Jan 12 2010Humana Humana!: Watchwomen Burlesque

Following hot on the heels of yesterday's Star Wars burlesque comes Watchwomen: a Watchmen themed burlesque. Except this is a video instead of still-ass pictures. I swear, this moving picture thing -- this shit's the future. Also, quick question: who watches the Watchwomen? I think we all just did.


Thanks to Scott, who was actually involved in making the video and may or may not have seen those boobies (I dream he did!).

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Go go Gadget erection!!

Jesus! This site gets more terrible with every post!
IAre fat women in now??

That's pretty bad

That's actually pretty impressive, I'm more looking at the artistic standpoint, not "ooh look fat boobies." looks more like a burlesque/on stage all women re-enactment of the comic!

@4 there is only a couple of chubby women in the video, the rest are slim
that is the whole point of burlesque, for women with curves in the right places to perform.

WTF... That's was just weird as hell... @ 2 i agree

That was bad. Horribly, terribly bad for so many reasons.

those chicks were beat as all hell

Can you spell BAD ?

I love The Watchmen, I love woman, even the chunky ones, And I appreciate independent artistic direction, But this sucked.

people..... so twenty first century

Wow this really sucked . .. oh wait - they kissed!
Two costumed super hero females kissed!!!

this site has jumped the shark.

god, this is just really really lame - an embarrassment.

get killed geekologie

and now a Haiku

the hot Watchwoman
raging boner broke my pants
Pew Pew, just sayin

Please stop posting hideous women trying to hide behind pop culture costumes.

@15 stop checking the site already, these posts were designed to jump sharks
@16 THANK YOU FOR...woa capslock. Thank you, jimmydogballz for that beautiful haiku
@17 please stop posting hideous complaints about women hiding behind pop culture costumes

When I click to watch it send me to a site that has a bad reputation for spyware. I follow you for so long geekologie and then you try to assassinate my computer?

Cool and all, but I'd love to see stills. It's pretty hard to see their costumes in any real detail (which no matter what you think is one of the main POINTS of burlesque, ya perv).

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@19 someone sent GW a cockroach bomb (damn you) & he opened it in the kitchen since it was wrapped like a kwanza gift. Seems a few of those little buggers survived the genocidic poisonacious holocaust

Whoa that was like a lame version of a James Bond video. Also the guy in the begining should be strapped to a chair and beat with hammers.

This was the most pretentious and unsexy "burlesque" I've ever laid eyes on.

The Burlesque is only a strip show here in the states. The Burlesque is supposed to be a comedy, the Burlesque is derived from "Joke". It turned into Burlesque here in the states because most of the comedians in the shows in the early part of the last century sucked ass, so the strip tease parts of the show took over to keep people coming back. It isn't art, it retarded, move on folks.

no faith in you anymore GW, no faith at all.

Although the concept is amazing, the actual presentation of this was shit. Shitmainistan.com.

Not arousing in the least.

I do <3 Watchmen, and would have loved to see this with better dancers (with curves) and better choreography .


Wow guys, just wow. ok, so that video, by popular opinion, sucked. but whats with all the GW hate?!?!?! shame on you! now he won't save you when the robots rise.
(Some of us are still loyal GW...
how about that robot apocalypse evacuation ship, huh?)


That was tragic.


ok the video sicked but i have been thinking about how to make a sexy Rorschach costume so i guess its a win. Also, f*** you guys . i thought that the "fat" chicks were wonderfully curvy

Geez, some of you guys act like GW directed the whole thing! He's just posting it on his site because it's relevant. If you don't like it say so, but stop acting like he ate you baby or something.......

Worst ... video... ever

p.s. at all the GW/Geekologie haters ... I have no need to climb into GWs ass, as I'm not a raging loser with little else in my life; however in GWs defence, I'm sure this was posted BECAUSE it was bad.

Video sucked, just because the execution and filming of an already terrible routine. What's with the overused 60s silhouettes, seriously?

but I forgive you GW <3

@31 I've always wanted some gstar coogi evisu true jeans for $39...sign me up mofo.

