Sep 1 2009Polish Vacationers Allegedly Film Yeti


Allegedly a couple of Poles filmed a real life Yeti while on vacation in the Tatra mountains. I didn't even know there were Polish Yetis, but I do now. Say -- how many do you think it takes to screw in an energy efficient light bulb?

"I saw this huge ape-like form hiding behind the rocks. When I saw it it was like being struck by a thunderbolt," he told the Superexpress.

"Coming from Warsaw, I never really believed the local stories of a wild mountain ape-man roaming the slopes. But, now I do."

"The film clearly shows 'something' that moves on two legs and is bigger than a normal man," says Robert Bernatowicz, president of the Nautilus Foundation.

Interesting. And you know what? I kind of believe it. Like two Poles could possibly plan a hoax!

Hit the jump for the (unsurprisingly) horrible quality video.

Yeti Filmed In Poland [themorningstarr]

Thanks to Pesche, who would have put the camera on a tripod and gotten some real footage of that bitch. Then called its mother a slag and taken off running like in those beef jerky commercials.

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it must take more than 2 polish people to operate a camera properly...

@1 die.

Interesting. I like seeing what people come up with concerning sasquatch/bigfoot/ when those douches said they had that decomposing bigfoot in their cooler. good times then a crushing letdown.

Jagermeister picnics.......

They should follow it and see if they can recover any Yeti Poo, you know with all these supposed sightings, and anyone found any Poo or remains?

I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. It's not the photographer's fault. Bigfoot is blurry, and that's extra scary to me. There's a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside. Look out, he's fuzzy, let's get out of here.

That is so cool!!! If i were them i would have tried to get it's attention, and then hit in the head with a big ass rock : )

I agree with Pedro, they were on a Jagermeister picnic

Not just one, TWO!
They're going for 30 minutes of fame, ladies and gentlemen!

....are they sure it's not just one of them coming back from taking a piss or something?

GW, have you tried stumble upon?

@7 Mitch: Ahahahahah! Funny stuff man.

lots of n00bs, i wonder how many are thanks to the CNN mention GW a few posts ago?

If you are reading this because you heard about geekologie on CNN please submit the following post: ( or whatever you like, just mention cnn)

I'm here because i heard about geekologie on CNN LOL

Your Polish jokes aren't funny, but are lame. Since you have a English filter. Pierdol sie Ty huju! Jestes pojebanie zalosnym skurwysynem!

R.I.P. Mitch Hedberg

R.I.P. Mitch Hedberg

Why is it that all Yetis walk around like they just woke up from a hard night of partying and are searching for their contact lens?

How long before MicroSoft changes it from a black Yeti to a white Yeti?

@7 That brightened my day, awesome Mitch Hedberg reference. RIP Mitch, we miss you.

@14 speaking of which, where's our newb detector been?

plz don't post crap like this :s
its clearly just a man walking


You sir/madame/polish yeti, obviously suck. As they say in sunny Russia, you are a dickheadski.

@18 hahahahahaha, that will probably be the funniest thing I see on here all day.

congratulations on capturing my polish mother-in-law on video

After searching 'partying yeti' to see if they really do rock the night away - I found this

Yeti walks like he crapped his pants

OMG! It's another hiker in a dark jacket (possibly with the hood up)!

Hmm normally when I stand still and hold a camera and focus on something...Normally I dont look at the ground with it. I mean jesus how does anyone fall for this crap? lol. All "sightings" of mythical creatures always turn out like this. poor video, constant moving around of the camera while standing still and above all general BULLSH!T

i love penn and tellar

That's not a yeti, that's just Osama gettin' his beard on!

OMG! has Daisy stopped posting?! When did this happen?!

@ 23 You must be new here, welcomo to Geekologie, the folowing is frowned upon:

Daisy copycats

BTW where is Daisy? have i just missed her or is she behind on her posts?

Don't people know that filming the yeti steals their soul.... Thanks a lot stupid tourists.

@ 32 MAJOR Typo FAIL

it is @ 22

Where the heck is Daisy?!?!? This post was pretty much made for her LOL!!!

@22: You didn't have to check out a story you think is stupid...


Yeah, that's some funny stuff right there.


Why the hell didn't they shake up a beer and give it to the beast so it would open it and spray all over it's face? Then, the Yeti could grab one of them and throw them violently into a tree, or flip their golf cart. Whatever.

Oh polish jokes, when will you get old

Anyone else thinking its a man in a gorilla suit?
Why are the videos and photos ALWAYS blurred?

#14, ha! i don't recall seeing you much on here. You must be a noob yourself been geekologizing it up 2+ yrs strong


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and some friends were eating beef jerky and shining light into bigfoot's eyes using a mirror. Bigfoot got mad and also got revenge.

oh $H337!!!!! there is a lotta NEWBS!!!!!!! my bad, some of you don't even seem to get this site at all yet.

Bigfoot ate my baby!

Nope. Not a Yeti. That's just me taking a leak. Sorry for the confusion.

I want to punch those polocks in the arm pit!! Maybe then hwould hold that damn camcorder steady, idiot!

WTF is this about newbs, you all seem to forget you were newbs too!!
so shut the F*ck UP, you visiting this site everyday for 2+ years doesn't make it yours.
go stuff a corncob up your dumb ass and jump off a bridge ( yes in THAT order)

have a nice day :)

It was Chewbacca looking for the Millenioum Falcon's hyperdrive, which fell out of the vessel as they crash-landed on Earth.

