Oct 7 2009It's About Time: A Fake iPhone Pocket Scale


Let's face it, we don't all sell drugs *whistling*, but we do all need pocket scales. Maybe you just want to know how much a letter weighs before sending it. Or like to precisely measure ingredients while cooking. Or maybe you sell coke and weed. Enter the fake iPhone pocket scale. With a cover that looks unconvincingly like a real iPhone, this has got to be the cheese-whizziest scale disguise I've ever seen (and I once owned a scale designed to look like a Twilight dildo). Geez, make a scale that looks like a book already! That's what I did (I've got what you're looking for). You're not a cop, right? Cause boy you'd look cute in one of those hats!

Hit the jump to see the display case the scale was spotted in, just in case there was any question to its intended porpoise. Porpoise? I'm a dolphin, bitch!


The Cocaine Scale Disguised as an iPhone Would Make Steve Jobs Freak Out [walyou]

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IS that another scale on the left? And what is that?


"Large piles of what I assume are talcom powder."

Wow, I want a fake iPhone with a tazer built in to the earpiece to give my robot neighbor.

I think a lot of our readers are a little young to know that the cocaine pictured up there needs to be cut down some more. Someone tries to bump a line from that & their nose will be running for the next 2 hrs

Can I get a fake iphone cover to hide my real iphone's fake cover that makes it look like a scale?

ha, i just blew your mind...

@6 a spacetime continuum just folded in 3

Gotta love Amsterdam

I want a case that disguises my iphone as a Razr...

hooray for drugs im still excited from representing the nation of thizzlam last sat.... also dont they have a scale app for the iphone (and/or blackberry storm)?? i heard it sucks tho

a twilight dildo.....GW? why did you have to throw the twilight part in there? why couldn't it be a zelda dildo (links sword) or a mario dildo (extended mushroom)? why Twilight???//?////?

wow, you're just getting your hands on this? i've been seeing these things around for ages.

I use mine for measuring out amounts of nanobots to re-assemble my neighbors house into realistic dinosaurs.

naas, last time I checked nobody takes lines straight off the scale


dammit STOMPY I miss GFS

@13 then you haven't partied with the snoman my friend, sometimes all he carried around is a damn scale

@14 everytime I go to check out your links, they're blocked at work, and labeled as:
This Websense category is filtered: Illegal or Questionable.

shame, shame, shame

try this one

or just image google the following:
smells like fish twilight
it should be on the first page...


Must See!!!


Hmmm, reminds me of this

And I cant imagine this Fooling a police officer, WHEN WILL THEY LEARN! Divide your drugs into even bags at home!

WTF is that human-dog looking ad I see here sometimes about asking me if it's real or fake, how stupid. Have they not heard of Daisy?

I think Steve Jobs gonna sue somebody.

did you see the other stuff in the store ... best store ever
ill meet you guys in holland

about time? i think these where out before the original iphone was out. someone just discovered a head shop?? holy shit folks, they have glass pipes too!! you must have not gotten the email.

I've had this scale for a while, as I'm the type of girl that needs to weigh many things. It's kind of a boner killer because if your not fast with putting what you are weighing on the scale then it will shut off and you have to start over, which sucks if you want to weigh like 7 G's and you get to like 6.4 and it shuts off. It's pretty though.

I'm sure a lot of the people in here know about head shops.....
except maybe Scruff McGrundleLicker

this reminds me, i need to replace my "i <3 holland" tighty whiteys...last time i checked out my backside all i saw was "i (hole) and." i tell you, last time i sleep on a cot in the backroom of a dive bar.

There sure is a lot of Spam in comments.


dude- the Iphone has a touch screen...shouldnt they just make a scale app?

I mean they have compass' and a level, why not just make the screen a scale? lol

Woah! I think blow may be a little out of my league. Still may be good to weigh dime bags......I SAID NO BEANIES!!

this is old news i saw it back in january 09 while browsing a headshop in new hampshire, USA. nice thought tho.

Have one of these

this is old as hell they've been in headshops since the iphone came out

Yeaaah these have been around for quite some time. Not even a good scale really. I had two friends who had it and both crapped out after a while.

You know it's not a real iphone.
Nobody doesn't have 3 pages of apps, let alone not having their first page full.


I use mine for measuring out amounts of nanobots to re-assemble my neighbors house into realistic dinosaurs.

seem a little off when it came to mind -- shouldnt it look like a busted/broken iphone? it could be easier to explain a device that no longer works than 1 that (with a little inspection) never worked at all.

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