Dec 3 2009Om Nom!: Scientists Develop Lab-Grown Pork


PORK CHOP SANDWICHES! Test tube pork. Like babies, it's the way of the future (which, true story -- I was the first test-tube baby IN SPACE). And apparently scientists in the Netherlands are close to clenching PETA's $1 million prize for lab-grown meat.

The research team, funded by a major sausage maker and the Dutch government, used cells from a live pig to grow pork muscle tissue in a Petri dish. After extracting cells called myoblasts from the muscle of a live pig, the scientists then incubated the myoblasts in a nutrient solution, which allowed the cells to multiply and create muscle.

"We need to find ways of improving it by training it and stretching it, but we will get there," Post told reporters. "This product will be good for the environment and will reduce animal suffering. If it feels and tastes like meat, people will buy it."

.nd even the scientists had to admit to reporters that they don't know if their creation is flavorsome, because laboratory regulations forbid them from tasting anything they create.

What do you mean laboratory regulations forbid you from tasting anything? That's BUUUUULLSHIT. You made it, you deserve to eat it. Same goes for macaroni necklaces.

Scientists Create Lab-Grown Pork; Bacon Industry Unmoved [sphere]

Thanks to Nathan, who has his own brand of tube sausage if you're interested.

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nothing beats real bacon like real bacon, there can be no substitute


that man stares into my soul as if he wants to be in me...and I'm just crazy enough to let him, (that sexy beast can pork me any time)

I think I'm a beefeater instead

Yeah... and PETA also suggested we start marketing human breast milk. Let's not take what they say TOO seriously...

@ 1
this is fact
word to yo moms

synthetic pork FTL!

Pork the one you love, mmMmmm

Oh boy... don't get me started on scrapple again....... MLIG

wouldnt the $1mil prize only cover like 1/20th of what this probly cost to do?

all those animal loving celebrity freaks are shortchanging the science folks

Whoohoo, chickie nubs!

I'm all for animal rights and everything, but aren't muscles notorious for not regenerating? Shouldn't we be investigating this in humans?

With Farmville and naked Peta ads, people forget how demanding farming actually is, and since we have yet to make this sort of thing appetizing, remember to thank a farmer:

@10 Yeah.... its called STEM CELL RESEARCH.... just sayin

be quite weird if they had mice test this, if this piggy food won't end up horribly mutating the eater. oh ho ho! Mutant piggy mice! :D

lols @ 12

BESIDES embryonic stem cells. They said they extracted myoblasts. Unless myoblasts are ESC, then they shoulda just said "stem cells".

Hmmmm... I wonder why my last name in the in bottom left of the board.........


First of all, Fuck PETA.

Second, I know how to grow meat in a test tube:
1. Insert dong in test tube. (Big one...alright regular one)
2. Bea Arthur Nudy shots.

But part of the reason I eat meat from live animals is I love the taste of their delicious souls. Lab meat can't copy that.

Torture makes the meat yummy.

@6, you beat me to it. Although after 17 comments, I knew someone would. I'm just glad it was you. <3

haha, pork fail

This is just a front. The scientists are just one step closer to developing the organic disguise for the T800 terminator. PEWPEW!

"We need to find ways of improving it by training it and stretching it, but we will get there,"
That seems so familar, I'm sure I've said that before...

@18 Pork the one you love before that person porks someone else

There is no way I am eating that. No way, no how. Not happening. Impossible. Keep it away from me.

...Maybe just a taste.

And there's a rose in a fisted glove
And the eagle flies with the dove
And if you can't pork the one you love, honey
Pork the one you're with


(just had to try out the reminds me of Daisy)

cut/paste #6

jus sayin

Still have to consume once-living cells to fuel our bodies, regardless of whether they came from a petri dish, plant or tasty tasty long pig...

does anyone remember that movie with Ewan McGregor and Scarlette JoHansen where they lived in a little clone colony and had crazy clone sex and madcap clone adventures?

well....this is exactly what the scientists in that movie were telling all their investors they had developed. The fact that the film is about human cloning and this is about some delish sammiches matters not.

they are probably just going to fuck up and end up growing real pigs who never get to experience the 20 minute pig orgasm because they are all cloned, thus increasing animal cruelty.

@26, since you mention long pig, if they can really get this to work we may have a large variety of animal products to choose from. Mouse steak, bat nuggets, and even long pig might make great bbq.

Soylent green -- the other white meat.

@27, I just saw that film. The Island.

@27 The Island.... I thought it was a good movie

Dayum dishy dishington

..nice shooting

@30-32 3 'late' night posts? CERFEW!!
Ahhhh. Aloha Friday?

F*ck you paul smith! Noone wants your damn shoes or comments!
Go AWAY!!!

But I like it rare. My grandfather used to say "wipe the arse, cut out the eyes, and put it on a plate".

True story. Of course he died of a heart attack...

Wait, They're growing muscles? Are They kidding me? I want Them to make me an extra limb. Or maybe a MGS4 style muscle suit. A TENTACLE! EIGHT TENTACLES!



Pretty soon we'll be able to grow new eyes for ourselves. Better eyes. We'll connect them to our one-nineteeth mechanical brains, and see five base colours. The world's greatest nose. My synapses are made of polyethers. My brain is plastic. My meat is grown, not forced out of something with a brain. This makes difference ya?

There's no such thing as a soul. There is only the sweet memory of munchin' on some science sterloin!

Still have to consume once-living cells to fuel our bodies, regardless of whether they came from a petri dish, plant or tasty tasty long pig...

Really creepy thought - but, considering livestock farming makes such a gigantic portion of enviornmental damage - in a way, we have no other choice.

Either this or go VEGAN. Since our planet's population is growing and growing and growing..... there is NO way we can sustain factory farming without literally destroying the planet, and then we all die - unless we fly into space.

Space sounds pretty good!



mega win :D

SASKATCHEWAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ 39

Yeah.....I take you hippie expert opinion..... But don't worry you're an eco-hero in your own mind.

i pork the one i love o'right

this recalls me of Better Off Ted

@Jodie - late night posts!? Not at twenty to seven, I think the vodka has your timezones reversed(?)

Yeah.. I was pretty drunk by 5.
And yeah, It was vodka; It always makes me post
stupid shit...I'm a slave vodka

even being a veg, i wouldn't eat that shit. bad things will become of this. bad things...

The Netherlands FTW!

@41 god, GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!! Pork > 13th man. Unlike players on the field, you can never have too much B-A-C-O-N.

@17 lol :)

even though I'm veg, I do realize that, were it not for the human tendency to nom on the flesh of lesser beings, sheep, pigs and cows would most likely be extinct now. We kept them alive in mass numbers so we could om nom nom the crap out of them.

So...killing in the short = survival in the long?


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