Jan 27 2010China Renames Mountain To Honor 'Avatar'


recently decided to change the name of the famous 'Southern Sky Column' in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province to 'Avatar Hallelujah Mountain' in order to honor James Cameron's blue kitteh blockbuster garner some tourism. Clever, China, clever.

Avatar has become the most popular film ever in China, making $80m (£50m) at the box office so far.

"Many pictures he took then become prototypes for various elements in the Avatar movie, including the 'Hallelujah Mountains'," Reuters quoted the website as saying.

The renaming of the mountain is one of the several attempts by Zhangjiajie to capitalise on the success of Avatar.

The municipal government website has also adopted the slogan "Pandora is far but Zhangjiajie is near", while tourists are being offered tours of the locations which allegedly inspired the film, Reuters reports.

Listen China -- you want to really capitalize on Avatar's success? Bootlegging. It's a no-brainer!

China renames 'Avatar' mountain in honour of film [bbcnews]

Thanks to Jenn and daniellejuice, who kept getting up to use the bathroom and buy candy and completely ruined my chances of recording a quality bootleg.

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^ ghey

Relevant to my interests

Yeah, but does it levitate? I think not! Till we meet again China.

>_> well done
now people are going to go there
try to live there and make youtube videos of their trip

Listen, China, I like Avatar as much as the next guy who hasn't seen it yet, but... yeah, I've got nothing. You're mountain sucks! Yeah! Take THAT!

OLD, those news are from last weekend. A movie really can influence the real world that way....wow...

More landmarks need to be renamed after movies they've been in. For example the Statue of Liberty should be renamed "That Statue What Broke the Skylight of the Museum of Art in Ghostbuster 2".

"Avatar Hallelujah Mountain" is the most ridiculous name for... well, anything, really.
I haven't seen the Avatar (am I still a human?), but "Southern Sky Column" is so beautiful...
"Hallelujah Mountain"?!
Dugh.... man... I hope they'll change it back. When the whole bru-ha-ha about Blue Man's Group home planet is gonna pass away.
Yeah, I believe they'll change it.

This is getting ridiculous, next thing you'll hear of a tribe renaming themselves to Na'vi.

that's already been done

thank the powers that be for Avatar

finally all the attention from LOTR has passed and Tolkien can rest in peace

so... China is officially the land of the Avatar now (as New Zealand claimed to be middle-earth)

You have GOT to be kidding me!

Eff Avatar... I'm mad they stole Aang's (The Last Airbender) title!!!

Every fan of that shitty movie ( yeah, I saw it, I enjoyed as much as I did with Twilight : I'd rather lose my balls), should go there, and jump over the cliff edge . Really .

Avatar Hallelujah Mountain?

Why wouldn't you just name it Navi Mountain?

Why does the Chinese Govt. make everything so complicated?

80 Million? pffft I'm guessing everyone else there watched a cam version.

Where are you at, GW? It's 11AM EST, and no posts yet for today?

Aw, im sorry i ruined it for you.

crazy chinese..

dammit China like yall dont have enough freakin money.

:< I will not go see it unless its floating.

NO thats a BAD china this is not what we discussed it was supposed to be robot apocolypse mountain *robosigh* back to the programming board. *roboflex*

i liked the movie, but, really? Southern Sky Column sounds way more badass and way less awkward.

J'ai entendu cela était vraiment bon. Bonne chance

Reported on CBC that the local government UN-named it back to the old name, and is claiming that it was NEVER changed to 'Avatar Hallelujah Mountain'

Awesome movie. This is worth the ticket price. Watching this was like seeing into the future and actually being their.

I really liked this movie, especially in terms of animation is used, it looks very real and detailed. I think this movie could be one of your alternatives in the holiday weekend, I hope you enjoy this movie.

Avatar has a story that is very easy to relate and tells its story in a very clever way it lets us see from the view point of "another" symbolically how our actions and lack of empathy for those that we rule "uncivilized,unhuman,etc truly effect there lives,(The Na'Vi) and how this mirrors our actions In a very real way ,
there are many very real issues called to light in the film and its to bad the chinese goverment decided to pull the film from all 2D showings (its not hard to figure out why they did this) they are affraid people might be inspired to question there actions after being forced from there homes as well as many other issues touched on by rare film that takes its examples from the heart.

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