 360 for christmas. We leave that night and return the next morning to find he has sneaked a look....just as my mom thought he would, this is the result...and yes he did get the game i will try to post the second video

Knock Knock

Who's there?

2007 ... it want's it's video back!

it's funny because he's black

What makes this video so sad is that the child didn't pitch a fit (like most spoiled kids would). His face is one that has experienced dissapointment before...and a lot of it .

My parents did something like this to me way back when.

I opened up a ton of Super Nintendo games one year, only to never open the actual Super Nintendo. I was so let down.

Immediately afterwards my parents told me to go put in a Christmas movie for my brother. I found an SNES hooked up in the entertainment center. I went from depression to sheer excitement in 0 seconds. Parents caught it all on film, too.

They obviously have enough money to buy a video camera.

Everyone discussing race should just be quiet. It's is you that thinks this way and nobody makes you. You are all old enough to make your own conscience decisions to think the way you do. Society had its part, now how bout you change that

Dude, the video is over two years old now. C'mon, where's the new shit?

LOL they probably put it in another present.
Where did they get the box from anyways?

Who is with me to take away the gadget from the obnoxious kid who was screaming like a girl (video shown earlier on geekologie) and give it to this poor kid?
Lets start a petition!

they should put those parents in jail........

OMG the guy that filmed that is the real life scrooge, that is fuckin hillariously evil

My theory: they have the box because they bought a PS3, which they presented to him later.

That is messed up beyond words. People take note, this is how homicidal maniacs are born. I'll be watching the news for a story about a kid killing his entire family on Christmas and I will know he was the one. It may have seemed funny but you just don't do that to kids.

And people act like they just ate a live kitten when someone tells them they don't celebrate the holidays. Of all the xbox/child/parent related murders out there, I could almost understand it if this happened. I see they can afford a camera and internet access at least. And it doesn't look like the mom misses too many meals. I mean, it's all bullshit to me but if Christmas is about helping children and whatnot and raising there spirits or whatever this is the largest dick move in the world.

That's pretty darn shitty... That child should be taken away from those parents... by looking at them and seeing their actions they are clearly not liable parents.

silly negroes they all really are selfish morons
this is also crazy old and im ashamed of you for posting this

Wow. I really wanna do something nice for this kid.

I feel bad for the kid. One true thing he wanted for Christmas unwraps it, sees it's the box the Xbox360 comes in and he couldn't believe it. then he opens the box to find LIES!! FILTHY LIES!! Another child's hopes and dreams smashed to dust and carried away by a sudden breeze for a petty laugh from the reaction on his face. I wish i could give him an Xbox360, then again daddy would just pawn it for beer and smokes and cupcakes for his fat ass mom.

That is the most f**ked up thing I have ever seen.

The parents even go away and leave the kid crying!! I would start beating them if i were their daughter

Being this little boy I wouldn't be sad be MAD

someone please find out who this child is so i can send him an xbox 360.
:( that was horrible.

But his mother can afford a thousand xboxes worth of food!!!
Stupid trash people

Foodstamps feeds them. Look what a bunch of broke neaggars do to their children. This child will now go steal a xbox from a good white family.

and next year after we run over your dog, we'll put it in the same Xbox 360 box and give you a shovel and wrap it up really pretty and make you bury it yourself. We still can't afford a xbox but the box did come in handy two Christmas' in a row. Have a wonderful Christmas kiddo.

I'm not entirely sure that this real, but even if it isn't the adults involved are all total cocks.

this kid got off easy. I got bit in the face by a bitbull for Christmas.

that's kinda cruel to a kid. if it was an adult then id be laughing along too :\

I thought this was terrible too, until I discovered the original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhO-OE931D4

with the accompanying description: "My mom decides to buy my brother an Xbox 360 for christmas. We leave that night and return the next morning to find he has sneaked a look....just as my mom thought he would, this is the result...and yes he did get the game i will try to post the second video"

Not sure if they actually did give him one or if they put that up to deflect all the negative comments, since the second video never went up..

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So messed up. If they have the damn money to buy a cam corder then they sure as hell can afford a 360! At first I thought something was going to pop out at him. Then when I saw the clothes I thought maybe the 360 is in another box. Too bad we'll never know. Quick! Someone send him a 360!!

this is so sad. i mean, why? that site the gadget site that said they would get him an xbox ( http://www.engadget.com/2008/02/29/worst-parents-in-the-world-punk-kid-into-thinking-he-got-an-xbox/ ) said they hadnt contacted the right people yet... and would update when they did.. there isnt an update, and this vid is old ? did he ever get one?? i sincerely hope so, wheres the update engadget?? :( poor kid

They can't afford X-Box because they're a minority living in the ghetto. They'd be able to afford one if they didn't have so many kids, something that sounds counterproductive if you're already poor, but hey, I guess they have to take into account the likelihood of one of them ruining their lives with drugs, prison, or being killed, and all three are very likely given their minority/ghetto status. Getting a sick joke instead of an X-Box for Christmas probably won't help.

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