Sep 28 2009Not Just For Vampires: Blood Energy Drink


Blood Energy Potion is a $6 energy drink (availableJanuary 2010) that was made to look -- and have the same nutritional value -- of real blood. That's pretty gross.

"The fruit punch flavor packs 4 hours of energy along with iron, protein, and electrolytes. Not only does Blood Energy Potion have a similar nutritional makeup to real blood, but it has the same color, look, and consistency of blood. Get real blood nutrients without that real blood taste! The re-sealable transfusion bag style pouch provides the convenient delivery of fluids for vampires and humans alike! Contains no real blood, just synthetic! "

Pfft, forget synthetic blood. I drink the real deal. ISN'T THAT RIGHT, MY FALLEN ENEMIES?! Say, none of you had AIDS, right?

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Blood Energy Drink [likecool]

Thanks to Ste, who is holding out for a bile energy drink. HORF.

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this vampire fad thing is getting out of hand

that is wrong

Where is the blood from menstrating vampires?
Mmmmm.... good to the last drop.

Did these people learn NOTHING from True Blood? The synthetic blood is what made it possible for vamps to mainstream!

Ok, so I'd try it, just to try it...

@1 Ditto. I was so happy when it was just Anne Rice and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

WTF, I mean really. I agree with #1 this whole vampire thing is getting way out of hand.

i can see it now big fatties thinking there hot and cool drinking this.....Fail

I'm buying twelve.

Screw you, mortals.

Ah, thank the gods!! Do you know how HARD it is to find virginal blood donors now-a-days?


Don't be hatin on the daywalkers, yo

i just threw up in my mouth, and all over the screen after reading your comments Johnny B, because it brought back some momories... she swore she didnt know it was that time of the month when we woke up with a hangover and i had a clown faced smile all over me, the sheets were pretty gross also... and people ask me why i quit booze... this is one small

Your post was kinda lame towards the end, even IF you did drink their blood and they did so happen to have AIDS nothing would happen, your stomach acid would destroy the virus :/

What? Fruit punch flavor? So basically it's just a red drink that was marketed for pansies. I want a blood-focused drink that TASTES LIKE REAL BLOOD, damnit. Otherwise, might as well just drink kool-aid.

I saw something like this at Walgreens already.


No kewl aed for j00.
Unless it's that pansy un-poisoned kind.
I drink my kewl aed like a REAL MAN! :U

That is NASTY!!!
That might make me quit drinking too.
Did it also shy you away from eating vertical tacos?

I'm always up for trying new energy drinks, but $6? c'mon, getting expensive now.

That's like 2 and a half gallons of gasoline right there, which has all the nutrients and tastes alright...

I don't care what anyone says, Vampire's are awesome. They're right up there with Ninjas and Zombies and Pirates, perhaps even cooler. In fact, If I had to choose between the four, I would choose to be a Vamp. Being a beautiful undead creature that comes out at night to seduce people so they can drink of their blood? WHAT THE HELL IS COOLER THAN THAT!???

I am not an ad executive, but this product is missing is a picture of that pasty dude from Twilight.

@ 13

You are wrong. Did you learn NOTHING in sex ed? An open sore or wound in a mouth can still allow you to contract AIDS. This is one of the main reasons Dentists cannot practice if they have AIDS.

@ 19

It only lets you STAY beautiful. If you are b*tt *ss ugly beforehand not even Dracula can save you.

@17, no, i still love those tacos, i'm just more carefull to check they don't have salsa before i eat them, lol

Murphy, Nathan [8;51 AM]
Must stock up for next Twilight Convention!
Oliphant, Joel [8:52 AM]:
just for bringing up twilight.... -200xp, and I'm docking you 3 healing surges.
Murphy, Nathan [8:53 AM]:
you don't like twilight? I thought it was as good as Lord of the Rings...
Murphy, Nathan [8:53 AM]:
the books are at least ...
Oliphant, Joel [8:54 AM]:
gimme a minute, I think my left lobe just exploded.
Murphy, Nathan [8:54 AM]:
they are kinda the same.
Oliphant, Joel [8:54 AM]:
yup... that's blood.
Oliphant, Joel [8:54 AM]:
coming out of my nose.
Oliphant, Joel [8:54 AM]:
well done nate.
Murphy, Nathan [8:55 AM]:
dude... whats the deal... they're both adventure love story kinda stories.
Oliphant, Joel [8:55 AM]:
don't make me go clerks 2 on you.
Murphy, Nathan [8:55 AM]:
did you get the new Justin Timberlake?
Oliphant, Joel [8:55 AM]:
Murphy, Nathan [8:57 AM]:
you're just close mindeded.

