Dec 16 2009Looks Cold: LEGO Star Wars On Hoth


This is a little gallery of LEGO Star Wars scenes on the planet Hoth created by skilled LEGO player-wither (this word wizardry is getting out of control!) Avanaut. And allegedly there was no Photoshoppery involved either. So I can only assume Avanaut knows a little bit about magic himself. Just imagine if we combined our powers! We could, uh, shit I got nothing.

Hit the jump for two more and another link to Avanaut's Flickr page with even more of the impressive action.



Avanaut's Flickr
On the frigid plains of Hoth [brickbrothers]

Thanks to Adam, mrHiggins, smithy and Stacie, who all claim roasted tauntaun tastes like chicken. I think its too gamey.

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Reader Comments

It's more star wars than lego, not bad

Watch out, this could be construed as an attempt to wrest the starwars art monopoly from Drew...

I love the guy throwing a snow ball......... just sayin

Star Wars SUCKS. Averything related to STAR WARS, well it SUCKS.


Legos are cool

Now thats a well done Lego/Starwars shot! Were are the Wookie Lego figures?

well since they've whored out the franchise enough already i would love to see the trilogy done in lego, hell i'd help animate and shit

gets bitchslapped

don't tell me you don't wanna see that in lego

Dan SUCKS. Averything related to Dan, well it SUCKS.

Dan SUCKS. Really.

Star Wars Legos are cool

@7 SUCKS. Averything related to @7, well it SUCKS.

@7 SUCKS. Really.

Star Wars Legos are cool

Hey, GW:,0,4239164.story

Kokomo, Indiana's Christmas courthouse display has a dinosaur and the Loch Ness monster.

anyone else ever noice how snowtroopers kinda look like those asshole kkk assholes, i didn't even notice til my gf mentioned it....just sayin

"Sucks" SUCKS. Averything related to "Sucks", well it SUCKS.

"Sucks" SUCKS. Really.

Star Wars Legos are cool


You know that the Emperor was extremely racist and speciesist right?

@10 can i be your girlfriend?...just sayin where's lukes taun-taun? i think that thing is so cute!

Net memes SUCKS. Averything related to net memes, well it SUCKS.

net memes SUCKS. Really.

Star Wars Legos are cool

burn the droid with fire = receive bacon

Hey, this is easy... I did this as a kid with my star wars figures, just stick'em in the freezer! Just don't let Mom catch you with damn door open all the time. ;-)

Ahhh....Star Wars Legos, I not sure why it is, but this never gets least for me.

the best thing to do with lego is to put some in water in the freezer..
Lego icecubes!!
Then when you have you baileys and ice you can get that *pew pew* satisfaction after.. Just sayin

Dude if you guys don't know, he creates this effect by butting the legos in a tank of water the sprinkles the powder. Sources:other site but geekologie still pwns!!

that looks cold.... Hoth cold.


Anyway, nice job to the guy who made this. It's kick ass.

burn r2! burn!

@ 23
that unit is clearly not R2-D2, has red trim

also R2 is basically the hero of the entire fucking saga!!! don't hate


He didn't say it was R2D2. He merely said it was an R2 unit.
The red one is R2M5
You should probably say sorry to graf zepplin.


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