Sep 15 2009'Today Was A Good Day': The Flow Chart


If there's two things I learned to love in college it's flow charts and communal showering. And this is by far one of the awesomest flow charts I've ever seen. It's right up there with the What Should I Eat? chart. Click HERE to see the flow chart in its entirety, which outlines all of Ice Cube's iconic 'Today Was A Good Day'. Now I know what you're thinking: how the hell can you even think about starting a good day with a hogless breakfast? Because one time I only had dry white toast and a poached egg and then got hit by the school bus. Coincidence?

Hit the jump to watch the music video and follow along with the chart.

Today Was a Good Day- Flow Chart! [anotherdamnblog]

Thanks to Maggie, who makes every day a good day because she mixes it with love and makes the world taste good. Just like the candy man, but without the van and sex offender record.

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Reader Comments

bacon flowchart better

@naas: I agree. This is too much reading and scrolling to follow along.

Satisfying and delicious.

That Candyman song's about hallucinogenics btw. Maggie'll tell ya.


Thought you'd enjoy this low budget gadgetry site...

by far the best ice cube song of all time

Thats great. Actually follows the song.
Someone was probably tweaking when they made this.


Ohhhh I get it. Another one of those white guy makes a literal translation of a culturally specific rap song while still keeping in the jargon. funny.

its not a good day any more

its a good day when you don't see a brutefag or firstard... or someone trying to sell nike's...

@11 I'm gonna go with your reasoning seeing as how that flow chart essentially told me everyday of my life is gonna suck.

honestly, that is too much like work, i only got to "is that a text from Kim" she can f*k all night....

Que lame.

Que dang.

I got through the first few, and then realized it would take a minimal amount of effort to enjoy it, so that's when I stopped. The best things in life don't require much effort.

Ain't that right STOMPY?

Dude is smart enough to write this (which implies a college education), but he doesn't know how to use an apostrophe. Dumb bitch.

The guy could have at least TRIED to use the correct flowchart symbols.

On a sweeter note, this brings back sweet memories of GTA San Andreas.

Flow chart was a clever idea, but ran counter-logical to actual flow charts. This was irritating to read, but +2 for trying.... maybe.

kind of a gay flow chart half of the crap I dont even understand what they are saying when they got to breakfast with no hog (assumign they mean pig) means a GOOD day i was like lolno

Just proves me again that most of gangsta rap's fans are white yuppies who studied management or economy something like that. :) Take care of your hard earned cash people! :D

Dammit! as soon as the dogs barked I knew my day could be a bad one :(

What was the outcome if the Lakers beat the Supersonics? The chart cut off for me on the right side.

I can assume it was a good day?

I, dunno

best flowchart ever... :3


now if somone could put it on tape so i wouldn't have to read to figure out how to handle my day!

I very much like the flowchart, but the song, not so much. Rap can be all right but that didn't tickle my fancy <3

obviously if this chart bored you then you aren't too familiar (or just don't like) the song much. brought back memories and I thought it was funny.

awesome ;O

Yeah the bacon one was way better. This one was looking good til i noticed all the rap bull**** in with it. Then i started up the video and it was even worse.

that is awesome. already printed out and stuck on the wall behind me. just wanna see if my boss notices that this flow chart has swearing in it !

@ 32

I did notice. And you're fired.

My flow chart would have to incorporate my multiple personality disorder.

Must See!!!

Dammmmmnit...almost had a good day yesterday, but got tripped up on having to use my AK there at the end. It was on one of the kiddos' iPod robot alarm clocks I think Cube would let it slide.

Today was a good day for me...this flow chart frigging made it! Thanks!

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Mr. cow, you have met your match. I am Senior Vaca. Muahahahahahahahaha.

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