Dec 14 2009Iffy: A 'How To Talk To Women' XBox Game


Apparently there's a downloadable XBox game that's supposed to teach you how to talk to girls. Which -- so let me get this straight: playing a video learn how to talk to girls. Folks, you better put your foil helmets on, the universe is imploding.

"Are you nervous talking to girls? All you need is practice," I kid you not, is the tag line for a downloadable Xbox 360 game called Don't Be Nervous Talking 2 Girls.

The 80 point ($1) indie game is one part dating sim and tries to be one part edutainment. Don't Be Nervous Talking 2 Girls takes it self surprisingly seriously for such a silly title.

Now wait just a minute -- are we talking TO girls or are we talking TWO girls. Because those are two completely different things. One of which might actually be worth $1. Psyyyyyyche! What is this, a value menu?!

Xbox 360 Game Wants To Help You Talk To Women [siliconera]

Thanks to Jackie Jormp Jomp, who doesn't need an XBox game to talk to the other sex because the Wii port is better.

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Reader Comments

or guys could just be social in a "normal" way other than playing games to get women...just sayin

no#2 60$ for that?

Hmm, you better set your status to 'Offline' so your friends don't see you playing this game...

@2 it's like $1 on the xbox live indie games.

It would be worth the $1 if she took her cloths off...
just sayin.

A: That is one tall rollercoaster.
B: Is that period blood I smell?

is chloroform in this game?

finally a game for me!

Old!!!!! I already bought that game, went to a park, waited for a chick, she mentioned something about the cops, next thing you know we're in the back of my car with me crying after some sex! Damn mace.

Why do boobs always look so damn good in sweaters? It's not fair

Hiding my boner under the desk,

PS Go to my site if you wanna learn to talk to girls.

Shit, for years I've been using "Greetings from planet Earth" on girls and NOW I find out that the correct intro is "That is one tall rollercoaster". This would have saved me many trips to the police station.

@9: I figured the mace would only be available in the Wii version.

@13 Actually it was a package deal came with a mace add-on along with J.Lo's "Enough" movie-branded boxing gloves add-on.

Don't Be Nervous Taking 2 Girls

(with one cup)

I find dressing up as a girl and talking to the mirror is good practice.

It's also a good way to practice kissing.

@16 Man-boobs help the over-all experience, (but don't cop a feel right away, you might get slapped.)

@ 18

Seriously dude........knock it off.

Is there anypart in the game that you can get lucky? Because the shadow girl on the right side is really nipping out........

Maybe it could even help Chris-Chan.

heyyy women see dink ?

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