Dec 3 2009Taiwanese Man 'Beats' World Of Warcraft


Put down your wireless mice and keyboards, folks, somebody has beat World of Warcraft. From now on all WoW'ing will be in vain. You have been warned.

A Taiwanese player has become the first person in the world to complete all 986 achievements found in World of Warcraft, reports CVG.

"Little Gray" on the Wrathbringer server managed to killed 390,895 creatures and completed 5,906 quests in total, according to the WoW Armory website. As you would expect, however, there is one slight problem that should be noted.

The player has yet to earn the holiday achievement 'BB King' but due to a bug with an old PvP achievement, he managed to earn two points, giving him 986/986.

Cheater!! WoW is back in full effect, GO GO GO! I'm gonna be the first person REALLY beat it! And in case you were wondering, yes I play and write Geekologie at the same time. Plus a little Minesweeper. L337 MULTI-TASXOR!

Taiwanese Player 'Beats' World of Warcraft [ign]

Thanks to Ralph, Mary, Gingermonkey and stolly, who beat WoW years ago but aren't braggarts.

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He did this by wearing daipers and, rather than get up and go to a toilet, crap himself. One day his maid had a date, and he had to eat his left speaker to stay alive. He wiped that day. Shocking.

@1 eat a hyena's smelly asshole with soy sauce.

I checked the archives... MAN were the original commenters funnier than these ass-clowns. Every comment from here on out has to be funny... no more of this LSDiesel crap...


what a loser... i bet this guy has never seen what women look like... kinda like 1 - zak!!!

Whoever this person is, he's played World of Warcraft nearly every hour of every day for the past two years. Gentlemen, we are dealing with someone here who has absolutely no life.

How do you kill that which has no life?

I can almost hear the anguished screams of 10 million virgins as they all embark on a quest to find out where this guy lives so they can skin him alive.


@7 You shoot it in the head.

I feel sorry for him. So he completes it, completely. Now he has nothing to do until the next update. Now he has to shower. Then again, he can enjoy finding out that there's a black president in america now.

@7 You give it a phoenix down, or an X-potion.

So if he beat the game then that makes everyone else a loser

The title is a euphemism. It means he masturbated.

I beat Duck Hunt the other day, no one made a fuss about it...except for my mom, she was proud

I wish I had that much time in my hand :S
But eh, if the kids enjoy doing all this, so be it! And don't be unoriginal by saying nolife joke... and don't quote south park each time you hear about someone who put a hellova time in WoW...

@14 Yeah you're right, at least he's not out in the street shooting people or doing least not yet.

@14, hear hear. Seriously, kids, it gets old fast.

Old !!

He did it all before pilgrim's event came out, but because it was pending and unable to be completed no one reported on it till after the event.....

now there is another update comming on wednesday - so he only had a short lived completion :( gz all the same tho!

Dunno whether to be shocked, surprised, or apathetic... Apathy rules.
I figure that in order to make a living he farms gold for cash, and that allows him to fund himself and his (lackof) lifestyle. We assume he must be a lonely person, but... what if he actually is a group of people, like a family man with 3 kids, and they all take turns to play it, and are practically on it constantly? Maybe, he is ultra rich, and doesn't have to worry about it, and had a professional bot created for him... All speculation. and sadness of the achievement, if only WoW had a game section that was created that in completing it, it helped solve some kind of problem towards curing cancer... Then it'd be worthy.
I blabber on now... sleep deprivation does it when you play l4d2... Jockey!

A. I LIKE quoting South Park, and in this particular case it was appropriately funny.

B. I defended the whole WoW crowd just yesterday, and I think a lot of folks around here know that I play it.

C. Why not step up with something funny or witty instead of preaching to the choir?

D. I am socializing, r-tard! I'm logged on to an MMORPG (aka Geekologie) with people from all over the world and getting XP with my party using team speak!

E. ...ooga booga MLIG

Seriously, kids, lighten the fuck up blogwarriors.

WoW >.>

@19 I'm lightened up... It's Friday, bacon was had for breakfast & I'm drinking a stronger than normal (it's cold outside) screwdriver right now

@all - and a good morning to YOU

@4, I love you too. Call me?

@naas, morning. Did you sleep well? Sorry about the snoring. I should have warned you.

The South Park reference was perfect.

I want a screwdriver right now, too. Stupid job. *grumble*

I was wondering where you were, NAAS

I am pretty sure someone from Blizzard gave him a trophy.

I feel bad for how this guy will feel next week when the new patch drops.

If only you people knew what this meant


@26 (who's also 27)

no sorry dude i don't speak chinaman speak. sorry CHINESEman speak.

So do you get your wasted life back when you beat it at least?

@22 when you're as drunk as you were, passed out in a bathtub next to a sheep wearing baby clothes with bite marks all over its ass from trying to turn it into a vampire...... no, the snoring wasn't a bother
@27 totally....

Wow that sure is amazing.

How about this, an mmorpg that you can never beat.
EVE online
It's a space sci-fie, space ship kinda game. should check it out.
one of it's pluses is that THERE ARE NO ANNOYING BRATS.

GW never posted anything about it which i find upsetting.

give it a try a new expansion for the game came out recently.

Yay, I'm a little under half way there:
but considering the patch is coming out, I will have like a third done.......
ah screw it; I'm playing Borderlands.

Did you guys see Zak at the top got the first post? Somebody's getting laid tonight!

I could do it.

In 2 days.

Its been Kobayashi Maru'd!

Save up to do desktop

It was bound to be someone from that side of the world.

With my "3 wolves howling at a moon" T-shirt I could do it in 24 hrs.....

<------------- Has never played WOW (Seriously)

Congrats to Taiwanese guy. Achieve something, even if it isn't having 9 women at one time while cheating on your wife.

word warcraft..

I like how there is people sitting her making jokes about how this guy has no life and has never seen a woman and blah blah blah but in reality there watching news info about WoW and probably play themselves but they are just mad that they are not this guy. Have fun ladies with immatureity

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