Sep 11 2009Windows 7 Commercial With Cute Little Girl

I don't get the chance to watch much television since my tv got repo'd but if I did I may have seen this Microsoft commercial for Windows 7 featuring Kylie, the cute Asian girl. Admittedly, I did like the ad. But that's because I'm a sucker for any commercial featuring The Final Countdown. Even tampon ones.


Thanks to jon, who still sells products the really old fashioned way: from cave to cave.

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Windows 7 pwns. Also, first :)


It was ok

Once I did a boom gnarly stunt trick on it and a girl got pregnant just by watching my extremeness to the maxxxx

Sorry #2, but tht title currently belongs to me!

That girl is soooooooooooooo cute!!!


Microsoft quivers, then copies all features from OSX and slaps an asian girl on to make its overworked, clumsy operating system look young and fresh. Windows hasn't been fresh since 98. It just looks different.

mac sucks

God dammit the dumbing down of computers continues to ruin the full potential of their evolving further than what it all is today. Dumbing down for dumb people so every one can use them yaaay, even a cute little child who most people don't want on computers because of the perverse evil that hunts them

Like the firstards for example - they will never evolve past what they already aren't. You're losing losers & even in your real life around your friends & family - it shows


aaawwwwwwwwwwwww, isn't that just the cutest

To quote -

PCs are for men. Macs are for women and male homosexuals.


If I remember correctly, you were a ffirstard at one point!

I'm a Linux and I've been snappy for a while.

But - as ads go - they spent too much on it.



It's not the macs you hate. It's the people who make them. I have a mac (after YEARS of using PC) and I don't see how anyone who has given a mac an honest try (meaning that they took the time to learn to operate it properly) can honestly enjoy a PC more. I love my mac, but I hate the apple store, and the apple attitude. It seems like being on the cusp of technology for too long has made apple employees a little full of themselves and it annoys the crap out of me.

Anyway, cute(?) asian girl or not, its not enough to sell me on a 'bound-to-be-shitty' operating system.

I'm still running XP on 4 machines and happy with it.
As far as Leopard goes... I use it as well and I do prefer it slightly...
An OS is what you make of it. Just know how to use it; that is all that matters.
W7 looks pretty good, but I like XP (I have it set to look like W98)

@12 you pile of crap with a computer on the internet - go back to as far as last summer when I started commenting on geekologie AND FIND ONE FÜCKING FIRST comment that I've ever posted. Go on.... take your time - I'm not going anywhere. When you don't find anything, don't bother telling me because I already know

I've never brought myself down to the level of being so unimaginative, uncreative and just plain god damn stupid when I saw a 0 next to a new post to type something as old & played as FIRST You're just wrong & probably pretty stupid

@12, What's your name again? Should we know who you are?
@17, Don't worry. I showed him. I showed him Goooooood.

naas & LSDiesel: You guys are pretty cool. I used to not like you, but your posts today have changed my mind. Also, I have a new outlook on life after tripping hard on psychedelics last night...

Anyway, I agree with everything you guys said. Computers used to be for true nerds, and you had to have real intelligence and understanding to use them. Now every dick in the world is on the Internet, making humans look like a bunch of retards. Apple is a stupid company, but their products are pretty cool. All the fanboy hype is what makes people think Macs are only for homos.

Retarded commercial, I love the fake part where is shows her from behind and she's completely frozen while she perfectly selects the headline text. FAKE!!!

Not even my 9 year-old can perfectly select text like that so quickly.

GW, you just like things that feature adorable kittens in boxes of packaging peanuts.

I like how some people are STILL arguing that Windows Vista works just fine... is that why they were making a new one while Vista was still in creation? C'mon micro fans.... who you fool'n?

Thank you Eskimo Dave. It's nice to know not EVERYONE hates me.

@Eskimo Dave - how has what we've said made you not hate us anymore, I'm curious. I remember some of the regs attacking you before when the firsty virus got a hold of you. .....looks like you've healed & hopefully grown stronger from it

Windows 7 is going to be awesome. They took all the good things from OS X (like they always do), fixed some of the massive security holes and bullshit they should have in Vista, and kept the vulnerability to get an asston of viri, trojan's, and malware. Good thing the "experts" can claim that's okay, because they are uber awesome and never got a virus. Well, except that's not really the point, and neither is that Windows is more popular, but that it has shitty coding. Popularity has nothing to do with bi-weekly security updates.

