Sep 28 2009Video: 100 Youtube "Greatest Hits" In 3:24

This is a video montage of 100 of Youtube's "greatest hits" in a scant 3:24. I recognized most of them, but there were some I hadn't seen before. And those, my friends, were the sucky ones.

NOTE: It's best to stop after the Leroy Jenkins clip. It's all downhill from there.


Thanks to Harry, who was responsible for at least 10 of Redtube's greatest hits.

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I was like cool at the beginning but then I was like shove your afterbirth in my eyes and call me mama... *shivers*

...says larz, his lips stretched tightly around a thick horses c.ock as blood, semen, lipstick, mascara and tears stream down his pale, bruised face.

(sniff) "i'm first..." (sob) "i'm FIRST!"

Like WHAT!?!

woulda been nice if you edited out the spewing... coulda gone on with my life without seeing THAT





Anybody know what that style of dance is at around 2:31?

That shit is jumpstyle and here you have it

Yes. The style of dance is called crap



It's called Jumpstyle. It's very popular in Holland and ravers/clubkids do this to hardcore gabberhouse except a little better than what was in this video.

WOW really wish i had read the "NOTE" first. true dancing can be mildly interesting on mid day Tuesdays when your too hung over to get up and get the remote that fell on the floor but a mash up as great as this doesn't need to be ruined by an extra minute of it

@11: It's called Jumpstyle.


I think I just got Rick Rolled...

worst dances = jumpstyle and tecktonik.

That fat kid that eat sh!t on the diving board makes me laugh no matter how many times I've seen it! (At 1:19)

I LOVE BOXXY, just remember that voice gets better every time you hear it

Stalker Cat!!!!

I continued after the Jenkins clip and was awarded some skinny asian girl bending sexily and an additional listen of Boxxxy. I think that is well worth continuing.

I am more interesting than this youtube video

who is boxxy?

@25 the most stupid attention whore

i dont care how old she is, boxy is f***ing hawt

@ 24

Sure you're not....

To "Boxxy", or the first girl in the video,

I would do horrible, horrible things to your vagina.



(call me)

Must See!!!

WTF 0:54?

What's the dance video at 2:46?

Dude! I had totally forgotten the wonder and gift that is Star Wars Kid. I will now You Tube the whole video and a few remixes.

@ 31

Agreed Ollie, brunettes are much more f*ckable than blondes.

#34 - sdawsey

That dance video is:

where's zonday at?


POWERTHIRST was also missing

OMG!!!! techno viking!!!!!


im just saying

hell yea for jumpstyle duo, hardstep, c-walk, and of course melbourne SHUFFLE, any1 that doesnt know should die!
"ow charly that really hurt" lmao

And anyone who can't spell Charlie correctly can get AIDS.

i love this vid

Anyone here know the name of the song?


Hadouken! - M.A.D

No Remi Gaillard?

larz is a douchebag.

christ I'm annoying. I'm definitely not a "Greatest Hit" unless you're talking about doing me. in the vagina.

id so f**k boxxy

fifty FIRST!

id like to smash her box

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