Jan 20 2010Rainbow!: The Evolution Of Crayola Colors


I remember when I was growing up I only had one crayon color: stick. You had to really bear down on the paper, but it was kind of a brownish-green. Sometimes more brown, sometimes more green, but always ready to poke your eye out. Maybe your parents bought you things though, maybe you had a plethora of colors, which is even more likely if you were born in the past ten or fifteen years. Which, according to a quick calculation, would make you around 10 to 15. My target demographic. I'm hip, I know what's up with you guys. So, you cats wanna slam some pogs or what? Yeah? Cool, I'll Rollerblade right over.

Color Me A Dinosaur [weathersealed]
Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010 [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Martin, who used to smear shit on the wall by his crib. Still does.

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Reader Comments

im sure there are more than that... didnt they retire a pile of colors and stuff

My crayon tastes like purple!

most colorful post of the day

GW, sounds like your parents may have also been a fan of 'shit on a stick'..... just sayin

hahahahaha, pogs, hahahahahaha

Suck my dick, Closet Nerd. *Let me try n' be comical and FAIL!*

You and GW both need to update your funny bones, because they're in need of a new O.S. that is MY BRAIN


@6 Wow! An O.S. that runs on bacon, alcohol & marijuana!!!! A-maze-a-zing!!!!

this thing looks like some kinda modern art painting

i can dig it

LOL! You crack my shit up, GW. Stick. Epic.

Also, POGS!!! Dude, I will get down on some Pogs, any time, any place.

@7 gay naas is back

@10 I figured it was the fake naas.... usually it is the mother, not the father, who is a crazy bitch because of all the hormones in her body.
Watch Knocked Up again now that you've been through it all, and you'll see just how they 'nailed it' when it comes to a pregnant woman's hormones and the resulting "rational" thinking and outbursts that follow.

dang crayons are old. They were once just as hip as pushing a hoop with a stick.

I like charts like this but as someone said aren't there more colours or is this just an evolution of the first colours available?

If you know about pogs and rollerblading you're def hip in my book GW haha
pogs oh the memories.

To be honest, I had no idea that Crayola crayons have been around that long.

Pogs..... Let the nostalgia roll.......Or should i say slam.

I just want to point out the slick Reading Rainbow reference in the tags.

there was color in 1903?

lol baby, u are sooo a child of the 80s. :D I think us 80s babies make the bestest geeks lolzz....

Good thing I'm not a youngin', otherwise that figure would skyrocket.

I agree.!

Contact my office immediately. You have cases pending against you. Ignoring this matter will further damage your situation.

Love it!
I was working on some graphics too, check them out!

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