Nov 21 2009Best Idea EVER: Cats For Gold


Trading in worthless gold for cats: 14K genius. Say -- can I see that ring?

Cats For Gold

Thanks to catsforgold, Seth, Alex and mary91, who, hey what happened to my necklace? Oh that's right I TURNED IT INTO CATS.

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Reader Comments

Hey gaiz,
that was pretty awesome. dont you think? ;)

You didnt say first. Im disappointed.

hahahaha i laughed because cats4gold instead of cash4gold haha....


i need a cock badly
i need to be fucked
i need to suck a dick
i want my ass touched and raped
i want all of this...
from a guy

Sooo, theoretically, I can melt my cat, reversing the process, and produce gold?!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wow that is just pointlessly awsome.


HOLY SHIT!!! CATS?!?! I for one am breaking in fort Knox immediately.

I always knew naas was gay. This confirms it.

cats are ace. they can give themselves a blow job

I got an annoying cat, Starsky, send me your gold and he's yours!!!!
He is more like a dog than a cat, and needs CONSTANT attention.
He'll come when you call his name, and he ALWAYS wants to snuggle.
If I wanted a 3rd child, I would of punched holes in my jimmy hat so I could 'bust off like a sprinkler'!!!

Now just look at what you @$$holes made naas go and do... just incredible..... . . .

lol naas kills kittens for sport

@5 god dammit! Would you please capitalize the letter I when using it to start a sentence?? I don't want to look like a stupid fucking teenager if you're going to impostor my gay fantasies when leaving comments anonymously here. It should look like this:

I need a cock badly
I need to be fucked
I need to suck a dick
I want my ass touched and raped
I want all of this...
from a guy

Capitalize the I's dumbass!

Great, as if cats weren't arrogant enough, now they'll see this and be all "solid gold, baby, can't touch this," and then go shed all over the clean laundry. @#$% cats.

Cats4Gold is really simple to use, you jus send them your gold in a prepaid enveloped insured for upto 17 cats, and they deliver your moggies straight to your door.
I traded in my pricless 22carrot gold family heirloom necklace valued at £2700.42 and in return i got 2 grouchy, flea ridden fur balls that scrathed my eyes out.
I've never been happier.
Plus if your not happy you can return the cats for a full refund (not available after initial trade)

It is true, you can turn gold into pussy. It's worked for me.

this is a total ripoff. they only sent me half of the cat the promised me!

I tried this and I will never try again. They sent me a dead cat and when I called they blamed it on the mailing service. I tried to tell them that the cat had tire treads all across it and they told me it was "the way it was born". Bunch of BS if you ask me....

@15 I kill kittens EVERY DAY.... sometimes twice a day.... just sayin

Who ever made this is a pure dumbass as the sign reads, it should be "Gold for Cats" as they are saying you get more cats for gold. "Cat for Gold" means the other way around where you get gold after you trade in your cats.

@23 its a parody of "Cash for Gold" where they give you cash for your gold here they say they give cats for gold hence the name

@23 dumbass

BEER4GOLD.COM is even better!

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