Jan 24 2010We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Blood Clot


What in the hell is that? I mean, besides the most dangerous looking shark-inspired edged weapon I've ever seen? Good God. I'd hate to trip and fall on that. Or you. Cause then it'd probably look like we were doing it. Awkward. HEY -- I felt that! You thrusted.

Shark Knife [sadanduseless]

Thanks to Dena, who has a crocodile inspired knife but only uses it to open packages.

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this is pretty cool... I want one!

Does it...open cans? o_0

This is George Bush's fault.

That's the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Can I have three? One for each hand and another for...


It's for punch fucking octopussies!

Those are called Katars

I want this... for a wedding present!

This is an home abortioning tool.

i did thrust... sorry. or am i?

Does anyone else think that this knife kinda looks like the 'Game Shark' shark?

@13 It does!!!

Give that shit to Aquaman and he's be the baddest mother fucker around (next to Batman of course).

namor>aquabitch any day


wow. I can see that stuff sticking out on the other side of therealroboticdeatharmy. my god it will be beautiful.

Holy crap that looks stabby. Just sayin...

i like the backwards-curved gut spiller fin on top.

ouch thats gotta hurt!

I am a first-tard of the higest order I want you to know that I am proud of this like I am proud of those things I do to my poodle on a saturday night :)

Im pretty sure the first time you practice using that thing, your gonna get more f$$cked up than your opponent.

Thats just evil.

there is another shark knife related pic from the same source:


Sharks are pretty much dino's There both from the same age.......

@15 Of COURSE!!! Ty

Pretty cool. Have you seen what day is today? First human DEATH by ROBOT, 31 years ago.

What a heap of shit.

The first thing that'd happen if you punched someone with that is you'd lose your little finger.

You know i thrusted GW, you know it.

Well, I'm still going to bring a gun to this shark knife fight......

Rofl, There's a jaws advertisement right under the suggested entries on my page. How ironic.

I've never looked at the comments before, so I don't know if people say this a lot--but I'm a big fan of the GW. Very funny, consistently. Impressive.

I came across a picture of this last week when i was searching for the Shark WASP knife to submit, but i found the WASP knife was already featured.

Wow...This would make such a great present for my kid nephew! I also taught him how to run with scissors, with the blade pointing up...haha

If a dude came at me with that, I'd just hit him on the nose with a stick.

You have failed. Fall on your sword. Hold that! On second thought, don't! I don't want to have to clean up the mess! You're weapon should never be intrinsically more dangerous to you than your opponent!

Always proofread, spellcheck doesn't understand grammatical differences. ;-)

Yikes, that would really give you a hemorrhoid when you went to wipe.

Rock. Scissors. Paper. Shark Knife.


i wonder how many times he cut himself trying to put that on

does anyone have one for sale

i love this. it is magical.

they need to make one that looks like a wolf.

Wow... they should make one that looks like a Killer Whale... that way those poor seal hunters don't have to use clubs anymore.

LMAO The lateral and vertical fins point at the user. That has to be the dumbest thing ever done. That's not a weapon, it's a klingon harakiri knife. If you make a weapon, you want the sharp points AWAY from you and towards the attacker. Just a simple roundkick to the tip of that thing would make for an awesome FAIL video. LOL Oh wait, it's a Darwin Cheese slicer from Ronko.

That thing is so Cash.......

they should have put this shit in MW2! not knifed u got fucking shark raped!

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