Jan 14 2010Cuuute: A Short LEGO Movie About Creativity, Invention, Inspiration, Maybe Some Other Stuff

This is a very well made stop-motion LEGO short. I highly recommend you watch it. I did -- twice, and I found it really inspiring. Not as inspirational as the Special Olympics, but still pretty good.

Lego Short Film Makes Me Want to Play With Legos Immediately [gizmodo]

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First, homeslice


catus ass!

Tony Stark beat you already!

if i saw that nut job on the street id kick in his balls

I want his moustache!!!

Lego was cool and all. Is it really "geeky" though?

i loved it!

and @6
umm, well, it was taken with a camera, cameras are gadgets, gadgets are geeky, so YES! :D



Nice! Very well done. The video seemed especially jittery, though, even for a stop-motion film.

really nice animation! Thank for this.

this was a good way to start my morning- thanks GW

He looks a little like Gogol Bordello.

Does this video have the approval of the Lego Group? I shall be making further enquiries. But please, prepare your case because I am already starting up a new file for this violation..

I love me some Bacon bourbon popcorn and for more delectable food that just looking at will give you heart problems check this site out. http://thisiswhyyourefat.com, my favorite is the Triple layer cake pie.

I got kind of excited and decided that I really wanted to have a cube just like that. So I made one! If anyone wants to build the cube too (or laugh at me for being dorky) here are the plans for a 1:1 scale cube.


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