Dec 31 2009Heartwarming: Super Mario Spec Commercial

You ever cried watching a Mario commercial? You might after this one. No reason to be ashamed, I did the same thing. Now, let's hold hands and talk about it. KIDDING, CRYBABY, I'VE NEVER CRIED DURING A COMMERCIAL!

Incredibly Uplifting Fan-Made Mario Ad [collegehumor]

Thanks to Stephen, who's man enough to admit he cried his eyes out and then poked them back in with a stick.

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Mario sucks

@2 in your moms boobs

@2 PWNED by @3

I would have accepted this vid but its from college humor...WTF is humorous about this?


The stars tell the real story... look closer.

This didn't make me cry. Too busy raging over how they left out SMB2.

sigur ros: great band or greatest band?

I am appalled at their lack of the best Mario game ever: DOKI DOKI PANIC!

That MF totally skipped Super Mario bros. 2!


@7 maybe greatest band. I'm leaning that way.

I was good with this until they associated them with Mario Sunshine and Galaxy, both of which I kind of hated a lot.

It was a great video, but I don't really get the point...

And yeah. SMB2 sucked. Just sayin'.

Every time I see Mario related subjects, I can only think of one thing...
Princess peach bent over a mushroom with her dress over her head, with me one up-ing her till coins bust out of her mouth.

In all seriousness, cool vid. (=

.... i will now play every mario game that doesn't include the racing/sport related ones... and fuck luigi's mansion

-sniff- someone pass me a tissue! and i don't mean a paper tissue

what, no Mario RPG? filed under lame.

Mario... Fucking YAWN. Wish that stupid little ass hat would die off already. Its too old, same old shit repackaged.

Anything is amazing when you use Sigur Ros music in it. >_<!

@15 it focused on the mainstream platforming games

and that was incredible, i really liked the cuts between games



Wow. I really didn't think I would cry, but about halfway in I started feeling goosebumps. then they got worse, and I felt my eyes watering up, and by the end... man, I didn't cry, but I came closer than I ever thought I would.


What happened to paper mario? Or mario cart?
Screw it. I hate mario anyway; that little italian fuck.

holy debbie downer, batman, this song was used during a slideshow at a friend of mine's funeral. i hope that's a good excuse for crying.

nathan needs to know what song this is

This is Hoppipolla Nathan. It apparently translates to "jumping in puddles." The video is adorable and I recommend watching it.

Hi Guy's,
i will now play every mario game that doesn't include the racing/sport related ones

Whether the maker of the video intended to only include mainstream Mario games or not, it is stupid to show a graphic progression of Mario without including the best ones. I was excited at the beginning to hear Sigur Ros, and expected to be taken on a nostalgia trip. Instead it started strong then skipped all the good games. Where was Mario Bros 2? Or Mario RPG or Paper Mario? What about Mario Kart? All of these games introduced the fat little bastard in a new graphical way. Diagnosis: bad babysitting.

SMB2 isn't a Mario game, it's a facelift of a totally unrelated game. Look it up. I was hoping they'd end up at New Super Mario Bros Wii as I feel it's a fantastic successor to SMB3 and SMW but they focused on Galaxy, which I hated. Pretty sweet video overall, though.

that was actually kinda sad sounding. i felt like i was at Mario's funeral and that was his eulogy. however, the video creator could have included more mario games, and not just Mario Galaxy as the main theme. SMB2, SMB3(favorite), Mario Kart, im not sure if it was in there, but SM sunshine. MARIO FREAKIN RPG! good video, but it could use some polish and shine.

@27 SMB wii is a great game. unfortunately, its also a great game that causes lots and lots of fighitng and yelling with you spouse. "bitch! quit knockin me down the freakin holes!!!"

Awesome work! If I had to offer some creative criticism, I'd wonder about the omission of SMB2 and Super Mario RPG.

yeah this is actually more of an advert for sigur ros than for mario, and only those in the know understand that.


i love it but they missed so many games like mario's time machine, paper mario, new super mario bros, super mario land but they got all the big ones i guess thats what they were doin

Hoppípolla is a song suitable for crying, Mario has nothing to do with it.

Honestly if you attach Hoppipola to anything it becomes "Uplifting"

pretty much showed all the main mario games. all the other ones are just side games.

Father - December 31, 2009 3:09 PM : This didn't make me cry. Too busy raging over how they left out SMB2.

#cosign on that. :( except I did cry... a little bit.

This was a sweet homage to the actual Mario *GAMES* Kart was a racing game, 2 was not a true Mario game, and Paper Mario wouldn't really have fit with the imagery. I also wish they would have added a bit of the new SMB Wii towards the end instead of using so many Galaxy clips. I've got nothing against Galaxy, just gave me a headache after a while playing it. :D

I have chills building up in quantity and the feeling is like electricity running through my body.

Thanks for not crediting Sigur Ròs, whose song is used in the video.

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