Burlesque nowadays is just an excuse for fat chicks to get the attention that their daddy's never gave them.. haha so wrong..

WTF did I just watch?

I'm bi and I love naked women a ton but that just really sucked. Maybe if I watched it on mute without all the weird lighting.... that might make it decent enough to fap to.

That sucked almost as much as Watchmen did.

@37 I disagree since our last argument over the smugness of iDiots. GW posted this because of watchmen & women, not because it's bad

It's like my dad always said: "Better to let people think you're a BBW with no dancing skills and a bad costume designer, than to post a video on the internet and remove all doubt".

StarWars FTW

I'm with #27. As a former burlesque performer, I think there's a great concept behind this but the execution really needed some work. I think they would have benefited from a few more runthroughs (I saw dropped marks all over the place). What might have been great movement got overshadowed by cheesy video effects. And while I loooove that song, it can difficult to keep up that level of drama for several minutes, especially if you're filling in time by doing the "sexy stripper walk" to fill up time. I knew all of these characters from the series, but someone who doesn't know The Watchmen is just going to think "Oh, a bunch of chicks in tight black costumes"; it's such an awesome opportunity to let the character shine through. A challenge, to be sure, but if nailed, it'd blow people away. I think with some more direction and rehearsal time, this piece could be hot with a capital H.

tl;dr: yay, boobs

Strippers are almost always hot, but "Burlesque" girls are always so fat and gross. Not to mention this video was really weird, like some 60s trippy thing.

Did they forget Ozymandias? I think they did. I'm somewhat bothered by this fact.

(I also think there should have been an eye candy dude instead of the girl that I guess was Silk Spectre, actual blue body paint on Dr. Manhattan... there's actually sort of a long list of changes I would have made. I guess overall it wasn't too bad though.)

This just made me go blind.
makes me want to kill kittens if i could see that is.

The first half of this video was nothing but saggy "fun bags". The rest was just a fail. Someone send this over to failblog. LAME!

Some one please email the creators of that craptacular video the definition of Burlesque.

It is not even worth a fail.

I'm genuinely not sure what i just watched.

opps, looks like the Peekaboo Revue seem to thrive, despite the thinly-veiled
woman-hating, homophobic, hateful (beaten with hammers?) and (frankly) un-creative efforts thrown down here by the 'enlightened'. Your poorly-typed words have made us realize we are ugly, fat, talentless and (must) hate watchmen (in fact) we should return the trophies, stop doing benefits (for the people who get beaten with hammers), or selling out our shows to great crowds (catch us Feb. 14 @ World Cafe Live). Instead we must choose the path YOU kids (without names) have chosen - Anonymity (well. that and the role of 'turds').
please email me directly so I can marvel at your awesomeness(ess).
-scott johnston (director) of evilolive studios
(see us on the You Tubers)
peace be with you hate-filled fucks.

@54 Wow really ?

You get that mad at nonconstructive criticism ?

Here is a clue a tribute is a respectful rendition not a random series of badly shot clips set to smashing pumpkins (Billy Corgan must be turning in his grave, even while being alive).

If you are going to call something a Watchwomen Burlesque people will assume it is a Burlesque show set in the style of the comic/ film. Can you with a straight face tell me that any part of what people just saw even remotely resembled the source material? I think not.

What was really insulting was the horrible cinematography of the clip It was clearly not taped from a live show and as an edited clip a certain level of professionalism is exacted. What was shown was a film shot from bad angles with spliced effects from the 80s effectively picking the wrong time period.

The only salvageable part of the clip was the professionalism of the Burlesque dancers. While poorly choreographed they still managed to keep the show from devolving in to a student film.

So please, next time you place blame target the people responsible and not your potential audience.