I can't imagine anything cooler than this, except maybe walking around town with one of these hooked up to a drip feeder straight into my arm. In my pajamas. Oh wait, no that's totally gay! My mistake.

The potential for funny pranks is enormous.

"Hey there, friend. Would you care to try some of this new energy drink humorously designed to resemble a bag of blood?"
"LOLZ!!!!11!1!! That was my real blood and now you have hepatitis"

this is awsome i would drink this shit at school. my carrier school has a nursing class and the idea of this product has me laughing my ass off.

I made the mistake of reading your reply while eating PB & Jelly sandwiches at my desk..... I don't feel so good now.
Now I can't get the image of Ronald McDonald eating a salsa covered taco.
I may have get to leave early if/when I blow chunks at my desk.
(And just to be clear, there is no one here that goes by the name of chunks.)

It's got electrolytes. It's got what vampires and Joel Oliphant craves :)

@ 27 good one i'm still crying (lol) , you cut me off at the knees with the clarification of blowing chunks, that was a sure cumeback.

So you are suggesting that the poster has open sores in his mouth?
He might have the herps..but who knows? I don' you?

So even if he didn't, it would still be destroyed that is what i'm saying, I don't care if he does have it or not, der.

So, I clicked on your name to see the link. I don't speak spanish, but i figured out the bday thing, then saw the background, and immediatly recognized the agave plants.....I LOVE me some tequila!!!!!!
I got my wife loving it too. She doesn't really drink, but she can slam back shots of tequila!

Must See!!!

Being a vampire makes you more beautiful than you are. You have to be really butt ugly as a mortal to be an ugly vampire.

@ 31 want some good tequila for mixers? try Tanteo Tequila, chocolate, tropical and jalapeño flavours, naturaly infused flavor 100% natural ingredients...

@34 Oooohhhhh
That looks good. My wife and I love jalapenos. We actually just harvested over 82 jalapenos from our garden yesterday.
We usually get Two Fingers Tequila (cheaper, but very good tequila: about half the price of jose cuervo).

Try this recipe sometime. Its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

First person I see drinking this "fake" blood is going to get "fake" stabbed through the heart with a "fake" stake. Pro Tip: The fake stab is really a punch and the fake stake is my fist. I'm going to punch them in the heart. Because most likely it's going to be a girl(or at least look like one) since they are into the whole vamp thing, and that way I get to feel a boob.

You know, jose cuervo is one of the worst tequilas in the tequila market, they are a huge marketing success (outside of mexico) but it's one of the lowest quality tequilas out there, hangovers are killers with that stuff, i think its like what you will see a homeless person buy at a drugstore here in mexico... they get the springbreak touristim to drink it in the "all inclusive" resorts (that will give you an idea of how cheap it is lol) so the youngsters are hooked on it before they can even legaly buy the stuff, and then they spend millions on product placement all over the world.

I've heard similar stories about Corona. I used to drink Cuervo (in my late teens/early 20s) because I didn't know any better. As I tried other tequilas (Patron, Sauza, Cabo Wabo) I learned just how crappy Cuervo was.
The two fingers tequila is pretty nice, especially for the price.
Whenever I know someone is going to Mexico I always ask them to bring me back some good tequila. But they usually forget.

@ 27, Are you Offering?

.... I can sparkle in sunlight.

To find out the real price/release date for Blood Energy Potion, head over to, enter your email address and they will email you with more info soon!

You know, I wanna try this.
Not because it has anything to do with vampires or whatever, but I wanna drink it to look insane.

Walk down the street, passing and old lady...
"Just drinkin' the old pack-a-blood. Need my neutrients!"
Scaring old ladies is the shit.

I can't wait for doctors to start using this as an April Fools joke,
"I need and a bag of B+ stat, wait, this isn't blood, its juice. ha ha good one guys"
"Help I'm dying here I need some blood"

Does it come in light version?

Dude, true blood and the books it was based off are real!

most disgusting thing i have seen all day.

I tried some. It actually isn't half bad. U just cant walk down the street while drinking it. A cop pulled over to talk to me when he saw me. It was funny though.

