Jan 22 2010Music!: Two Youtube Videos And A Crossfader


Two Youtube Videos And A Motherf***ing Crossfader is exactly that: two Youtube videos and a motherf***ing crossfader. You can search Youtube for videos, then fire them up and PRESTO!, you're a DJ! Not a very good one, but most aren't. GIMME SOMETHING I CAN SWING MY GLOWSTICKS TO, DAMNIT!


Thanks to valdes and Victor, whose beets are so fresh they come straight from the farm to your table. Uh, wrong beats, guys.

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Reader Comments

Ask and you shall receive

"I like my beats hard like two day old shit"

"For all you lame cats tryin to put your hit out
Try rockin back and forth--
It might be easier to get your shit out!"

Slap Chop and Rick Roll'd! I'm going to do this in my car!

Doesn't work on Chrome...


Oh look. Another misspelling of dammit on geekologie. What a surprise.

Sweet just have to call my pot dealer and the weekend is all set.

They'd better be Schrute brand beets.

you are actually the one who misspelled "damnit" sir

@6 Are you the student who told my wife that "his friend was sick with the N word"..... ya know pneumonia

It's damn it or dammit. Damnit is just fucking stupid.


haha, spelling correctly is fucking stupid? Webster would bitch slap you right now.

the party button fukken rawks

"dammit" is not a word, you fucking imbecile.

Duuuuuuuuuuuude... This is NOT where is at!
you need 2 turn tables and a microphone :(

look at this: http://www.tubedisco.com

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