Jan 6 2010I'm Still L337!: The PWN'D Support Group

NOTE: Video moderately NSFW due to some foul language at the end (hum while you're watching it).

This is a College Humor video of a support group for people who have been PWN'D. It was funny. So funny I watched it twice. The second time I slapped my knee. And that's as close as I come to an endorsement without getting paid.

PWN'D Support Group [collegehumor]

Thanks to Isaac, Alex and chris, none of which are foul-mouthed homophobes.

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They're open-mouthed homophobes.......

I chuckled. lolz is ghey. I drive my warthog off of the cliff all the time. So what?

This reminds me of the ol' Halo 2 days.

Pwnin' them young'ns

ahhh good times good times

It was almost slightly humorous until I heard a halo reference, than I stopped watching.


Halo, Call of Duty, Madden, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Final Fantasy, Gears of War, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, Animal Crossing, NBA, NCAA, NHL, Need for Speed, Lips, Dance Dance Revolution, Dirt, Fear, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, FIFA, Forza, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Assassins Creed, Mercenaries, anything on the wii, everything on the xbox live arcade, any game based off a movie or anime, and any sports games I missed all suck dick.

@5 NO sir YOU suck the dick!

@5. Yarly - January 6, 2010 3:59 PM

Please, teach me to be edgy!

@5 Please enlighten us with your amaz-a-zing knowledge and let us know what game(s) doesn't suck dick

opps.. caps lock hooker

closet nerd thanks for being 8th.,

They're saying it wrong. It should be pronounced the same as "owned". "pwned" is just a different spelling, so why would you change the pronunciation? "poned" sounds so retarded...

#5 is a non-conformist bad ass. some day i wanna be like him

LOL noob got pwned!



Quiet, 5 is too 1337, he might uberp0wn us.

That video was 99% boring and unfunny.


This video sucked!

p-owned? i always thought pwnd sounded like pawned!
that's crazy.

Only noobs say pwnd. I have never used the tard leet speak. I also think it's retarded to replace letters with other things that represent a letter like you're cool. It just proves that you'll spend wasted useless time figuring out how to put a dumb special character in place of a real letter.

People who say pwnd are the equivalent of jocks who say (insert lame high school) football rules and then punch a geek. They aren't good at anything when up against people with real talent including the thing they are acclaimed for.

Also, Halo sucks.

#5 is right. Halo has NO SOUL. Console Gamers from the last decade don't understand this and never will.

GTA on PC isn't too bad though, so he's off on that one.

But "old skool" Half life, Unreal, Quake Arena... dat's da shizzle!!

I remember when only 1337 people knew what the word pwn3d meant.... :'(

...man I hate Halo. This video is just not funny unless you play it though.

sharons hawt

I suck dick.

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