Dec 12 2009You Need Help: Guy Makes Art Out Of Dust


Paul Hazelton collects dust and then shapes it into things and calls it art. Me? I vacuum it up LIKE A NORMAL GOTDAMN PERSON. I swear, whatever happened to chiseling marble?

'I think it all has something to do with the fact that I was brought up in an immaculate environment that was really clean,' said Mr Hazelton.

'It all started when I noticed the dust on a mask and was able to pull it off. I started collecting dust and working with it, finding ways of turning it into three-dimensional structures.'

'Humans were supposedly made from dust, so it is interesting to create other things with it,' added Mr Hazelton, from Margate, Kent.

'It is a kind of recycling. The reaction of people when they see the art is one of incredulity.

Incredulity is right. As in, "THIS NUTCASE IS F***ED IN THE HEAD." Oh, and another thing -- I WAS NOT MADE FROM DUST, PAUL. I was made with cookie batter and star-sprinkles AND GOD BAKED ME PERFECTLY.

Hit the jump for a shot of a briefcase and skeleton made out of the dust.



Incredible sculptures made with dust

Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who only collects bones.

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"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who loves same sex relationships"


dust is 70% human skin..

This is lame.

And no, I wont explain why in this post.
I'll let you whine about it for a few hours then reply with a slurred drunken comeback.

i hope he washes his hands before he eats.

its called being dirty and lazy as shit..... just sayin

He does realize dust is dead skin and bug crap.
If I saw that I would sneeze all over it.

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who reads in the nude."

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who shampoos in between his toes"

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who is secretly The Superficial Writer."

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who is a virgin"

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who makes his living out of dust"

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who touches himself... for sport."

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who has name that's an inside joke."

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who uses incorrect punctuation marks;"

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who has notoriously painful bowel movements."

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who has the pectorals of a falcon"

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who might be the devil HERself."

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who is uncomfortable with full frontal male nudity."

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who laughs at less fortunate children."

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who is addicted to warlock murmurs"

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who tips Geekologie."



hrm....I was expecting a sculpture of a tower of dus tbunnys in an pyramid formation...

whats next? Dryer lint top hats?

If you save dryer lint you can spin it into yarn and knit a sweater with it. For free. It's grey with flecks of red. This also is useless art.

Thanks to Add loves Elmo, even in front of children.
Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who is easily amused.
Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who has a booger collection.
Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who sleeps with the lights on.
Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who puts Vaseline on the doorknobs in the Daycare and pulls the fire alarm.

He's badass

"Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who is a pedophile."

Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who created most of the Earth's dust with his own dried pimple puss...

This is some creepy hobby

It'd be funny if he sneezed.

The first pic look like Patrick's house (Spongebob cartoon)

Ewww, my allergies are bad enough!!! Get outta here with that!!! :-P



I think it's creepy in a cool way

Holy smokey pants, I have that much dust on my bookshelf, I'm going to try and make something like this and put it on top of my best friends birthday cake; it should look teh awesomes! (my blog) =)

@4 no it isn't.
@8 no it isn't.

"Thanks to Add Loves Elmo, who knows what dust is really made of."

"House dust is mainly made up of dirt and grit, but it varies according to place, season and other factors such as pets."

QI, my friends.

"The quantity and composition of house dust varies greatly with seasonal and environmental factors such as the surroundings, exchange of outside air, age of the house, building materials and their condition, and the quantity of furniture and carpets, as well as their state of preservation. The composition of dust also depends upon the ventilation, and heating systems, cleaning habits, activities of the occupants or users of a room, etc. House dust consists of inorganic and organic matter, and the relative proportions of these components may vary considerably. Kindergartens dust often consists almost entirely of inorganic materials like sand, loam, and clay from sand pits. On the other hand, house dust from the homes of animal owners with worn out carpets consists nearly completely of organic material. In a study of 318 house samples, the proportion of organic matter ranged from between 95% (Butte and Walker, 1994). Fergusson, et al. (1986) reported the organic content of house dust from 11 homes in Christchurch, New Zealand, ranged from 25.7% to 56.5%. Floor dust from seven Danish offices had a mean organic fraction of 33%"
(Mølhave et al., 2000).

"Thanks to Add Loves Elmo, who showers daily."
"Thanks to Add Loves Elmo, who is loved in return."
"Thanks to Add Loves Elmo, who uses chocolate to sculpt."
"Thanks to Add Loves Elmo, who gave a non-geeky tip, and still got it through."
"Thanks to Add Loves Elmo, of who's skeleton a picture is here posted. Verily."

The new cleaning lady starts at the gallery, and is appalled by the state this exhibit is in.... Really, she didn't start a moment too soon.

dun dun duuuuuuuun......

I wonder where he gets all the dust?

Well I guess this is better than this guy making sculptures out of severed body parts and feces.....Because that would just be weird.

@everyone who sneezed...... can I borrow some tissue?

The skeleton looks like it's real and just has cobwebs all over....hmmm

You call this art, really funny it is a
really bad mess, so clean this mess
as soon as possible, and do something

@11 - Dryer lint top hats! Brilliant! You just solved my Christmas shopping problem. Thank you thank you thank you!

uu ilginç..

stop fucking complaining about this guy's apparent lack of creativity and go create something yourselves, you fucking retards.

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