Dec 8 2009Playing Mario Theme On Piano One Handed

This is a video of some cat (a dude, not an actual kitty) playing the Mario theme on a piano one handed. That's one hand less than the regular amount! Now if he could play it with nothing but his head, THAT would be something. Which, true story: one time I filmed myself played Für Elise with my face but the piano exploded with awesome and destroyed the video camera. But you can take my word for it, I'm honest.


Thanks to naas and Rafi, who can both play the Mario theme simply by willing it with their minds. It's called The Force, guys.

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Reader Comments

love it!

@ 1
You failed at Geekologie for not being a firstard.

is it me or does it seem speeded up ?

Pretty good, but he forgot the part where I die mercilessly at the hands of mushrooms, turtles, weird dinosaur looking things and fireballs...

So what is he doing with his other hand? Pounding his pudd while thinking of Princess Peach and her 'peach'?


sorry for my lack of idiotically using "first" but i think the #1 next to my name already indicates that i did indeed post first and I though that saying so would just be redundant. I hope that I did not in any way jeopardize the integrity of this website and the comments section.

I dont know...Im not too impressed. He's just playing the piano...everyone with decent knowledge in playing a piano can do this. All you gotta do is practice the theme over and over and over and over and over and bam. You're this guy in the video. Not really impressed at all.

@6 Don't listen to #2, he is "two steps to the left" of being retarded.... just sayin

Impressive makes me Wanna get my old Nintendo system out of the attic

tihs love..

The video seems a bit sped up, his movements look a little unnatural in places.

brownie points for using "cat" to refer to a person.
I always giggle a little inside when a black guy says it.

I know who's playing the music while I walk down the aisle.

The tempo is too fast, and some of the notes are off timing. I'd say that was not good at all even for an intermediate pianist.

@14 you fail because you spelled your name wrong...also " One handed. That's one hand less than the regular amount!" that's skill

im pretty sure he just played it slow and sped it up. for a hand to move that fast is ehh possible maybe

pssh i can do that. with my eyes closed. ON THE FACE OF THE MOON.

I admire the effort, but this isn't that impressive.

The original theme was a very simplistic arrangement-wise, no more than 3 tones playing at a time.

I studied the song one summer between semesters and learned it on guitar.

It isn't the simplest song I've ever learned, but it can easily be played on piano with just 3 fingers.

@18 Wanna know what I can play with 3 fingers?
I'll give you a hint... the answer is "shocking"..... just sayin

actually #2 i believe it's you that fails at Geekologie

Gooch Goblin...lqtm

This guy can't actually play the piano... he's been practicing just this song since he was 7 just so he can get famous on the internets. and you're encouraging him! SHAME.

@14 you said "the notes are off timing" you mean they are out of time? its obvious you are lacking in terms of musical jargon. Sure he might not keep a metronomic tempo but that is a result of the leaps involved with playing what he wrote. any worthwhile musician would understand that.

the keys dont look real when he presses them. also looks sped up

Ha I wonder how he learned to do so, WHAT could he only do with the other hand while playing?

I played the Mario theme one handed too....on the skin flute, I video taped it and put it on YouTube, but they took it down......

stupid writer doesn't know they play with their feet as well

So this is totally a fake... his left hand is blurred out and the keys where he is playing base notes shift showing where he cropped in other footage to cover his hand. I'm not doubting the talent but why say its 1 handed just to get a million billion reviews. Well at least if you do they will bring on live tv and you will fail at 1 handed and then we can then add to to fail blog and you will be famous again. Yay go you cuz you have a mac book and final cut pro. *cough douche

so FYI, this dude has a master's degree in piano performance so I'd advise you to stop dissing him. I personally know him. and this is NOT sped up or any of that other crap everyone is posting about him. in fact, he only practiced this piece for ONE DAY!

just saying.

learn about what you're talking about.

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