Oct 27 2009Cameo!: Balloon Boy Spotted In Fallout 3


This is a screenshot from Fallout 3 taken by Geekologie Reader Fallout Boy that clearly shows balloon boy's dirigible (SANS BALLOON BOY!) floating by in the wild blue yonder. Shoot it! SHOOT IT DOWN NOW!


Thanks to Fallout Boy, who was once the center of a conspiracy involving a young boy trapped in an old fallout shelter.

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It doesn't matter how far you fly kid, you'll never escape the internet.


hey dave, how's work?

I live in Colorado,
and to know that balloon boy lives in the same state makes me sad.

i'm flexible enough to be able to taste my own BH. it tastes terrible, but i can do it. and i do it regularly. omg don't be jealous.

this makes me want to play fallout now

LOL!! Freaking funny!! Hell yeah! Shoot it down!


Email me if you want an invite to lockerz

@5, I'd imagine the pain is pretty bad

I was on the verge of upgrading my pc or getting an xbox for new games, but this might just be the final straw, I have to get something NOW just to shoot down balloon boy!

we couldn't get a video or something? shit's weak.

first! suck it

Hurm, don't get the Alien Blaster from that UFO? Wish I could get posted for showing similar looking things. And I'll draw the hate cause I eat that stuff. It just looks kinda gross on the way out.

NOT balloon boy. It's a random encounter involving a UFO. The WEAK SAUCE has been prepared for you to taste. Mmmmm... the taste of fail.

How'd GW miss both a pete wentz AND simpsons reference. BTW, anyone else notice that he's in a band called FalloutBoy and married an actual Simpson?

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Point Lookout is my favorite DLC. Closely followed by The Pitt. PL was awesome to play high.


Because Pete Wentz is a douchebag. There is a strict 'No Douchebag' policy.

OMG fake! I can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope. It's a little kid who is going to rat out his father on national tv.

well played little dude. well played.

Just what we need... 10,000 more redux pictures of baloon boy, like mosh girl of years ago. the internets ability to recycle never stops to amaze me

It is so funny

looks like an add for digg.com to me.

f*ck the balloon boy and his fam

Hollerbot. I love this.

Man, that's totally not that kid. He was in a box somewhere hiding because daddy said it was for a show. THAT IS TOTALLY TINGLE WAITING TO SELL MAPS TO WASTELANDERS!!!!


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