Sep 19 2009Religious Persecution!: Jedi Tossed Out Of Supermarket For Refusing To Remove Hood


Co-founder of the International Church of Jediism, Master Morda Hehol (Daniel Jones, seen above, left), was kicked out of a North Wales supermarket after refusing to remove his super-sweet Jedi hood. He is considering legal action (I would have just Force-choked the assistant manager).

"I told them it was a requirement of my religion but they just sniggered and ordered me to leave. I walked past a Muslim lady in a veil. Surely the same rules should apply to everyone. It was discrimination. I was really upset. Nobody should be treated like that. I'll advise worshippers to boycott Tesco if it happens again. They will feel the Force."

The jedi holocron handbook clearly states that "Jedis must wear a hood up in any public place of a large audience."

A Tesco spokeswoman said:

"Jedi are very welcome to shop in our stores although we would ask them to remove their hoods. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Luke Skywalker all went hoodless without going to the Dark Side. If Jedi walk around our stores with their hoods on, they'll miss lots of special offers."

Really? You're gonna miss out on special offers? THAT'S the justification you're gonna use for not allowing patrons to wear hoods? Oh, this just in: Tesco security beats the shit out of a blind man.

Jedi tossed out of supermarket for wearing hood [inquisitr]

Thanks to em. MONSTER and Alexis, who only wear their Jedi hoods in the bedroom. YOW YOW!

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Reader Comments

There are three jedis humans in that photo not wearing hoods! Burn the heathens!! Also the man in the center dressed in polyester should be burnt too!!!

aaaaaaaaaahahahaahahahahaha!!! hahahahahahaha!!!


Tesco have enough money to build a death star, lets syncronize lightsabers and go apeshit down the booze aisles.

I do kind of get the feeling that tesco have a point about luke and yoda and obi-wan.

More bollocks from the UK thought police :(

Power to the Jedi !



Now that's what i call force feedback!

i never feel the force while working there...that place is owned by the dark side only a knight from the dark side has the name tracy HORNY!!! i shit you not thats her real name

I'll bet those guys have their pick of the chicks.

Why does one of them have a red lightsaber?

yeah, it can't be a tenet of their religion that thye have to wear the hoods. it's like the christians and crosses things. it's legal to not allow them to publically wear the crucifix because going crossless doesn't violate their religion.

so if i go to tesco and wear a hoody i cany buy delicious peppered steak slices? c'mon, the dudes a jedi, he knows what he wanys, its not like hes goona lightsaber his pet wookie becuase he missed the "2 for £3" deal on muller corners.

This is from that movie, right?

k, just checking.

Man the same thing happened at my local strip club "the jiggle joint" it it time for this persecution to stop .... JEDI UNITE

At least they were only asked to leave Tesco. Things might not have gone down so bloodless had they been perusing Empire Market.

Wait, wait, seriously?
Even though the idea of there being people who seriously follow the loosely defined "Jedi Order" as a religion is ridiculous, the idea that Tesco is already DISCRIMINATING against them is just mind boggling.

"Tesco security beats the shit out of a blind man." Oh...we can cuss now?

I dont need to take off my hood......i can go about my business..........move along

Morda Hehol? That's easily the worst jedi/general "fantasy character" name I've ever heard. I suppose the Morda part is acceptable, but where the hell did he come up with Hehol? How is it pronounced? "He hole?" Do you have to have a Welsh accent for it to not sound dumb?

Since when did wearing a hood become part of it? Jedis are seen without hoods all the time in public in the movies. Maybe not though. I need a source.

And when the hell did supermarkets start having dresscodes? Crazy Welsh.

OH SH*T! Don't look now jedis but one of your leaders looks to be a SITH!............again. I mean come on! How can you guys not catch this sh*t.


Just come to Canada. They'll even waste thousands on passing a bill allowing you as a minority to wear the hoodie anywhere.
Just have enough of an outcry and it'll happen... which gives me an ideal.

You can even carry the lightsaber into a public swimming pool. *No liability on electrical shock though*

I'm sure im not the only one to point this out but "sniggered"?.......maybe they are looking for "snickered"?...anyways.....RACISM RULES!

Means the same thing, wanks :)

These guys are A-class morons, but you're all missing the point. Why the hell can the goddam muslims wear their pajamas wherever they want, but these guys have to remove their hoods? Damn BS.

And I thought I was being persecuted the Army wouldn't let me grow my dreadlocks back out after basic training.

Boy were my priorities out of whack.

Poor Jedi. I bet the Sith wouldn't have taken that sh!t lying down. They would have just burned that mother down.

sounds like they are no Jedi.
Jedi don't cause trouble, real Jedi would have done as the lady asked, and keep the peace. The Sith like playing games, be mindful of this.

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