Jan 20 2010Kiss Your Eyes Goodbye, Kids: US Youths Spend Average Of 10:45 A Day Staring At Screens (Television, Computer, Cell Phone)


I can't even believe that. Granted I spend 26 hours a day staring at a computer screen, but I've also already come to grips with not having a life or ever seeing the light of day (I look like a much handsomer Edward Cullen already!). But these kids, they still have hope. Run! Run into the light, little ones!

However, it should be noted that this figure includes multi-tasking (i.e. watching television and working on a laptop simultaneously for an hour counts as 2 hours). The actual figure for singular daily use is 7:30. Jesus, you kids are gonna be blind by the time you're 30! Look at me, I'm living proof. Kidding, kidding -- masturbation. That shit'll get ya.

Youth of America Spend Half Their Waking Hours Staring at Screens [gizmodo]

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@1 fuck off for knowing your wrongdoing yet doing it anyway asshat. Your family probably loathes being around you whenever you're feeling sassy

'Hey guys, I know you hate this & it makes me look retarded but I just (tee - hee - hee) couldn't resist LOL because it's my first. I'm so funny haha"

It's people like you that make Lewis Black the way he is

That is absolutely horrifying. Of course, I spend all day on the computer at work, tweet and txt on my way home, blog and play on a ds or watch a movie... Of 13 waking hours I probably spend about 11 on screens.
Meh I need to go outside.

Of course, I did spend like 6 hours reading today. From a paper book.

@naas Dude, i didn't mean to offend you on such a deep level, Please realize that i truly don't spend so much time on this stream, and i got overly excited when i saw this as an opportunity to comment something first. And Also, You've caught the wrong man red handed, if someone had previously offended you like this, it wasn't me, this truly was my first comment in a long time. That said, Man it sounds like you need to Relax a little bit, If something so simple as one word upset you so much, don't you think you should ease up a little on life?

I have no life so I must spend all my time on them glowing rectangles

@2 you know what's more annoying than firstards?..... People complaining about people being first. So shut the fuk up dog ball sucking fagass queer. You just jealous you aren't first................................homo........................................... BruteFag...................... Firstard wannabe............................GW wannabe................ ..................Dumbass....................GFS wannabe........................ dog ballz ............... .....Prude.................neo maxi zoom dweebie.................. GEEK............... NOOB....... ................NERD........... Stupid, worthless, no good, goddamn, freeloading son of a bich. Retarded, big mouth, know-it-all, assho, jerk.


@2 Just Retards complain about firstards.

Top Ten!

@6: you know what's more annoying than people complaining about firstards?..... people commenting that people complaining about firstards are more annoying than firstards and... OH MY GOD!!! THE CYCLE!!!

You know what's annoying? Everyone who comments on blogs, ever.

Good thing I'm not a youngin', otherwise that figure would skyrocket.

My young GW you are right they will indeed be blinded by the time they are 30.

What has geekologie come to that Naas' point of view is now the minority. It almost makes me want to back you up naas almost.

@ first- come on... who gives a hoot! no one!
@naas- there will always be those who say first at this stuff so get over it/ ignore them they are unimportant.
@6- jesus guy
@8- ha!
and now to actually talk about the subject.... oh my god im blind! but its the computer screen mostly for me cause i has no tv with cable -_- its just my video game box now.

@10. JESUS!!! My savior...are you going to beat the shit out of the world in 2012? Please don't...no more world means no more Geekologie, and no more Geekologie means no more warnings like this. ..This guys doing you and your lazy ass father a favor GOD DAMN IT!!!!....*emo corner*

You know what's annoying? Everyone who comments on blogs, ever.

Good thing I'm not a youngin', otherwise that figure would skyrocket.

I agree.

psh i watch way more than that. i sit in my room with a computer and videogames. all day. not ssome oof the day im ALWAYS looking at a screen. BEAT THAT YOU SORRY SACKS OF SHIT

Good thing I'm not a youngin', otherwise that figure would skyrocket.

I agree.

If it wasn't for rugby and paintball I would beat these brats at screen time. I can't stand losing to them so maybe I should just buy paintball and rugby video games.......

to be honest this feels like its wrong, if your like 8-18 you'd spend like...

7 hours a day in school
AT LEAST 7 hours asleep
An hour spend eating, washing and travelling to school at least

That equals a minimum 15 hours..


Oh Gw, 26 hours a day... really now... thaaat's cool. lol =]

@18, those 7 hours at school... well I don't know about your school, but back in my day we had tv's in the classrooms. Oh & not everyone gets 7-8 hours of sleep. I get a full 5 hours a night =]

I don't believe that is the real naas...


I don't believe that you actually care...

@2 Stop impersonating naas, especially if you're just going to copy and paste his comments or get into arguements that heknows nothing about. naas is a beautiful force, one not to be tainted by people like you.

So. Yeah.

All that said, I think it's better to spend time staring at screens to do homework or paperwork than to destroy forests to do so, y'know?

@ 20 ... it's not the real naas because his name isn't attached to his e-mail.
@2 ...Loser get yur own name.!!
@18 ... How old r you? at home we watched t.v while getting ready. on the school bus we played with our gameboys or phones, and we always had projectors and televisions at school...So yeah screens for days!!!!
@22 ... I agree, I would rather watch a screen s,than to waste paper and kill trees.

On weekends I can see getting upwards of 12-14 hours in a day, but including school?
@GiNa...what do you mean 'how old are you?' All the things you mentioned have been around for over 20 years.

I've been guilty of watching tv to alleviate the strain on my eyes from a monitor too, but I can't fathom hitting an average of 10 hours a day. New chart: hours per day screen gawking vs sex life vs how fucking fat you must be.

@ captain... a joke, cause I think he was assuming that the 7 hours spent in school children saw no screens, n like you said they've been around forever.

Please correct your fallacy in the statement "26 hours a day". There are only 24 hours in one day.

This is more possible if the kid was home schooled or that they went to a fancy-pants school that laptops replaced the .50c notebooks. Which is rather true for my little siblings who most of them went to an e-classroom.

Kids won't think twice about the screens slowly rottin' their eyes. They'll need a kind reminder-for example a rather graphic poster (o' eyes melting) will keep them reminded to take a 5min break every-now-and-then.

prove it~~~!!!

12, Vanessa, u obviously rock.
the firsters don't get to me, I just kno i need to scroll down to actually READ about the subject.
But naas, who made u king of all eternity and internet? shit man.

seriously tho Vanessa, if u have computer w/ internet but no cable, what company are u using? I don't want the cable nonsense ahhh!! But I can't find someone to sell me internet w/out the cable. :P
And I don't really care if I sound like an idiot retard up there or not, GW likes my horn idea. XD

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