Nov 27 2009Why It Takes Link So Long To Save Zelda

Ever wonder why it takes Link so damn long to save Princess Zelda and free Hyrule from the evil clutches of Ganondong? This is videographic evidence why. Geez, EYES ON THE PRIZE, LINK, EYES ON THE PRIZE. I'm talking about Zelda's panties. (I'll buy a pair off you)

The Legend of Link's Distractions [collegehumor]

Thanks to Linda, The Geekologies Writer lover, Niki, Colby, well thats nice and JGD, who haven't saved any princesses but have rescued kittens stuck in trees WHICH IS EQUAL AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED.

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Reader Comments

He wasn't fishing... he is gathering fairies1 XD

I still look up to him, I'm usually just distracted by porn and jerking off.

At first I laughed. Then I was like oh it keeps going. THen I was like oh it's just the same gag. Then I was like oh I have pumpkin pie still.

This video could be about WoW, too. Oh snap, I made a nerdy mmorpg reference.

The Geekologies Writer lover?!?!?!...I knew he was Gay!

@mensa: lolz! XD

P.D.: I was first and it is so funny 'cause the other guys allways kill themselves! XD

HAHAHAHA, that is AWSOME seriously how can you get better then that. Always wondered why there was no time limit in those games, and link is just a random wondering jerk-off.

Poor Zelda NOT!

Nope. Wrong.

Correct answer: the water temple.

@Hayley, or in the case of those first run glitchy cartridges Jabu Jabu's belly.

Damn Rota and her escapades!

PS: Just quietly, I always thought Sheik was kinda hot. It blew my mind when I found out Sheik was Zelda dressed as a boy. Somehow that didn't occur to me the first time I played the game. Androgyny ftw.

Also, every single Gerudo. Damn.

Pfft, Zelda can pwn Ganondoof, I've seen it. SUPER SMASH BROS FTW

um... did he misspell "ganondorf"?

omg zelda got raped lol

I always knew Link had ADHD!

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