Dec 23 200910th Anniversary Spongebob Crash Helmet


To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of everybody's favorite anthropomorphic stoned sponge, Rube Pavillon is released 200 of these limited-edition Spongebob Squarepants motorcycle helmets. Unfortunately for you poorer Spongebob fans, the helmets are selling for $1,200. Yes, apiece. So you'd be better off buying a blank helmet and having somebody airbrush that bucktoothed kitchen wipe on it for you. BOOM, just saved you $1,000! Also, I think this is more of a moped helmet than a motorcycle helmet, know what I'm saying? I'm saying it looks ridiculous.

Hit the jump for some closeups of a helmet you'll never buy.




SpongeBob Motorcycle Helmet Released in Celebration of SpongeBob SquarePant's 10th Anniversary [walyou]

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Reader Comments

yeah.... uhh...

no thanks

sorry but, any adult sporting one of these is looking to get punched by a packers fan

Excellent ! ça va faire un carton à Noël !
Perso je suis trop vieux, mais les plus jeunes vont adorés !

Gay people would even call this gay

Thats totally gay.

when will this ridiculous icon disappear

Homosexuals are sooooooo gay...... just sayin

This is so perfect for when I ride my bright pink Scooter dressed in daisy dukes and a florescent orange tube top...... GAY!

@7 No there not.... There homo's..... GAy people are Gay.... Jeesh!

My dad took me riding on his harley a few months ago and we were in a 'pack';I didn't own any harley gear so I went out on a limb and wore my hello kitty shirt... This would have been way better.

That was the BEST episode ever.

Long live the robots

Is released?

The helmet will go great with the safety vests

Soooo...Did anybody else notice that it will look like your face will be coming out of Spongebobs ass?

Won't work GW! It doesn't have a full face shield to protect me when the other bikers punch me in the face.

$1200?? F*CK YOU ASSHATS! (not geekologie)
I want one.
I will sell my siblings for it. Or my kidney. But probably just siblings.

it's pointless, if you buy it it could only mean you have already had massive brain damage, better just ride around without a helmet and hope to off yourself under a semi. just sayinsss....

Where's the Patrick helmet? But seriously $1,200 dollars? I'll just keep the one I made out of cardboard and couch pillows......

this helmet will even make retards look actually retarded.

Why isn't this helmet square? I think that ruins the whole effect...

I'm sorry but this looks like something a downie would wear to eat his cereal. I mean those corn flakes have sharp edges yunno.

im gay...

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