Dec 17 2009Non-Evolution Of The Playstation Controller


OMG, Darwin is rolling in his grave!

Non-Evolution of Playstation's Game Controller [autourduncafe]

Thanks to Reaves, who, based on his intelligence and slight frame, likely evolved from a geek god.

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I don't hear any sound when I see a picture of playstation controllers, no matter how big the controllers or the picture

Actually, The SIXAXIS came before the Dualshock 3.

If it ain't broke don't fix it. Majority of the evolution has been under the hood. But there's nothing wrong with the form factor.

You don't improve upon perfection.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Why change a winning team? The Ps controller was fine & had enough buttons from day one, why change it because the console changes. I love it.

@ 3,4,5,6 my thoughts exactly, the control is flawless... DS3 even has motion sensors....

I believe it is ROBOT Darwin who is rolling over in his grave.... just sayin

@7 despite my redundant stupidity, I too agree with all of you

Ahh the old dual SCHOCK.

Forgot Sixaxis

sixaxis is dual shock 3....i guess.

also, dont fix it if its not broken.

sony has had the best controller since they made it.

Lets not forget the Failed PS2 controller that came with such built in features as a Cup holder, Fog lights, performance stereo system, and Anti lock brakes.

nintendo shoulda taken a note on it...


game cube (tolerable)


they shoulda stuck with the good ol fashon SNES setup like sony has here

and this coming from a person that has owned all of the nintendo consoles

Echoing everyone else's sentiments.

There is too much change-for-the-sake-of-change these days, and human progress is almost always anything but (see the nigh-catastrophic boomerang design). Thank God that sony has the wisdom to leave their perfect controller untampered with.

You know, I've never heard of a Plasystation pad until now.

Looks like we got a lot of PS lovers here. I for one hate the hell out of the controller, it's bulky and the controls are... oh what the hell am I saying. I own a PS3 and have always loved the controller. Best controller AND console of anything out there IMO, it's ergonomic and perfect. I want to make love to it.

FYI - the controller is actually exhibited in the smithsonian for examplary modern ergonomics (along with stuff like the iPod)...

@16: I was waiting for someone to point that out...

DualSCHock? PlaSYStation? Hahahahaha. It is from a French site, though, so I'll cut them a bit of slack.

14 years after creation...upgrades are wireless and joysticks? wow, look at nintendo! They have no fear of out with old and in this new.

Yeah, these are great if you have puny hands, where's my xbox monster controller?

As @15 pointed out and As it shows on the Chart, Playstation wanted to initially change the design with the "Boomarang" but there was such a negative feedback from all of us PS Players. thankfully they made the right choice and listned to the popular vote.

It's like Dracula was stabbed with a wooden stake, making him accidentally fire his silver bullet gun into a werewolf who quickly eats Hitler before he dies. You know?

At least they changed the color...

The idiot spelled Dual Shock Dual Schock

But to be honest and fair, I own both a PS3 and XBOX360 ( and NES,SNES,ATARI,N64,Sega Genisis, Turbo Graphics 16, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, XBOX) I Do love the XBOX360 controllers, They fit my hands just a wee bit better, My index fingers tend to slid of the r2 and L3 buttons on the PS3 controller.

@23, Ohh I know....

I've also had experience with multiple game platforms ergo multiple different controllers. Sony did a good job on controller design, although I will say the gamecube controller was very comfortable.

XBOX 360 remains the favorite though.

if it aint broke dont fix it.


DualAnalog added the sticks

DualShock added force-feedback vibration

DualShock2 added pressure-sensitive buttons (which most games don't use, but the capability is there)

DualShock3 brought in the relative-motion sensors of the SixAxis.

Just because you can't SEE all the changes doesn't mean they're not there. Every one of these was an improvement upon its predecessor.

@30 Now that’s True GEEK THINK.... I am proud...almost brings a tear to my eye.... By the way I work in the Electronic components industry, I help to design and manufacture most of the inductors, capacitors, transformers, and filters that go into just about all the electronics out there, And I can tell you there is a whole lotta work that goes into every aspect of even the simple devices such as the PS3 controller.

he left one out, the original ps3 controllers were not dual shock. that came later for MGS4.

: P

ha, many more nerds than me spotted it sooner....



I agree with a lot of people in this thread, but mostly with the fact that you don't have to change something that is good and doesn't need improvement on the shape side. I know the PS controller has had it's internal organs changed for the better quite a bit, but that's a real plus to these things. You know they wil fit perfectly and work perfectly...

Has everyone seen the New IRON MAN 2 Trailer???

Saying the PS remotes need to evolve, is like saying alligators should grow longer legs. Alligators teach us one thing. Don't mess with perfection, and eat alligator tail. The End.

They're like sharks or crocodiles... no need to change.

It works. Play enough of any console and you'll find the pad starts to work for you though. Sony just had the right design for me from the beginning. I think maybe my neutral hand position is Ps controller shaped now.

the shape itself is soo good it doesn't need to be changed, on the other hand the innards of the controller did change for the best....oh ho ho ho don't judge a book on it's cover.

@7 Agree... its true "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

At least it never looked like a dildo with handles like the 64 controller did, that maybe the reason I never like the damn thing to begin with!