@ 40: I can sparkle in the light too. All i need is a packet of sparkles and some glue.
Vampires are awesome, but where is all this B.S about you becoming better looking after you become one? DOES EVERYONE THINK THE RULES FROM TWILIGHT ACTUALLY COUNT? You look the same as you did before, except paler. And LOL I should go around drinking this on Halloween.

When will this vampire fad go away....its so damn stupid


Are you kidding me?!
*&$% this!
I'm sick of seeing Twilight everywhere now! And wasn't this a Halloween candy? It came in a I.V. bag thingy.

Don't drink it its vagina juice

Then we should meet sometime.

its going to be one tasty treat for the both of us... yummmm.

don't wrry, i will swallow it all. then put mine into ur behind

the previous comment was for 134we

people need to get over this vampire thing. Its so stupid. Honestly, Twilight is a crappy book anyways (literature is shit and the concept isn't original at all, its basically a trashy teen book for horny girls).
I loved Buffy and Trueblood.
and Dracula, but Stephanie Meyer had to gay it up and ruin fantasy.

I wouldn't mind drinking it, but it reminds me of Twilight too much.

To bad it ain't real blood. Then I would drink it.

Vampires suck!
why would anyone want to be a vampire (besides the fact that people think they would look more attractive as a vampire) . they have so many weaknesses (you must be really ugly if you would risk having so many weaknesses just to look more attractive)
Fire, garlic, steak to the heart etc...........even sunlight (don't give me that crappy fake vampire twilight bull$#!T "oh vampires dont die from sunlight they sparkle" .....we all know vampires die from sunlight. vampires don't sparkle!!!)

Has no one looked at the logistics here? You'd have to drink from the bottom, meaning holding it upside down. Basically what it'll look like to anyone but you is a bag of juice. It may look cooler on a hanging shelf type thing in the shop, but apart from show it's a useless product.

Also, what happened to COOL vampires! I mean like the thousand year old, dusty and tired, stalking in the night kinda vampires. Freaking you out with mind tricks before killing you in an instant,

AND, while I'm at it, how on earth can America have vampires? You're like a 500 year old country, no way that's long enough. The only way you could have a vampire is if they moved over from Europe or whatever, so none would have the American accent, that's just silly. I guess they could be Native American but even then there wouldn't be that American accent. Bloody get over yourselves America, even if vampires were real you wouldn't have any.

i would drink this just to look crazy walking down the street
and scare little kids >:D


Not that im a supporter of vampires in any way because I think the whole fad is an excuse for little butt ugly emo kids to not kill themselves (cuz they'll meet some sparkling vampire who makes them pretty or some s*#t) but vampires could have easily move over to america with the first colonists. think of that dumb*$#? just because you have a brittish accent or wherever the hell you're from doesnt make you any more intelligent the us Good O'le boys!

OMG! What is Twilight doing to people?!?!

wow. i wld try it true, jst to see if it rlly is wat it claims nd if it tastes good. but y wld ne1 b caught drinking ths??? it looks retarded as crap

If you want to be one of the first to get your immortal hands on this stuff, sign up here:

saw this at PAX, didn't want to try it. Ironically, they were located in a dark corner behind the Blizzard booth


I agree. Vampires used to be cool until Twilight. :(
This Twilight stuff is making me crazy.

ok i love vampires. but i hate the whole twilight thing. the people that are love with twilight are just annoying and im tired of seeing it everywhere. and that drink. thats alittle much... and $6 ?!?! nooo way am i paying that much for a drink.

Hahahah wow, I am so trying this, btw I ain't a twilight fan, I just wanna see if its any good, and for Halloween 2010 BLOOD PARTY!!!, and plus I always thought blood tasted like Cherry and strawberry mixed with a bit of salt, anyways just try it out, and if we see a twilight fan, we steal the bag fill it with real blood and see how they like it MUAHHAHA

even though i hate everything vampire, this is a WANT for me!!!! i would drink this in school!!! but, then i would be re-labeled as the Goth kid that eats bats and sh!ts spiders.

Man Vampires used to be cool now they have got to be the lamest fad ever these days, thanks Twilight for making so many sad losers. If I see anyone drink these especially if they are wearing a lot of black I will laugh so hard in your face and you make a move I will beat you from an inch of your so called immortality.