Holy Shit! That's Steve! Thanks For posting this vid! WTF is he doing in Poland? Last thing I remember is getting suuuuuuuuper high at Comic-Con Steve was all " guys want some nachos?" We were all "F*@K yeah dude, but whos gonna drive?" Steves like "NAAAAaaaaaah Man, theres a 7-11 like right there, gimme some cheddar, and I'll go grab some." Glenns like, "Nah man, that was a quizno's, or some sh*t". Then he dropped the bong, and it spilled all over..Im like "DUDE! my Mom's credit card is gonna be charged for that, Here Steve, all I got is a twenty, bring me some change bro...and, and..I want Jalapenos, by the way man, You can keep five if you wear the Chewie head..."

That's the last time I saw him. So Seriously..if you guys know who made this video, can you like forward me his info or something? We gotta get Steve back............Fu%*er owes me like seventeen bucks.


@50: That's so good it should have been mine.

I was going to say it was my dad, but apparently my mom said she mowed down his cab driver sweater a couple of days ago.

If it is Steve, punch him in the face for me. Fu%*er stole my girlfriend at the Warner Brothers booth while pretending to be one of the Wild Things from that movie...about Wild Things and sh*t.


Yay! There's Daisy!

Oh? The video? Bullshit. Most of the video he was just looking at rocks and stuff, barely saw that guy in a monkey costume.

I wonder what his parents have to say about that.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell it's a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja were returning from a hunting trip and they hit an animal on the road. The animal turned out to be a Bigfoot so they took him home where they had to keep him hidden from authorities with hilarious results.

i love this site and all............... but dont call us Poles. It's Polish.....................
yeah thats all

I honestly think this is the real Polish Yeti...

You guys I think it's a noid we have to kill it you guys we have to kill it now before it gets to the pizza!

That's no yeti, that's my wife!

Wow.. Geekologie was mentioned on CNN? Thats almost as crazy as when the 4channers hacked that "most influential person" poll. There are plenty of sites just like this one after all.

I think daisy is right for once. Wow. Faked film looks faked.

I would not be standing there calmly filming it, I'd be shitting bricks in the "OMGWTF is that" manner like a NORMAL person. Walk looks like a badly faked version of that old 19 somethin-somethin video of BF by a river. Again, fake film is fake.

Its not the yeti !!! its the man-bear-pig !!! Oh My Gay !!! we are in trouble

Thanks to Supra, I'm gonna get me some of those reasonably priced quality shoes. They are bound to help me when I take up Pinky's advice and visit her site to pick up hot chicks.

One question though. Can anyone tell me if chicks prefer Nikeboks or Addidikes? Really, I'm spoilt for choice.

It's nice to know that gorrilla costumes still sell well somewhere....

@ 50

That f*cker is STEVE!?!!? That *sshole bumped into me 6 TIMES at ComicCon! At first I thought he was just super high, but 6 F*CKING TIMES!! Then near the end of the last day he threw up on my f*cking shoes and called me a jew lover (which I am). Now if I can find him that bastard is going to pay for my new air jordans. Looks like I'm going to Poland.....

Must See!!!

I like how these guys are (apparently) looking at a Yeti, but their voices sound so calm. Not even excited at all.

"Oh gee, I wonder what that creature is."
"Well, I believe it may be a Yeti."
"Quite right."

False alarm. It's just me. But how did I get to Poland... and why was I naked??

Must have been that time that I... uh... well, statute of limitations hasn't expired...

On second thought, it's my evil twin.


This day and age and we're still shooting blurry, shakey messed up videos of people in snow suits.

That doesnt fly in the age of AfterEffects and Flip Cams. FAIL.

Like two Poles could possibly plan a hoax!

You F****** racists!!!!!

Ummmm, thats Bear Grills (sp?) that one guy on man vs wild. chuck norris forced him into refuge. and noooo way thats yeti. ive know too much. prly a hobo, or Bear Grills.

@7 R.I.P. Mitch. "Fruit on the bottom, Hope on top."

@ 48
Omg, just stfu man. nobody cares if youre offended by being called a "newb" (seriously, who spells it like that?)

other than that, @7, thanks.

Make sure not to focus on him for too long, ya we might see how little practice the guy in the suit got at playing yeti. The shaking camera can't be excused as anything other than a blatant attempt to make sure we dont get a good look, a retarded amputee with two lopsided peg legs and no arms could hold a camera steadier then that.

"You sir/madame/polish yeti, obviously suck. As they say in sunny Russia, you are a dickheadski. "

no they derives from austrian, german and polish nobility. it meant "of" and like "von", was used for identification.

your english is pretty bad. "obviously suck"????
so many ethnic stereotypes, jokes, insults against russians, polish, africans, jews....
its funny that on every comment oriented site Americans tend to live up to negative stereotypes by constantly demonstrating their own ignorance, and limited understanding of their own language (English).
"dickheadski" -----did you learn about the world from tv pop culture because your fat house wife of a mom was too depressed by her own failures in life to be a real parent?? -----in other words, are you american?

Coach Shoes

I bookmarked this site, Thank you for good job! Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

Wow, I didn't realize the Polish were able to understand the jokes enough to be offended. This will make it much more fun.

@25 yeah and I bet your wife looks just like her mother, loooooser

what a surprise that the link between humans and an animal is a pole.

its the pedobear!

oh come thats inconveinent for poor video quality

seems like the french or the russians would be the missing link

If you find this kind of lazy ethnic humor funny in this day and age, you must be as ignorant as you are hateful. I hope you enjoy your turn as a minority--it's coming sooner than you think, a$$holes.

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