Sep 18 2009Whee: Now You Can Kanye-Ify Any Website


It was only a matter of time before somebody did this. Because when I was watching the VMA's live from the back of the auditorium through the scope of a sniper rifle, I was wondering how long it would take after the Taylor Swift incident (I love you, Taylor -- you belong with me! Creepily) for somebody to make a Kanye-ify website. Apparently four days. Or maybe sooner, but I just found out about it yesterday. Just add to the front of any URL and presto: jackass everywhere!

Thanks to ViLLaiN, who is working on a Geekologie-ify website. Hell yes, ViLLaiN! I don't care if you are evil, you're a-okay in my book. And to Adam, who used to make THIS little number. Jerk.

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LOL Can you BACON your website on top of this? Then it will be perfect.

Tried 2 go ham, a tad to late


people think they can simulate me, but they cannot be me, any words are blaspheme, i'm the epitome... momma SAID don't trust whitey...

@ 4

You are whitey.....cracker!

that shit is great
nice pr for that fool

Kanye West is a waste of life.

@5 - sorry you think kanye is so great, i bet you felt slighted that people thought he's inconsiderate - probably just pickin' on him 'cause HE'S the cracker, cracker.


Stooooopid. Also, GW, you mangled the link to Kanye-ify this site...

I agree with #7.


I think this is my favorite mash-up to come out of this whole debacle so far:

I betcha Kanye loves all this attention he's getting. By talking about him, we're just doing exactly what he wants. Like him or hate him, he LOVES the attention.

Don't feed the trolls.

D@mn my work filter... Someone please do me a favor and try putting after and see what happens!!!

Do you know what 'cracker' means?

@15 if means beyonce'

@ 14 - it does exactly what it does to any other web site. it's not like adding 32X to the Sega Megadrive where you can make games all beyonce' and stuff


Not exactly. It is a racial epithet towards white people.

Kanye aside, I love the fantastically awesome Dollhouse reference. :) I'm sure you're a much better (read "less creepy") stalker/number one fan, however.

I'm sure there's another site that has that and then obama pops up and says "jackass"

I keep getting "Internaet explorer cannot display page" :(

(It's because you're using Internet Explorer, try Firefox next time)

Site is down, it is not an IE issue.

@ 8

Hey, don't be hating white boy. I'm just doing my best to keep the positive racial dialogue going.

BTW: I'm pretty sure no one likes Kanye, even his momma.


©2009 Mr. Anderson.

Myspace can't be Kayne'd...

Damnit which one of you broke the site? It's now down probably due to traffic.

Saw this picture on facebook today and totally laughed,

I am excited to see how silly we can make Kanye look in the future.

Here's the future!!!! This has gotta be the most "VULGAR" Photoshops of the fool! LOL

we need more vigilantes in this country. did they spike our water supply with Valium?

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