Also this drink will probably be down right awful but these kids won't care they will just suffer through the taste because they think they are shocking us and just being disturbing truth is that we are just laughing at you, me I won't be subtle enough to not laugh in your general direction.


lol i just got a flash back of south park and the preps turning into vamps and drinking clamato juice XDD lmao but truthfully i would try it once for shits and giggles and see if its any good and maybe get a few stares while im at it

Wow. That's.... different. I'd hate to think of all the teenie-boppers who take this bull crap seriously. I mean, "Lyk omg! I can b Bella! lolol11!!11!"

But for shits and giggles, this is pretty dern epic. Don't drink too much of it though. It is, after all, and energy drink.

I much perfer the mystery surrouding Vampires, that is what attracted me to Vampire High in the first place and their battle to humanize and control their blood lust.With these kind of products we would miss those subtle struggles in the life of a Vampire.This way it is destroying the enigma that has attracted people to the Vampires in the first place.

@ 58

Since you’re not from the Americas then you should look up a native tribe called the Aztecs. Now if there ever was a human population that could be said to house vampires, it would probably be them. Blood for the Blood God!

By the way, F*CK you for Harry Potter!! B*stard Limey....

Now that I think about it, Mayan culture would be a better example....

Say: should there ever be a blood shortage, can i use this if i need a transfusion

or is that stupid?

i have to deal with vampire shiit everyday at work! i work at a damn bookstore! Halloween coming up isnt helping either.

who is ready for millions of edwards this halloween?

is that avalibale in the uk??
cus i would just by it for the sake of it

I will smack anyone I see drinking this.

im not into vampires or anything..but this is cool..i want one

Yay, now these twitards can go around saying," Look, I drink blood, I'm a vampyre, I love Edward, I masturbate to Twilight!"
I'm going to try this for the hell of it, but I agree it should be really blood flavored.

"I vant to suck your energy drink! Ah ah ah ah ah ahhhh!"

Lycans are better than vampires, silver, and wolfsbane are their only weaknesses.

i found this while watching the Philip Defranco Show and i gotta say this has got to be one of the stupidest, worst idea, wannabe vamp.fags, BS EPIC FAIL ive seen in a while(besides Twilight and the Tiddy Bear) I BLAIME STEPHANIE MEYER FOR THIS GAY LITTLE PRODUCT AND HER LITTLE DISCO BALL BLOODSUCKERS BOOKS AND MOVIES!

I wonder how long this will be on the market before bible beaters try to ban it.

I'm gonna buy a ton of 'em so it looks as if i have a fridge full of blood :) then i'll be able to make a fortune here in the bible belt after this is banned and removed from stores.

I really think this looks quite good. Its a good idea for all thoes people who like the tast of blood. (like me) ;)

I WANT IT GODDAMMIT! but i'd rather have blood flavoured. whenever i cut myself i drink my blood. everyone else says that blood os salty but mine is sweet :)
maybe coz i eat so much sugar :P

i would LOVE for real blood-FLAVOURED drinks to come out.

TWIHARDS SUCK! they made liking vampires uncool. i've wanted to be a vampire since i was 4 years old... which is kinda odd but still...

Don't get it.
If you want to drink blood, isn't the taste the most important thing?
I mean, If I wanted to feel vampirey, I would want the taste as well...

I would buy this so that I could bring it to school and drink it. But 6$! Holy SHIT!

I agree with some of the sane posters, the vampire fad is getting out of hand. I blame Twilight and the emo that it brought along with it that ensnared pubescent female teens and some "others". An overused love story that was wrapped in vampire melodrama for spice. Aside from the grossness of just looking at it, there are a ton of different ways that drink can be misused for lethal (and I really mean in the deadliest sense) pranks. You all laugh and joke about drinking AIDS-infested blood (and God knows what else), what happens if some sick retard actually tries that and bandies it about to some unsuspecting person? While the I would think to look at the drink as a novelty item, i wouldn't want to waste my money on something like that long term.

This drink was intended for drinking, refilling with your own blood, and re-selling.

ok so am i the only one thats hopeing that it comes in AB and not just B

BLOOD RULz!!!1 I love blood it goes down so smooth and makes me feel much better. It is calming to know that people are supportive of the vampier movment. I am attending a confrence about vampier and hope they sell this there so i can put it in my twilight shrine. It has taken me years to construct and this would be the final addition. I already have peices of edward's hair and clothing. I want edward's sparkly bod to be all over mine. He is the hottest man i have ever seen and i am a guy.

I love you edward,
John Cullen

Am I the only one that read the label and saw "Garlic Free" as the last line in the list of 'benefits' of the drink?

