Sep 25 2009Whee!: Beer Blaster Shoots Beer, Soda


The Beer Blaster is a $23 beer/soda pistol available from ThinkGeek that punctures a shaken can and uses the carbonation to blast your enemies with sticky sodie (or a friend's open's mouth with delicious beer) from up to 10 feet. Also, who would have thought that Harry Potter would turn from a life of magic to a life of contributing to the delinquency of minors on the playground? Didn't see that one coming! Or did I? I totally did.

ThinkGeek Product Site
Beer Blaster [likecool]

Thanks to Ste, who once shot himself in the face with a keg and was the life of the party. But did you wear a lampshade and piss in the stove?

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Reader Comments

First. That dude does look like HP

Should he really be drinking alchohol? I mean doesn't he have a paper to write, and find out a way to get a date before he becomes old and turns into a pedobear?! Besides his glasses are totally Cliche, LAME!

i like his utility belt ROR

You can shoot me with that!

Hokey wine coolers and ancient liquors are no match for a beer blaster at your side, kid.


AWESOME! I want it! :) Imagine Creaming Soda coming out of that! ... Heavenly


We have been filling water guns with booze for years,,,,
You can go around big partys (Burning Man) and ask people if they would like a shot........

That image should say: "If Harry Potter never went to Hogwarts..."

I am not an accountant, but those guys are going to make billions.


That's a cool invention, but just looking at this guy make me want to give him a wedgie....

that image shows HP growing on beer instead of milk :D

Ohh gosh Harry is doing magic for the muggles again... tisk tisk tisk

So what's this have to do with being a geek?

Join My Mafia:

Ugh..before anything else the guy in the picture looks like Harry Potter! haha.. well, shoot me with that! PArty!

@15 You just outted yourself as being completely *non*geek. Take your sports car and drive it home, to your farm, and park it.

same as @1. i thought that was daniel radcliffe at the first glance of the picture. i was like wtf is harry potter doing on here with a water gun until i read the heading. then again, i've been drinking...

rofl at @21 :D

Any else noticed daisy missing?

Also he REALLY looks like harry potter


This is a completephotoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max stole his brothers GTO to drive to Knoxville, and had it fixedon the way by a bunch of partying amish.

Must See!!!

Great one, I want it. :)


*attacks Daisy with beer pistol*


It looks like a fun gadget until the beer runs out and you discover that, as you go home, the pop/beer all over your body has turned you into a fly magnet! =D


Come and join Brute: it is a game that only takes 5 minutes to play each day? You can support my character and check the game out by visiting the following url address:

@gladiator... ah cripes! You got me thinking about wet-t-shirt contests

hrm...this would be a the appropriate device for those


Wasting good beer on that! Some people just don't know what's good for them. Just drink the god damned beer, and no one gets hurt!


Don't you ever get fed up with being so repetitive and unoriginal?

I only ask as it surprises me how someone can be so consistently dull and humourless for so long.

i'll never understand why people with black hair would still get rounded glasses and a moptop haircut.

@24- i agree

@29- longest brutefag ad ever

waste of booze unless being used for @30

I'll bet he got that idea from his wee wee while surfing kiddy porn

omg my new guilty pleasure!


what's he doing on a playground, with loaded a beergun?

Really, i'd like to know!

look at this video

September 22nd, 2009 at 4:20 pm

Yo commentors! I appreciate what you do, and Imma let you finish, but Daisy at is the best commentor of all time!

wow this is gay... no new posts in days.. geekologie writer is a dick sometimes

@33...."black hair"....???.....really??? And why does everyone think that anyone with a crap hairdo and round glasses is Harry Potter. I guess this is the 'American' Version of Harry. Overweight, Unshaven, wearing a utility belt and his big idea was to turn something innocuous into a gun.

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