Dec 16 2009Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Inspired Balaclavas


I can never see the word "balaclava" without thinking baklava, which is totally different but infinitely more delicious and arguably my favorite dessert. Now I know what you're thinking, "but GW, I don't care what your favorite dessert is". But you know what? It's too f***ing late. Anyway, if you want a BALACLAVA inspired by the one Ghost wears in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' now you can buy them in blue, green and red for ~$21 a pop. And, in case you couldn't tell, there are other video game/movie inspired bank-robbery aids on the way as well. Plus, the company is run by a loyal Geekologie Reader who told me things about myself even I didn't know. It was therapeutic. Like crying in the bathtub, but without the aromatic candles.

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Thanks to Jamie, who may or may not be a Tarot reader.

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FIRST! I know it's so crap, but I saw the 0 comments and had to do it...

FUCK! I swear I had that one too...

maybe next time Van maybe next time.........

You and your faster overseas interwebs...I can't wait to move to Japan - Land of the rising Geek!

So freakin sweet!!!!! and Second =/

@ 1-6 bunch of retarded firstarded idiots

I wan t a MGS4 Raiden Balaclava.

@7 your just upset you dont win but its ok i forgive you....come ill give you a big hug

The Scorpion mask would be awesome, especially for someone who has a Mortal Kombat tattoo on their back.......... just sayin


ELEVENTH! Cop that pricks!

BTW, is anybody else that frequents this site Australian? I'm trying to petition for an Aussie edition of Geekologie but it's not going to happen is it?....


Took the words right out of my mouth.

I think it will be less than a year before seeing security camera footage from numerous liquor store holdups on TV pulled off by the likes of scorpion, darth maul or..... goofy?

Minnesota approves! Seriously, need these right now.....

Modern Warfare II = win
Wearing green balaclava with retro Kelly green Eagles jersey to game = bigger win

@16 GO BIRDS!!!!!!!
Fly Eagles Fly...... just sayin

Awsome....I want one of the Red skulls and the Darth maul.... I wonder if its too late to add this to my X-Mas wish list????

Those are the coolest f-ing balaclava I have ever seen. I totally want the Darth Maul one <3 :L

@17 Right on!

Correction GW. I just ordered one, they are 21 pounds, which equates to (after shipping) $31 bucks.

I cant wait. I pray they dont run out of these, once word gets out someone's selling these things all hell's going to break loose.

These suck more than I do!

Finished Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on all but Vet I need one so I can be Ghost! LOL!!

@20 Do you live in the Philly area too?

Yep. But that's all I can give you, the Feds are still looking for me after my comments on Miley Cyrus on Fish's page

@24 I hear ya. I myself was born & raised in Delco.... just sayin

What the #!%#!% is a "BALACLAVA"?
who needs a damn ninja hood?

If he's rippin off the game, couldnt he at least have made a skully in the default color?

bowser lol

We have new white balaclava, White tiger Bone colour. Skullys are cool. G@ballys

we love it, come visit for lastest designs, thanks you guys G@ballys

hey saw these an they are awesome im ordering the scorpion one right now lol
any way i figured since its kinda relevant and i love this site i would throw up my psn name and clan website
psn name= BL3SSING_12
site is

I'm getting a white one for snowboarding. I can't wait for the new designs to come out. soooooo getting a scorpion, bowser, and darth maul.....possibly the joker one but, don't want to be TO mainstream.

YO yo yo ive just got my White Skully through and it is SSSSSIIIIICCCCCCKKKK!!!!!! Shame to anyone who slept on this, i heard the guys are starting to run out so im glad i got mine quick! Quality is DOPE allot better then what i thought, gonna try and get the red ghost and the scorpion before they sell out. WOOOOOOOOOOH people gonna get terrorized lololol check the new site man, fully upmarket with same price Ballys, very cool. like the new material, working well, new ballys soon, cant wait. Check some of the gallery photos on face book, sweet

these baclavas are absolute shit, the one I have has a distorted and oversized skull that isn't even printed straight up and down. The material is nothing like what is shown either.

how long does it take for them to arrive?

Hi thought i would give my view on these, cause im seeing so much upu and down comments just confusing?

Ive been looking for the "Ghost Mask" since the night i saw it. All the ones I found looked terrible, design and quality. I ordered a blue and white from the Ballys site after seeing it advertised on here. I placed my order on a monday night and the next morning the company contacted me saying they had sold out of the blue, so would I like a different colour or wait for the blue to be restocked, so I decided to wait for the blue. I recived my two Ballys on the Friday! So there wasn't anytime waiting?

Quality is great design is amazing, like other people have said its better then ghost in the game. And if anyone wants to know about the quality it might help[ to know i work for London Metropolitan policve and i am currently using it for work,and it is better then the Balaclavas provided to us.

Hope this helps

Have you seen new tees from the ballys guys, has anyone got one yet? Do they look as friggin cool as the pictures....please help me.

Check out these new tees, keep forgetting web page

These suck more than I do!..


Which idiot was it that said that he went snowboarding using this thing?? The material is not like the material shown in the picture. Its crappy light t-shirt material. What a waste of money.

15 euro for it and there's doubts about the quality? 6 euro shipping for something basically the size of a handkerchief? For a total of 21 euro? This isn't appealig at all.

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