(ahem) well firstly you meant #52 (right) but to help you save face I'll reGift this message for your needs, firstly kiddo - NONcontstructive (thank you) criticism is what exactly:
'beaten with hammers' ? Are you (ms./mr random) giggling at it - please DO throw in some racist rants, and then a few r*pe jokes... why not right?
Because we (the peekaboo) are oft our own worst critics, and this film version IS a re-taped version of the LIVE show where it was all done with blacklites - I'll clarify - it rocked LIVE but didn't look good on camera. I stand (smiling) at the energy this short gets from people (and sadly i cannot stand silent while folk piss on it) Critiques we can handle, sunshine. BUT
i will tell ya straightfaced that it IS a seedy 'burlesque' of the comic. I criticize crap (to you this is crap) but i don't savage (to the point of hardcore bile) things I find "yucky", i click-OFF or write 'eh'.
and sorry kid, but just as ye do "i do reserve the right to speak"
please continue...Google Decepticon/peekaboo and then sit back and focus your hate - or stop b*tching and START a revolution.
- scott johnston - evilolive 3000 studios
By the Way Geekologie (GW) many thanks for the post -we're sending more...

Should have read the comments before I watched the video.

The girls were beautiful, but what really ruined it for me was the need for all the special effects. At first it was fine & I can understand some for Dr. Manhattan, but did you need so freaking much of it? It REALLY, REALLY took away from the main focal points of the video- the girls & the story. I just found a lot of it really unnecessary at times & it made the video harder to really see. Plus the story wasn't really all that overly clear in the video- I've seen the movie & read the book, but the story didn't come across as all that clear. Maybe a little more finessing?

Like one of the other posters said, more practice would have been nice. But for me it was mostly the overdoing of the special effects. It just got in the way of what was otherwise a decent burlesque vid.


1. I am not your kid your vagina did not suffer my birth nor did your seed ever reach my mothers egg. So, do not call me kid ( besides the fact that I am probably the same age as you)

2. You can't take criticism worth of shit, your deface mechanism kicks in and forces you to hide behind your whit-less one liners. Despite what you think the internet is not all kids, and some times a little respect is warranted. ( like when I did not go after you personally despite knowing exactly what you do)

Well nothing left to say besides anyone can have one bad show, the difference between people who make it and who don't is weather you can take criticism and improve. Enjoy whatever it is you want to do but you lost a fan in NYC

my word, I'm so clear on it now: your above message "someone please email the creators of that CRAPtacular - who don't know the definition of Burlesque -it isn't worth a 'fail" is just a concept, I shouldn't have been informed.
criticism is something we should all be appreciative of (i wince but can handle it - see 56 there - ouch) but did you 'YEP' mean to write "worth sh*t'? and 'whether'? man this is kinda boring. I see nada attacking YOU in my rant 'friend in NYC'...i'm re-reading it...nope.
yes, i did use the f-word to
"hate filled ... faces" but that clearly addresses the actual hardcore haters
words like 'killed' 'die' 'beaten' 'etc.' what do you mean you didn't attack me personally (despite knowing?) ? Thats a silly threat-ish thing...
I guess we ALL have defense mechanisms.
apologies for the word 'kid'. but I'm 44.

Dictionary reference.

an artistic composition, esp. literary or dramatic, that, for the sake of laughter, vulgarizes lofty material or treats ordinary material with mock dignity.

I am way too tired to go in to details about why the composition was not Burlesque. I hold no hate or ill will to you or the show. But what is wrong with doing a proper job of the task at hand?

My original post was the my honest impression of what was seen and I stand by it. Should I color it in some sort of misguided attempt to soften the blow? I think not.

Can I understand why you get so mad? as an artist yes I can.

Did you put everything you could in to the show? We both know you did not.

While most say " God is in the details" I say" I never believed in god so show me the big picture."

Final point as I am not going to post on the article again:

If you feel that it was the bast you can do then ignore doubters and move on.

If you are a true artist you probably hate it more then anyone and can see problems with the show that no one else does. in that situation other people's blut statements are praises to you as they take notice of your work.

Love, peace and hair grease,.

I can't see anything

Clae shoes

This was absolutely horrible. Fat women who look like men? Poor graphics and EW!

Here's a completely separate girl doing burlesque as Sally Jupiter the first Silk Spectre.


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