Nov 11 2009Don't Touch My String Cheese!: Fridge Locker


The Fridge Locker is a little lockbox that you put in the fridge to keep your broke-ass roommate from eating all your string cheese and pudding packs. I need one. No, make that two. I have lots of pudding and I like it cooooold.

The metal combination lock keeps your food safe from "Refrig-A Raiders" (poor joke courtesy of the manufacturer). It measures 7.5" wide, 7.5" tall and 11" deep. At $20, it could easily pay for itself with all of the food it keeps safe. Granted, your roommate will not take kindly to seeing this. Purchase and install at your own risk.

Knowing my roommate, that bastard would probably pull this thing out and set it on the radiator just to spoil all my food and spite me. Yeah, he's a jerk. He's also my alter ego. Shut up! NO YOU SHUT UP! Let me type the last sentence. No, you type too slow. Ow he's biting my fingers! I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE CROTCH!!

Fridge Locker Keeps Your Food Safe [ohgizmo]

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No no no...I'm pretty sure that's a baby safe


@2, You're sick. Just sick.
Imagine getting sent to school with one of these as a child. No no no, not my uncle. The food locker. Sickos.

I'm soooooo buying one! My damn co-workers are a bunch of lunch snatchers!

I think you could still steal string cheesessesses from that.

I would stab a spoon between the slats and straight through the top of that yogurt and eat it. No cage will prevent Raptor Jesus from having his snack. RRRRRAWRRRRR I hate yogurt raaaaaaaaawrwrwrwrrrr.

They just have to eat your food with a straw. =p

aahahahaha!!! that's priceless, especially considering some of us lovely geeks have a shared office fridge with other folks with sticky fingers.

There is a hilarious video of a kid with OCD having his fridge messed with at uni

Oh, c'mon, it's plastic. If someone was willing to steal food out of the fridge, what makes you think they won't crack the plastic slats too?

Where the freak was that when I was in college and then later shared an apartment?!

We could use these at work, only made with hard metal. There was actually someone who opened their lunch bag, only to discover that someone had zipped the bag open, took out the sandwich, unwrapped it & took a bite, then wrapped it back up & sealed everything again.

If you are going to do all of that, why not just take the damn sandwich? I keep saying people should lace their foods with something that'll keep the food thieves in the bathroom for hours on end.

I think this fridge locker would stop most food theives but not all of them, if they still presist you could always put x-lax in your food and wait for them to steal it, then see who's running for the bathroom.

If you roomate is stealing you food (or just not paying for his fair share), then it's time to get a new roomate....

I agree with Octupus, it should be like titanium or something, plastic can still be broken into . But on the other hand, if it becomes so serious that you break through a lock to get food, you need some serious help.

Just rub your penis on the food. If someone eats your food, THEN let them know it was rubbed up against Mr. Happy.... but it is the last food item they take from you.

And if people keep stealing your food.... see if they steal your 'laxative laced chocolate brownies'.... you'll find the culprit.... shitting their brains out!

This is the end of

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