Nov 30 2009Come On, Admit It, I Know This Is One Of You


I know this is one of you. And you need to come forward and admit it. I want your legs! And your action figures.

Hit the jump for a shot of the original 'virginity' motivational poster.


Picture [motifake]

Thanks to Hayley, who totally runs raids with this kid even if she won't admit it.

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Reader Comments

Obviously your best post to date.

how'd you find that picture, i thought i burned it years ago

Who would let this picture be taken, then let it be put on a computer, where it was in turn uploaded to the internet and then shared by all?

PS: GW, you tip tainting a-hole.

Also, as a matter of fact, I totally do run raids with this guy. Last time he put aspect of the pack on mid-raid and stopped to loot the raptor claws.


lol Wow sucks

Is... it that a towel with a clothes peg on it?

What does virginity mean?

well i can tell you its not its not me i had a red towel as a cape.

That...that' perfect....
Man I looked good.

that's my mom you !#$hole!

@7 look in a mirror

really Bambi? ... really?


I expected more, man.

Just sayin.

haha this dude is awesome. If only that sexy elven cape would slip seductively from one shoulder...

@12 hey come on I'm hungover and still half alseep give me a break you cant expect to get best comments this early I told my girlfriend last night how much I loved her, and she said that I must have been out drinking again. I asked her why she would say that, and she said, 'Because I'm your father.

Before aerosmith, steven tyler was addicted to a game he said one day would rule internet gameplay of the future

...too bad '2008' is in there to throw the whole timeline idea off

Ehhhh, the sad thing is that the "nerdy lame a$$" population is large enough that this kid might actually get laid rather soon simple under the idea that there is some nerdy chick that likely is digging this, and one day will produce children as flawed and ugly as sin. YEAH!!!!!

Oh Russia you crazy.

@17 speaking from being an example i see...just sayin

I can only DREAM and WISH that was me.

aww come on, I heart WoW. i've seen better graphics and spending your time questing for a pail of water is pretty stupid, but overall it's more fun than, say, scrabble.

okay, enough geekologie for me today.

@19, kinda lacking on the 'clever' today aren't you? It's okay. No one really likes you anyway.

@22 yeah that's drinking for ya..anywhoo, you should go troll someone who actually takes offense to people they dont know.

Not gonna lie. I find the pasty, nerdy, towel-cape'd population pretty sexy.

That is LSDiesel

that f ing sweet towel cape.

I would have thought the reference to him remaining a virgin was more related to the fact that he appears not to have any junk. Those shorts pretty much go straight down there dont they? (Not that i was looking)

@23 Um no not speaking from example, just speaking from what I've seen.

But ta yeah you be the one trollin man so um yeaaaaah.

that was me.

just kidding i have boobs.
if i did that i'd be arrested for decent exposure.
cause i'm pretty decent.

.... to all the (female) virgins out there "Thanks for NOTHING!!!".... just sayin

is this really the first time you faggots have seen this picture?

you guys are all nerds, and i hate you


Well that big towel will help with the poopsocks clean up. Someone is thinking ahead.

is all i'm saying

mum is that you

In Mother Russia, ridiculous clothes-pegged bath-towel cape wears YOU!


Nice hair! Th quality of the picture and the hair style say 1970's, but the poster and the game say 2008. lol.....

he should get one of these

Um, we had this picture posted on our Guild site a couple years ago. Apparently it was tagged as one of our guild members. Thuronag of Moonrunner.

sexy as hell

Hayley's a bitch, dude...

Anyway, his hair is luxurious, that is an AWESOME towel-cape he's rockin, and I'm sure he'll sprout junk someday.


leave the little virgin alone, in his mind, he is the harry potter of warcraft...

wow that kid is awesome, i wish i was like him when i was young, seriously, all the ladies would die for him, he's so sexy.

I have to say he is going to bang some nerdy girl with giant junk someday and by the way, the people who were commenting on the whole nerd thing, Youre just jealous because he has a bigger penis than you do.


I Would love to punch this geek in the face. then head butt and close line his stupid teeth out.

Easy Chewie

THIS is probably the guy that pwns me when I play WoW. Gotta be good at something...making capes included.

Behold, The World Best WoW'er

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