Nov 12 2009I'd Eat Them Both!: Pac-Man Can Art


Ever wonder what Pac-Man eating a ghost would look like constructed out of a shitload of tuna cans? Well now you do. The internet: it's magic, folks. These shots were taken at Canstruction, an annual food-and-drink can stacking event that I can't even believe exists. If there's a damn Canstruction you can bet your bottom diaper there should be a Geekologie-con. Somebody get on that. Somebody, anybody. Not me. And bring snacks booze. Wait, snacks too. Oh, AND YOU BETTER HAVE GOOD ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS. Kidding, anybody will do.

Hit the jump for two more.



Can You Make Pacman Can Art? [walyou]

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Reader Comments

Sweeet :]

my younger brother is hung like a tuna can

his girlfriend told me

me? im hung like a sweater in a cedar wardrobe

oh yeah well I'm hung like a hamster, I'm as fat as a whale. people ask if i farted each time i exhale. but all the ladies love me, the old and the young...because i was blessed with a 13 inch tounge

"Ever wonder what Pac-Man eating a ghost would look like constructed out of a shitload of tuna cans? Well now you do."

-Now, I wonder?


For Geekologie-con, we can shoot daisy and some of the tards out of a cannon without a net, bbq Mr. Cow, etc. That'll be fun.

@7: Shut up! It is not your turn to talk! Daisy is dead, long live Daisy.

@7 - What, do you have the conch or something? I do miss Daisy, though. I also wonder whether the canstruction convention smelled like tuna, and whether everyone who entered was a crazy cat lady.

this reminds me...geekologie-con, this saturday, behind my shed...lube will NOT be provided.

@ 10

You ALWAYS make be bring my own. Some host YOU are!

Tuna can stacking? rule 34. GO.

Simply amazing.

Im sorry. But that is so unbeleivably cool. i want 1!

i once did E's with pac man woke up with a blue dick and him staring at it .... do not want

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