Plus, if you act now, you'll also get the same old shitty registry entries and thousands of files placed all over your hard drive on every installed program at no additional charge! WOO!

I'm selling both my Mac Pro and Macbook Pro tonight in anticipation!! Oh wait, I can use Boot Camp and have Windows run better than on a thrown together PC anyway. Guess I'll keep them for now. Win my heart over Windows, it's open for your love.

PS- Everything below comment 25 is invalid, because Shaq is holding a mother fu*king panda. Debate over.

#25 = Good example of why Apple users are a marketing department's wet dream. The Apple marketing department is good at what they do...sell ideals.

@naas: I used to think your posts were dumb, but I'm really noticing the humour and insight now. Same with LSDiesel.

Also, for the record, I've never been a firstard. I've been on the Internet long enough to know better...

naas is the refresh master. On a good day, he can get first comment on every new post...without once saying 'first'.

@ 26, being yourself below 25 just makes your post a fail...

@ Naas, welcome back, this place has been too low key lately

@ 12... read post 9 again, and again, and again...

@ 12 in case you missed it FIRSTARD, get over it, alot of us have.

@ 19 brown nose.

i am gonna get a pc next year with windows 7, cant wait. i have xp right now. and its worked fine. havent failed me yet. but i unna get 64 bit processor. for my modeling and mudboxing and photoshopping and painting and gaming. call of duty 2 comes out soon.

i like bananas.


I was born and raised on a Mac and after finally giving PC a shot, I just can't go back. I know that you can make a Mac feel like a PC and a PC feel like a Mac, but I just can't stand the way Macs do folder and application windows (maximize does not always mean full screen).

You are right though- I can forgive the awkward interface (to each their own) and one size fits all Mac 'style'. It's the Mac fan boy douches that fill me with Mac hate.

Yo dawg, I heard you like macs, so we put 1 pedal in your car.

@28 good to be noticed Eskimo Dave but better to be hated. I'll still say my share of stupid shit though, can't seem to get away from that these days
@30 thanks I hate being busy, busy enough to not waste time here all day anyways

@29 I speak computer, sorry I didn't see you until hitting send a moment ago


No, I prefer a better operating system, and better hardware. I didn't buy both my Mac's because of commercials. You silly goose. You know what happens when you assume, right? You make an ass out of "u" and me. You also sound like a moron who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.


Eat my ass, new fish. OH NOES I MADE A NUMBER TYPO! I AM TEH FAIL!

Macs are for technologically-incompetent losers and people that get distracted by shiny things.

That's why PCs dominate the market!!!

They have basically the same hardware as PCs, except they are slower, more overpriced, and you can't use them for gaming or business or anything really except bragging about the fact that you're a Mac user.

It's like arguing that an electric scooter is a better vehicle than a BMW. Sure , a BMW may need more maintenance, but can you take a scooter on the freeway?

And you know why Windows Vista sucks? Because they TRIED to make it visually-stimulating and graphic like the MacOs. Windows needs to stick to being Windows and PCs will continue to dominate.

I also agree with #14

I'll go back to using my rock solid Unix based operating system. Weeeee Snow Leopard. AWESOME TO THE MACCCSSSS!


You sir, are too much of an uninformed moron for me to warrant any sort of rebuttal to your comments. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about, and your ignorance is astounding.

I haven't liked mac culture for years, annoying arrogance with a smuggy, pastel aftertaste in my opinion. I do however know that they are great machines with great technology - so I will never say I don't like mac, just what it does to its owners.

On the other hand(& slightly hypocritically) I plan on owning a macbook soon to suit my needs with audio sequencing software. Sorry to butt in guys, just wanted to share those 2 cents

Still running everything off my Commodore 64...what's this PC & Mac stuff you speak of?

At any rate...are we sure this is a cute little asian girl, or did they pull off another photoshop-esque swap to bump up their marketing campaign? Hmmm....


I've never brought myself down to the level of being so unimaginative, uncreative and just plain god damn stupid when I saw a 0 next to a new post to type something as old & played as FIRST You're just wrong & probably pretty stupid

First off, what the heck? Are you a rapist or something?