For a laugh.. It's a great gimmick... just so long as people don't take it seriously... hardcore vamp fans, and sheep following the 'popular' trend are the one's who'll get caught out... and if seeing somebody drink it pisses you off so much, then just don't watch them drink it?

I'm gonna try it if it comes to my area, just for the sake of trying it.. don't discount it just due to the packaging..

#89. Yes it is sweet. The problem with any product that isn't blood, is that anything synthetic does not contain the 'live energy'. food from a live animal, such as blood, is 'alive' and at the time of consumption is still vibrating at a molecular level, emitting a frequency to the drinker/eater. you have to understand quantum physics and resonant harmonics to get what I'm writing here. Consuming live blood contains 'life force' in the sense that it is not dead food, as on a molecular level, it is still alive, emitting its life giving frequency.. Being 'alive' it provides the drinker something more than normal processed food. This is why you feel the sensation that you feel stronger, and more alive, thus youthful. Your eyes dilate, and you feel like you are going into the frenzy depicted in so many tales.

One other thing. some of you may not know the important difference in the blood. Blood drawn from non arterial veins is toxic. This is the blood that carries the excess salt, iron, calcium, and toxins, including carbon dioxide, etc. The best blood is drawn from arterial flow, which carries the nutuients, not the waste. Consumtion of the 'waste blood will no doubt contain the toxins you do not wish....for all you sceptics, this is why the tales depict vampires going for the arteries in the neck. funny that hey...I wonder how the legend from long ago seemed to know that arterial blood is what is needed for life force, and not the toxic blood flowing to the kidneys for cleansing...even before modern medicine even knew anything about this.Nyahh...blllllrrrppp :-P !!

Without the blood flavor? But that's the best part >_>

Reading some of these comments makes me feel so old. Vampire fetishism has been around for a fair old while, claiming that the origins is a series of books aimed at teenagers makes about as much sense as claiming magic stems from harry potter. As for the product I don't see it as being any more warped/twisted than the fake blood people buy at Halloween, indeed I think its quite cool.

I agree some Vampire shows go a bit to far which is a shame because if the people who conceived these shows manage to keep some of the mystery and darkness that originally surrounded Vampires in place what fantastic stories we would get. Just looking at Vampire HIgh just watching those episodes you could feel the writers getting to grips with the ideas that Mark Shekter associated with Vampires resulting in tantilizing story lines that did not detract from the main overall underlying theme in the show.

Vampire High and Vampires in History, Geography, Anatomy, and Poetry

i dont see anyhting wrong with it. i mean depending on how you look at this, it isnt a vampire fad. i actully enjoy the taste of blood, its soothing to an extent, so if there is a drink that can repliucate it then thats all good.

I think it would be awesome and tampirism isnt what people think it is. Vampires dont need human blood to survive and they are not immortal. I am a reporter and i have been doing a great deal of research on the subject.

it has so much iron in it. it tastes almost like real blood.

twilight isnt the only thing that has vampires not drinking from humans.
moonlight is an awesome series and this guy (called mick btw) and he doesnt like the idea of killing humans and he doesnt like being a vampire. mostly cuz his wife changed him without him knowing or even consenting. so he just goes to the morgue and gets his blood from a vampire friend that sells blood. its just a safer way for vampires to get their blood without having to kill or end up getting found.

get the hell out of here! NOW!!!

Just saying, stakes to the heart kills everyone. . .

vampires and blood rock that true blood and twilight shit is stupid!!!<3

i might just need to try this it looks weird but its cool

haha soooo im like going as a vampire and what more scary and sexy makes my costum??? fake blood................... lol totally gonna freak ppl out im gonna look sexy as hell and scary all at one hmmmmmm i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i used to like vampires before vamps were around the idea that something strange was out there at night possibly hundreds of years old or evan ten days old it didnt matter before and the twilight came out and everyone was all like wah this lady checked her facts and other bs like that well just because i write stories and fiction i had to check my facts so i did and pf course vampires not being real it was hard to find basics that everyone agreed on but i did i even found some of the oldest before dracula stories and twilight eternally pisses me off and as a final BEING A VAMPIRE DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK BETTER its just a stupid new idea on an ancient myth that started because of some worrior who said hey lets attack the enimie in there sleepand he drank there blood to scare his own men, now stfu... i may try this because im always tired and stuff but does anyone know where i can get it cheaper?

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