Give me the ol' 8-bit NES controllers, dammit! *Old man talking here!* Oh, well, except for those fucking L R buttons, which I have always hated! It's a perfect design. I guess that means I won't be evolving. *sniffle*

Let's not ignore how the weighting of the controllers has evolved. Remember the original PS controller? It was way too light... and felt a bit awkward because it was so thin. You could chuck that sucker at your little brother when he cheated and it wouldn't even phase him... but once they started putting in the vibration feedback it bulked up a bit and at least doubled in mass. That's when the little sucker learned to stop pulling your controller out right before you win the race.

That's also how he got the glass eye......

The only way to evolve this pad is connect it to a X360

They're that awesome... 0.o

I HAVE made love to it. What can I say, it's the perfect fit with dualshock vibrations ;)

if it cant break, dont jinx it. you assclowns.

Let me interject and state that the controller is far from flawless. The placement of the analogs is very close and makes thumb-on-thumb contact a common occurrence. In this ergonomic case, symmetry is a bad thing.

I agree, while the design seems to be the same and has only been slightly modified, it has in fact evolved to keep up with current technology. And since the PlayStation family is my system of choice I'm glad Sony did not redesign the controller, I know Sony had plans to do so but heard the voices of the consumers and decided to stick with what worked.

Also I was glad that the fan boys of the NO blu-ray, NO wireless integrated, NO integrated power adapter, NO free on-line service, NO reliability (RED RING OF DEATH) did not comment but @43 had to step in and ruin it.
Hey xbox360 fan boys, if you like your system so much why are you reading PS3 related articles?

@47 "interject"?

Somebody has a word-a-day calendar.

What a joke. "If it aint broke don't fix it." Sony has constantly changed their controller based off what Nintendo offered the consumers. The whole reason the PS has more than one controller is because they stole the analog sticks and rumble from the N64. We will soon be seeing the same trend with Sony's motion wand…

The PS controller design is classic, but I think they should swap the positions of the D-pad, and left stick. The x360 pad is much better to use (but admittedly, not a classic).

Ok sure it hasn't changed but screw the changes man... you can't mess something that's already perfect. Playstation's controllers are The most comfortable controllers out there. Screw darwin leave the ps controllers alone damnit!

Hahahahaha. It is from a French site, though, so I'll cut them a bit of slack.

the boomerang woulda been a nice alernative to my double headed dildo ..too bad

why would Darwin flip?
i present to you sharks, crocodiles, cockroaches, ants

i once had a 3rd party controller for my psx which was designed a lot like the boomerang. was the best designed controller I ever held in my hands up until now and if i ever go back to my parents house it will be the first thing i will pick up.

and yes, the ds3 is currently the best and most awesome controller out there.

this is laughable.

all you morons saying this is perfect... you must be miserable to see Sony rushing to copy Nintendo's controller now.

Sony hasnt changed their controller because they dont possess one ounce of creativity - no other reason. they survive off of mimmicking other peoples ideas with slight tweaks.

The only problem I have ever had with this controller is after playing Gran Turismo for 3 straight days the left stick (steering wheel stick) had practically made a permanent indent in my left thumb.

@ 48

"Hey xbox360 fan boys, if you like your system so much why are you reading PS3 related articles?"

I would venture a guess that we read it because GW wrote it. Duh...

BTW: Only a fake geek would have one type of system. A true geek would have at LEAST 2. For me: PS3 and XBOX360. Best of both worlds.....

Primary D-pad guys, primary D-pad. Even in the last generation having the D-pad as the primary control input was silly, now it's just fucking retarded. D-pad was fine with PS1 games, but analogue movement is the norm now. Also, the Playstation controller is too small, even with my oddly small hands, I feel like it's just not comfortable to hold.

@59 makes a great point... How can you call your self a gamer if you stick to only one system???

@60 also makes a great point... The d-pad, while maintaining an important function in most games (weapon select, option select, hot keys) It is no longer the primary choice, and in most cases does in fact reveal a flaw in sonys current controlers.

I remember when I first used a Plasystation DualSchock controller. Those were the days.

#21 Gigantic XBox controller FTW

Dual SCHOCK? Was ist das? A german ripoff from Zony AG?

xbox, xbox 360 and sega genesis are the only ones to get the d-pad right...there is more to playing a game than up, down, left, and right

who wrote this?

Actually, as darwinism goes, this is fairly good evolution. Just small bits and pieces added each time to help a little bit more. And I like the playstation controllers. Always have. Still do.

@9 'redundant stupidity'?

I play fighters a good bit now, and the XBOX controllers suck horribly. the only thing they're good for is FPShooters. The dpad is just an analog stick with a different top, and with a ridiculous gate. Playstation works fine, but I use an arcade stick for the fighting stuff, which is really all you need the dpad for.

This is such a shite controller?

I mean why didn't the designers look at an old skool classic controller and notice the D-pad missing? I mean the current PS3 controller is pathetic too? Every other button has 2 functions? E.g. GTA where you use the left analogue stick to move around but god forbid you press it in where you'll instantly move at a crawling pace in squat mode? Sony obviously never wanted anyone to play there games furiously.

@70 You're clearly a moron.

I personally enjoy a 360 controller to a ps3 controller. Mainly because I am an american with big hands. That's right ladies, these hands don't lie! Boom!

As far as "The improvements for the controller have been under the hood" Serious? The only improvements Sony ever makes is to rip off other companies ideas.

*cough* Nintendo *hack* NIntendo *sneeze*Nintendo

boomerang? wtf?!

playing with ps3 is great enjoy and oyun. I still like flash games.

thanks alot for the text

I was born 1992 I dont remember the controller with out dual analog sticks

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