Dec 5 2009Own Your Own Lunar Lander (Replica), $89K


Want to place outerspace in your own backyard and pretend YOU'RE ON THE F***ING MOON? Who doesn't?! Well now you can thanks to these full scale lunar lander replicas from Space Toys. Houston, I have a boner.

Who doesn't want a LEM? These are custom made per order and built to exact specifications. Each can be custom made to match a specific lunar lander Apollo Mission. Available with or without a complete interior. Built from durable materials with the highest attention paid to authenticity and detail.

Another great addition to any museum or private collection. The Lunar Module shown at right shows the level of detail, the customer can expect in a high fidelity replica from This item is only available as a build to order purchase. Details are amazing and the authenticity is fantastic.

Damn do I want one! Plus a full interior? Sweeeet. Forget a mancave, I want a manlander! A fridge full of beer, some video games, and I'm one happy astronaut. Did somebody say freeze-dried ice creams? Yes, please! I scream, you scream, but NOBODY HEARS US CAUSE WE'RE IN OUTERSPACE!

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Thanks to Megan, who overshot the moon and landed in heaven. Say what's up to God for me, will you?

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Room for parties?

i have one already

Utterly ridiculous.

This is stupid as shit. Let's get some real news coverage. Ya know what? I'm so irritated, I'm going to punctuate this sentence.

inb4: my impersonator

WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS DUDE KEEP IMPERSONATING ME? LIke, I know that I'm a loser that has nothing better to do than comment on each and every blog on a mediocre website, but please stop pretending to be me. IT'S ALL I HAVE LEFT IN LIFE! Geez

What did Megan do...?

And's because you're (somewhat) awesome.

I don't have $89,000. Fine, I'll make my own lunar lander. With blackjack. And hookers. In fact, forget the blackjack and the lunar lander...

"Available with or without a complete interior. Built from durable material"
Hell Yes, I want the carpet to match the drapes; Various Mario and Zelda art..(The 2 only video games i'm good at) I want powdered vodka...internet acess..
Yeah...No price is too high.

@7 Don't worry; We all know its not you! You use 'big' And, your imposters always attack GW.
Don't worry..Big Daddy (GW) knows it's not you too..

Apparently I did nothing... except found the perfect escape for men from psycho PS3 destroying girlfriends... "You need the password to enter my lander"

Well, its not bad....its only that... ITS THE COOLEST IDEA MY BRAIN HAS EVER HAD THE PLEASURE TO TELE-HUMP!!! I would buy it, install my computer in it, and live in it...FOREVER

Or at least until i get hungry.

Like what I did there? Telekinesis + Hump = Tele-Hump. Oh yea, I'm that cool.


@12 YES!! ...password; or not.

@ 8 & 10

# 6 and # 7 is the same fake naas. He's evolving his trolling.......ever so slowly, but still he's evolving.

This is ridiculous and inane, and when I buy a house I'm getting nine.

You know, that looks like a piece of shit. I never thought the moon landing was faked until now. How did that thing ever fly? It looks like it was made of christmas decorations and tin foil.

I'm pretty sure I could build that out of tin foil and scrap duct work for about $50.



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