Nov 24 2009Good Times: Joe Biden Jr. Buys Call Of Duty


I thought this was pretty funny. And no, that's not really one of Biden's sons -- that he knows about. Mostly I just posted it so I could take this time to brag about never having to buy a strategy guide thanks to my L337 gaming skeels. Sure I may have peaked at an online walk-through to get past the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, but who didn't, amirite? Whaaaaaat? LIES YOUR FACE LIES!

Biden Jr. [comixed]

Thanks to Nathan, who once wrote a strategy guide on being awesome but I went back in time and stole it as soon as he was finished. The rest is history.

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wow that guy is a fag strategy guides cant help you pwn people only mad skills can allow you to do that...just sayin
P.S Obama is Fu*king up

Seriously LoL'd.
I'm not even a fan of Obama and Biden and I got a serious chuckle out of it.
Video games supersede politics :)

@1 Nu-uh! Obama is doing great... at sucking! ZING!

hah funny yes, one of Biden's sons "looks pretty close to me ehy" (Canadain guy from beer fest)

P.S. @1 Obama is a fuck up with the gift of gab....who else could do the assbackward shit that he has done....ohh yeah Marx and Hitler

word. water temple is a bitch.

@2: how does your obama fan-ship pertain to whether you find this post funny. what, you can only laugh at jokes about politicians who you support? you're an idiot.

@5 well that's a bit extreme...just sayin

@1 You overlooked that it's not even the PC version. There is no amount of "mad skills" in an auto-aimed FPS that you play only with your thumbs.

Duuuude.. Water Temple suuuucked.

@8 0\"_"/O?!???!?!??*%$&@...just sayin

Obama's ah-ight. He's not satan. He's not hope. He's stability.

It's a FPS. If you can't figure out the strategy on your own, then you are as retarded as that guy.

I've only played the snowmobile race, and I have to say, this game has a military advisor. That's ridiculous. It's like the advisor just make crap up in practice for his new james bond novel that he's writing. And can a nuclear blast really damage a satellite that far away? Just doubtin.

nathan says, "I, nathan, was mentioned. whos the best? nathan."

DUDE! i so had to peek at a guide for the water temple and I was so proud i didn't need one up to that point or after.... i swore when i started the game i wouldn't use one BUT THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY :(

i am ashamed


I'm glad that this series of games is turning into pure, absolute fiction. Like, COD MW was feasable, but a water temple?

I remember my brother had the Mortal Kombat 2 strategy guide.

And that book was AWESOME! Mortal Kombat was the first game to have all kinds of awesome secrets/easter eggs, and that book showed 'em all.

Never had the patience to get the pong game though..

I'm glad that this series of games is turning into pure, absolute fiction. Like, COD MW was feasable, but a water temple?

rad to the power of me is an idiot. Cabbo shows something usually lacking in general, let alone these message boards: common sense. Just sayin'.

@8 Yup... because free-aiming with a mouse, when you sit 10" away from your screen, is MUCH harder than playing on a console.

I actually beat the water temple without a guide, :P So I am better then the GW

I gotz teh mad skillz 4 Minesweeper -- but only after studying the strategy guide.

Once you see my sweet movez ur gonna stay amazed.
My fingerz movin so fast I set the place ablaze.

Seriously, you all need a guide? Maybe for something like final fantasy to make sure you get everthing, but on COD?

I wish I could try it out to see how hard it is, but the version I got is in german. And I can't change the language. I wept.

Ocarina of Time Water Temple fo sho, I'm workin my way through there right now.

water temple was a c*nt amirite ?

water was a bitch, hard puzzles, confusing layout and dark link? Dark link was absolutely the freakiest thing on n64. Still gives me nightmares.

the water temple - or, the make-you-start-over temple


ooohhhh GODDDDD, *whisper* ..water temple...

