Dec 4 2009Where Was I On That?: Disposable Flasks


Disposable flasks are exactly what they sound like: throw-away flasks. They're basically glorified juice pouches with a screw-top lid. ZOMG, I LOVE DRINKING EVERYWHERE!

Enter the Disposable Flask ($15/set of 3). These 7.5 oz. reusable foil pouches are portable, freezable, pocketable, and easily disposable, and feature airtight plastic lids that won't leave tell-tale leakage marks on your clothes.

Jesus, why didn't I think of that? Oh right, I DID. They're called Zip-Loc bags, and I've been filling them with bourbon for years. Anybody need a nip? I have two. They're perky!

Disposable Flask [uncrate]

Thanks to naas, who just carries his bottles with him wherever he goes.

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Now they just need to figure out how to easily get the liquor into it. I waste half the booze trying to fit it into those tiny openings!

*Not to be used with any consumable goods, bodily fluids or small rodents. May cause cancer if used between the times of 12:02am and 11:58pm except on leap years. If exposed to the sun may cause a time/space distortion resulting in world wide anarchy. We can not be held liable for any cases of incest or beastiality from the use of this product. Not to be used as a weapon or a condom unless used on your mom. Date of experation is 01/01/1908. Use at your own risk!

Oh god... Oh god i need this thing! Eurekaaaaa!
Now I don't have to package scotch into a used capri sun container. My childhood is alive again!!!

I like how the related adsense ad is for industrial storage containers, which coincidently is about how much booze I go through over any given weekend.

"Jesus, why didn't I think of that? Oh right, I DID. They're called Zip-Loc bags, and I've been filling them with bourbon for years."

That was fucking great.

imma slap some capri-sun stickers on these bad boys and take them to church and class.

christmas family party you just became tolerable.

glug. glug.

grog me.

So...riddle me this:

Why on earth would someone need to RE-SEAL booze? You guys are doin it wrong....ooga booga.

PS. GW I'm callin a Daisy on the whole "naas carries his bottles with him everywhere he goes" thing, man. You and I both know that A. He lives in a basement bar, so why would he go anywhere...and B. even IF he did want to go anywhere, he stays too drunk to actually walk (once he makes it to his car he's fine though).

...ooga booga MLIG

i know what i want for christmas.No not this i want to know what jesus really did with the dinosaurs....oh yeah this

@8 ha! I don't get drunk every day though, my liver pops out occasionally from between a few ribs reminding me not to

I've carried my fair share of liquor into places I shouldn't have too, there's no denying that. I think these flaskies would make the whole process much more efficient though

Thank you for ordering the DISPOSABLE FLASKS.
Other customers who bought DISPOSABLE FLASK also purchased these items:

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Pillsbury Super Value 496 pack - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Country Bob's Variety Pack Flavored Lubricated Condoms

Now you can make lots of trash while getting trashed!

I'll stick with my real flask thanks.

They look like those kids juice boxes... Capri Sun or something? It's hard to look gansta-tough when you're drinking a kiddie juice box.

Dear environment,

It was nice knowing you.


People that buy pointless disposable products.

Dear @14 Hasabrain (that bitch ashley from the fat guy post)

Stop emailing me already. I fucking told you before I don't want to hear your bitching about how you don't fit into your clothes anymore or how people online laugh at your stupid uninteresting opinions. I'm doing fucking fine & plan on being here much longer than you.

Lose my information & maybe a few pounds also,

@ post/ 14/15: I lol'd.

Actualy, they ARE juice pouches. When I was in china, all the juice was in pouches like this. Its actually really cool. They had jello and gumy fruit bits in them. Japan has them too.

It's a shame that there first introduction here aside from imported asian markets is for use with alcohol. :l;; Ugh.

$15 for 3? The manufacturer sells them for $9.99 for six flasks and 2 mini funnels to fill the flasks.

I've actually bought and used these before... Some concert venues won't let you take booze into the all ages area, and that means I can't keep drinking... these are great, and if you get called out on it, you don't feel bad getting rid of the capri-sun bag of drunk you are carrying with you.

for the $10 special

These will be fucking CLUTCH in pre-concert parking lots. Sign me up.

Huh, I'm asian, and we do have drinks sold in this so-called "disposable flasks" since forever!!

Dear @15 Environment,

You're clearly degrading faster than I thought, you're confusing names and seem unhealthily obsessed with someone named 'ashley'.

We're too late :(


I just put vodka in water bottles......I'm lazy and unoriginal like that.

sprey ?

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