Oct 24 2009The Internet Moon Is A Series Of Tubes!


So apparently the moon might consist of a network of interconnected tubes, like Swiss cheese. OMG the astronauts are gonna eat it! AAAAAAAAAAH I'M SO JEALOUS!

Images have revealed a hole on the Moon's surface that is at least 260 feet deep and may lead to an underground tunnel more than 1,200 feet wide which is part of an entire network of such winding tubes.

Scientists are hoping for clearer shots from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, but the impression so far is that such a tunnel network could provide shelter for astronauts or potential future Moon colonists.

Two words: giant space worms. Shut up, the giant is silent! But only while he sleeps. Kidding, he's a snorer! I'm not insane, you're insane! Plus a jerk.

Newly Discovered Hole On Moon Leads To Network Of Tubes [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

i would eat that

That would it you

sooo... the idea to launch a satellite at the moon to find water could've been completely ignored if they just waited a couple of weeks later to find a big ass hole that was already there in the first place?

This is no cave.

FIRST to say that.

lol love the headline... wonder if gore knew that the moon had holes!

ENOUGH with the innuendo

The first thing that came to my mind was the space slug in The empire Strikes Back. I suspect I'm not the only one...


I think Chuck E Cheese has something to do with this. There used to be winding tubes under the stage where he performed in my town...man I miss that



Well I may be a jerk, a jerk with a huge penis HAI OH!!!

we should make a geekologie party were we'd have the moon as a snack!


earn swagbucks with me

looks like a cheese it

Look look! I'm a moon with HOLES! I shall keep you Earth scientists awake at night wondering if giant space worms exist! MUAHAHAHA!!

Seriously, holes on the moon would be fascinating if there were no such thing as holes before.

it is not a place you just dump something in

i don't know anything about space worms, but with the giant you have to go through the eye. like odysseus.


I see a future waste dump.

it is so nice to live in cave .. oh spiders

Geekologie's worth!!! http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.geekologie.com

What's with all of these a-holes posting about shoes? Honesly...

Weekend Commentary Sucks, Nothing But Stupid AdvertisingThat Nobody Cares About. Apologies To The Few Of You That Are Regular Readers Here!


cool maybe the moon has the worms from DUNE livng there :p

this reminds me of the heechee. wonder what we'll find on venus?


Oh Venus. I remember those holes. Those were good times I tell ya.

Read the New Scientist comments related to this hole story..almost as funny as these ones!

That's no moon! It's a space station!

GIANT MOON GOPHERS! We will have send Bill Murry and Tiger Woods up there so we can complete our moon course for the PGA tour.

thanks ndan for gelat kau info

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