Nov 5 2009WTF Was That?: The Lateset Android Ad

Just as I suspected, Motorola's new Droid phone (which drops tomorrow) is at the middle of a U.S. government conspiracy to wipe out the American midwest. Why the government would want to do this is beyond me, but if I had to guess it has something to do with farm subsidies. I'm on to you, the man!


Thanks to Marc, Blitz and Tiny Jim, who have all ridden in stealth bombers but they can't talk about it because if they did they'd have to stealth kill you like a ninja.

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you can't say they aren't confident...

Typo in the blog title........

typo in your face

Wow the invasion of ridiculy-high phone bills, again

I love how you post the commercial as 'geeky' but I would be willing to bet Verizon had something to do with this spot making the page... it's all about the money.

Fake! Theres no black people in the midwest.

So, they're giving the phones to backwater hicks who won't know how to use them? Is that my understanding here?

@ 8

Guess you have never been to Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison, Milwakee, Detroit, ect, ect.

@ 6, 7, 8

You guys work for AT&T don't you?

Saw this last night. Ridiculous. Seems like they're trying to capitalize on the popularity of the new Halo game Halo: ODST (where troppers 'drop' into battle in pods similar to those that had the phone in them in this ad).

WTF? They didn't hit a damn thing. Stupid smart bombs!

These phones give me such a chick boner.


LSDiesel reads Twilight.

what a pussy.

Where is Nokia's AA battery?

@15, You are what you eat, dick

Almost every review deems it as a not so great phone, or the "second best smart phone on the market, next to the iPhone". Sad day. I was hoping for more from the Android OS.


LSDiesel, nice comeback. Haven't heard that one since I was 11. Always nice to reminisce on unoriginality.

Twihard wimp.

gay.... cell phones have failed since they were invented

they totally ripped off halo, especially with the sound at the end. why cant a phone just be a phone?

LOL, no one wants to buy it so they have to give it away.

Maybe they want to give the impression that their phone bombed.

now if i saw this thing falling out of the sky thoughts would be (in this order)
2:alien invasion
4:alien baby

uh i think it's called "droid," not to be confused with goog's mobile operating system "android."

any why did you put an advertisement for a blog post? what made you pic this SHITTY ad over any of the other EQUALLY shitty ones?

This would actually make for a pretty good ad for an alien movie... What a waste

i'm not 100% sure but I think they stole the load/unload unit sound from Starcraft

This looks like they are aiming for the same blue-collar sector that uses those nutty Nextells.

What in the world is that? Why's it so clunky? Why is it so heavy? Why's it pause every few minutes for garbage collection? Why is the battery life so short? Why is it so expensive? Why are there only 1+ million active Android phones? Why, if Java mobile games suck, did someone think writing the entire phone stack in Java was brilliant?

Yeah... we're all aware that's what they were going for. Thanks for pointing that out. You're a champ. Keep trying, maybe tomorrow will be better.

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