Nov 18 2009I Like: Geekologie Reader's Mario Animation

This is a 'Pulp Fiction' styled Mario animation that Geekologie Reader Jeremie made. It is most impressive and has restored my faith in Geekologie Readers. For awhile there I was worried you were just a bunch of no-talent FIRST!ing ass-hats. So yeah -- thanks Jeremie, I needed that. *removes laser blaster from mouth*


Thanks to Jeremie, whose starcoin-purse is the one that says 'bad mother f***er' on it.

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Reader Comments


ah! nice :)

lol bad ass monster sound effects

nice mash-up, well done

i like the Counterstrike pistol samples :)


How dare you group the regulars in with First!ers. I am shocked and appalled, and a little turned on.

Nice work Jeremie!

shoulda set bowser on fire by flicking the cigarette on him. how do you miss that? way more bad ass.

i think that mike has the right idea...just sayin

Dig it. It's like Mario all hopped up on an eight-ball of blow & Tarantino.

He should of eaten some mushrooms and then danced ;D

i love me some geek-lol-ogie in the morning.


Still not as good as The People's Mario...

BEHOLD MY CREATION oh wait the GW didnt post it up!
you bastard.......


This is very old. GW, you've been failing a LOT lately. Get your shit together.

@14 Yop, soviet Mario is badass, but this is still a very well done piece of cake. Love it...

@17 I was waiting for someone to realize this is an old video.

@19 - Yeah, I saw this a long time ago on Newgrounds. It was better there, too. Much higher quality and it didn't have that stupid fuzzy border.

sweet! thanks to everyone who liked it. made my day, this animation is pretty old tho...ill have to do a new one soooon


The game would be so slow if you actually took that long to kill things xD And fuck toad, why would you bother going to that castle then >_>

Kickass & Righteous.

@9 Agreed.

@ 19 & 20

OLD!! You lame ass comments of calling "OLD" are, ironically, old. Please donate your money to charity and kill yourself.

I asshat you in face. With my...
.wait for it....

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