Similar to winning a race, it isseen as an achievement when people come first. They managed to reach the site and post something, even if it's off-topic, before anyone else. They see that as an achievement. It's something many want to do and they did it. You don't have to bash them because they want to be first.

"Like the firstards for example - they will never evolve past what they already aren't. You're losing losers & even in your real life around your friends & family - it shows,"

Let them be first. Why insult them because they enjoy trying to rech the site and type fist, as if it was a game. They don't have to be branded as losers for it!

So again, seeing how you might decide to formulate some rebuttal, SHUT UP NASS, JUST SHUT UP. you may have many of the GEEKOLOGIE followers on your side, but you need to learn that not everyone is like you, they enjoy shouting first. IGNORE them rather than resorting to pathetic name-calling

And if you were not a "firstard", sorry.

hah, cute commercial, and cute drama that's going on here XP


HEY BITCHES I'M BACK now with FACTS about GossJerk!!

he was abandoned by his whore of a mother in a dumpster. A group of dogs came along and raised him to be the cock sucker that he is today. GFS then saw him giving free blowjobs to the homeless and wanted him all for his own guilty pleasure and to make money.

So here he is today being rented out to all the losers out there.

...And remember kids to get up to date info keep in touch with the one the only FACT GUY!!!

@43 You must be pretty young so I won't be terribly harsh on you with my opinions, but you just don't get it

Being 1st does nothing more than define the lack of ones character when presented with the opportunity to comment here. It is not a game, there is no reward and its just plain retarded. After something lacking substance is done a million times, it get's old & slightly annoying. There is no pride & no race, you are delusional if you think otherwise. There is no spoon and there is no trophy, figure it out

I'm also not going to "let them be first" when I have a chance to punch them with some stupid remark about how ghey that just was, or share a suitable gif expressing my gratitude for their useless input. You think I'm bad? You should meet our beloved GFS, he'll take you & the browns to the superbowl.

You're also contradicting yourself when you said "you may have many of the GEEKOLOGIE followers on your side, but you need to learn that not everyone is like you"

IT's time for the BEST FACT OF THE DAY

I'm post 48.

I, for one, welcome naas and my robot overlord.

As do I welcome Ollie, one who touches robots

@43 I forgot to mention that no, I'm not a rapist - but that horse might be

Oh no...

It's Kylie.

@ 43

You need to get over the fact that Fistards are retarded.

microsoft really needs some new advertisers. they really don't understand aesthetically pleasing things or the power of a legitimate ad campaign.

Getting your tips posted is always awesome

Awesome ad

Europe is Steve Balmer's favorite band. He has TFC on a loop on his zune, and listens to it all day long - during his morning work-out, while he brushes his teeth, drives to work, works, drives home, eats dinner, and even while he sleeps. On the weekends he switches to The Scorpions so he doesn't get tired of Europe.

(I wonder how much *this* version of windows that I don't really need but will be forced to buy will f up and slow down my computer.)

And due to back taxes, your computer is about to be repossessed. You got one week to get the money you owe us too us.

everyone hated daisy at first, but now no one cares. so why do you care about first-tards?

everyone did NOT hate Daisy at first, that is not true.

though a lot of people who did no longer do, probably because there's uniqueness behind Daisy unlike firstards. A lot of people over time have also commented appreciating Daisy and finding the flowers input 'funny' - unlike the firstards. Daisy has something different to say each time if you get the whole thing, unlike the firstards. Daisy has a line of clothing, beverages, stores, action figures, novelties that squirt water and a fuĉking weed growing out of the planet named after him or her, UNLIKE THE FIRSTARDS

I'm with Mr. Cow on this one.


These little punk kids should not be on computers unless they're made by Vtech or Fisher-Price, not unless you want drool, chocolate and boogers on your keyboard!

Must See!!!


Naas is a first nazi.

Also... LAST

@68 is a douchenazi, sickened with the tard bite

aw where can i find those cute wallpapers.. kitty with marshmallows etc

I like win7 & But these commercials so far are very annoying. I'm pretty sure nobody believes the girl is doing the C&P in the commercial. and even if she is WTF is so special about that? Get the girl some crayons and a coloring book and get her ass off the computer!

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