I don't understand the need people have to criticize the president. Actually, I do. There needs to be a person to blame for how bad their lives suck. He's the man in charge, but he doesn't control shit. He hasn't even changed anything fundamentally yet. Yes a president can fuck up bad.. but when they fuck up it more effects other countries. The banks and housing is what is to blame for the economy. I don't even blame bush for it, even though he's a bumbling idiot.

Of course everyone has. How the hell are you supposed to know about the cavern in the pillar UNDER the block?
I've played that game at least 5 times and I always get stuck on that one part.

I'd also like to point out that the Sim 3 has a strategy guide. THE SIMS 3!

I thought the only strategy to playing the Sims was to name your character after yourself and make him have sex with as many Sim ladies as possible.


I totally peeked during the water temple on Ocarina of Time too.

That shit was hard!

I felt dirty afterwards. I almost reset the game to punish myself.

OBAMA i love you i need a strategy guide t find my balls beneth my massive shlong of doom trust me dude it's deadly ask OJ

My father in law did that water level with no blue tunic. The dude took days off from work, but he did it.

I wonder if this guy is in the military or if he just dressed up to go and buy the game? Oh yea and the strategy guide.

I'll admit... I used a strategy guide through Ocarina of time, but only bc I wanted to do EVERY sidequest...


LMAO god that was a good laugh...

T don't remember using a guide, but i had my older bros help so its kinda the same thing. That sand temple is the one i remember having trouble with but that boss fight was fun as hell!


but anygay, MW2 does an awful lot of hand holding, in fact theres not one moment where the damn game isn't telling what to do or where to go

anyone needing a guide for it loses gamer points fo sho

" MW2 does an awful lot of hand holding, in fact theres not one moment where the damn game isn't telling what to do or where to go

anyone needing a guide for it loses gamer points fo sho"

Those were my thoughts too....

Hooray Obama....Firearms salesman of the year!

goddamn water temple. I did everything myself up to one point where there was nothing I could do, get the strategy guide jsut to find out i ave to stand in one perfect F*$%ing spot to time warp where I need to go, that was like 2 weeks of my life wasted while i refused to read teh guide


.....what's a water temple? has it got something to do with jew fish?

The word is "peeked" GW. It's peeked.

COD has two advisors, the military guy for the military stuff, and then these references for the rest of Modern Warfare 2:
JAMES BOND (Tomorrow never dies)

and you can basically check off any WWII movie for all of the first games. They do pretty well at basing they're ideas on other movies.

As for Obama f*cking up, I think it's pretty great how people leaning right have turned around all the things that were true about Bush and pointed those claims toward Obama. And how those people either have a huge profit riding on those opinions or they don't know what they're talking about.

Obama didn't mess up the economy, we did. Our national deficit comes from outside borrowing, a rampaging military industrial complex, and two wars (by the time I finish writing this will have cost over $935,750,000, that's 935 Billion dollars). And our borrowing debt with interest, proportionate to our gross domestic product, is actually lower than most European countries. It's a mess, but we won't blame you, you banked locally. They're trying to pay more of the interest now by raising taxes mostly on the upper middle class (+$150,000/Year)
so that our kids won't die later, but you just see the numbers and 'National Debt' and want to Impeach Obama.

Just remember next time you want to kill those brown people on the other side of the planet how much education and infrastructure all of those Strykers, new uniform patterns for every branch,Tomahawks, Predators, Reapers and Global Hawks could have purchased, if you want to be conservative about where your taxes are spent.

Don't be calling other people F*ckups.

well i guess dare bear just put us in our place huh?, what a rant!, what passion! what guile! what the Fu*k am i saying! its not that Obama isnt doing a good job its just that he isnt doing his job at all, it seems he is mre interested in being a celeb than he is being a prez...just sayin
(P.S.) i voted for the guy

Yeah I feel like that too sometimes.

Don't you have better stuff to be doing ALL the time than taping a thing for Colbert Report?


Fuck Obama <<<<for the best clan ever

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