Jan 4 2010I'll Sue Your Pants Off!: Geekology T-Shirts


You like how I worked both pants AND shirt into the title? I know, it's like I stuffed a whole outfit into that bitch. And let me tell you: they don't teach you that kind of word wizardry at Hogwarts. OR blogging school. Which, ZOMG, I'm totally gonna open. Anyway, this is a new shirt from Threadless titled 'Geekology', which I can only assume designer Aaron Hogg chose to avoid ME SUING HIS CHEETO STAINED PANTS OFF. $18 takes one home, and I better get some sort of kickback for featuring it. Grease my palm, if you know what I mean. Ignore the hair.

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Thanks to Joannie, CHRISYUN, Elizabeth, Mathieu, Popped Culture, shawn, Krijn and me.viky, who are going to go steal this stockpile of shirts and burn it. Like bras, but with less bare breasts afterward.

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Reader Comments

Que broke.

que no dinosar. que no zelda. que no bueno.

que suck my balls.

Geekologie itself is much cooler than that t-shirt.

i love pi too, but its the kind with fur and if you put your ear up to it you can smell the ocean.

I have to agree with Que. Plus, is that a robot holding a glass of wine?

que if you wear that shirt the only boobs you'll ever see are on an upsidedown calculator.


ahem. there's no dinosaur here.

If i wore this t-shirt I could see boobs.

Admitadley, possibly only by looking down my front.

GW...if a geekologie shirt came out that was just white (or black) with GEEKOLOGIE in silver letters across the front I would wear it. I don't care for this one though.

I already have like TWENTY of these!!! and I'm selling them for half the standing price! Only if atheistgirl wore all twenty. at once.

I can't believe you even posted this. Can't you see that robot? He's clearly either in your home or at your favorite restaurant -- either way, he's infiltrated.

there isn't even any bacon OR dinosaurs on that shirt..


Actually... I think this robot is serving you your own blood...

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