Nov 10 2009Handsome: Geekologie-Loving Dino-Shirt Boy


This handsome little devil loves both dinosaurs AND Geekologie. You smell that? Smells like a winner at life! Sure you may argue children under the age of 35 shouldn't be reading this website, but I actually recommend a healthy dose of prenatal Geekologie. See where I'm going with this? If you answered, "straight to the OBGYN to try to have sex with pregnant chicks", you don't. Plus you're sick.


Thanks to Sean, who has lady-killer written all over him, which you could see if he didn't have such a sweet dino shirt on.

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Reader Comments

hehe, yes cute

I can see Closet Nerd doing a whole gallery of geekologie kids in the near future, just sayin

My kids like Geekologie for the beer and the bitches!

@2 good call. I just had an idea for an awesome Halloween costume next year.... I'll dress up like a giant gorilla, and dress my son up like a bananna!

@4 you should be donkey kong, he can be DK jr & STOMPY can be the banana

@5 Good Call.... maybe I can have my wife dress up like Princess Peach, and our daughter dress up like a mushroom... mmmmm (magic) mushrooms.....
Speaking of mushrooms, did you hear about this story?

Cool kid, cool shirt, cool sign...the COOLEST expression (that of - "Hurry up, Dad, I'm just about to hit level 22 killin nazi zombies with my friends on the 360, and I want to check the mystery box to see if I can get the lazer before the next wave hits!!!")

Ok, ok...that's probably just me projecting my own typical expression upon others again, but hey...what's wrong with being self-centered??? I don't see any problem with it, and who cares what other people think?!!

@6 I haven't heard that until your post, no. What humors me after reading that, is how and/or why people end up naked in public so often while under the influence of psychedelics... For as many times as I've 'gone places' I've never felt the urge to strip, chase cars or trains planes & automobiles, be naked around ppl or think I could fly

That has to be the umteenth story I've read about someone losing it (naked) somewhere while tripping. Madness.... Thanks for sharing Closet Nerd and as always, be careful when handling electric fruit

RAWR! *(RAWR means I have a dinosaur shirt and surf Geekologie in Dinosaur)

I've always wanted to go skiing dressed as a gorilla while I chase someone else dressed as a giant banana...


Never, NEVER??? Or just while under the influence of psychedelics?

But pregnant chicks have those nice big juggs full of milk! Plus they like it doggy style.

@11 okay sometimes, but only in graveyards or traffic court

We should probably stop talking about being naked under the influence seeing this kid is probably reading the comments about his post to geekologie



Yeah, most likely. Think his folks would probably just show him that his pic is on the interwebz least I hope so, especially after 12's post.

@13 I wonder if this conversation would motivate (or deter) the kid from eating mushrooms on his pizza?

I'd LOVE to get my hands on some boomers for the Phish concert later this month!!!

Throughout the night
When there's no direct light
And a thin veil of clouds
Keeps the stars out of sight

I can smell the colors
Outside on my lawn
The moist green organic
That my feet tread upon

And the black oleander
Surrounded by blues
I'm soon overwhelmed
By olfactory hues

I don't know much about computas other than my dad has one and he put some games on it and....


GI Joe parody time


yeah its unfortunate though that he will grow up and become a total dino perv just like GW and end up being violated in the backside by a raptor or i guess a rapetor

Shoo-in for the next administrator of

Sean says thank you... If it wern't for Geekologie & his obsession with Dinosaurs... I wouldn't have bought this shirt for him. When we saw it browsing geekologie, he just thought it was the coolest shirt ever made.

Thank you Geekologie!

that's cute

Posting your kids picture and first and last name online...

Protecting your kid....UR Doin' it Wrong...

maybe you should reduce the number of penis jokes if you have kids reading!

the worst part is that this guy was probably born in this century, and doesn't even know all the gaming references of the 80s and 90s!

Cool shirt give me your lunch money.

What about geekologie girls? I have a dinosaur shirt too, and i'm pretty l33t, if you ask me ;D (well maybe not that last part)

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