Sep 14 2009It Just Makes Sense: Animals With Lightsabers

saber-1.jpg is a website with a bunch of pictures of animals wielding lightsabers. Because, let's face it: animals and lightsabers go together like waking up and drinking. Or going to bed with a bottle of vodka. It just makes people happy.

Hit the jump for several more of my favorites and another link to the website.







Thanks to Brad and Paul, who once paid two geese each a dollar to duel to the death.

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Reader Comments

If only we had squirrels with lightsabers here at Castle Greyskull...

..squirrel lightsaber rave party?

not rite animals are more bat type


@1 at least you have this

GW.... sorry, why did you post this? Who doesn't have a lightsaber? If you don't I DESPISE YOU GW

oh shit
animals with light sabers?????
were screwed

oi J-sizzle u dnt need a light saber if ur awesome


I want to shake the hand of whoever started that website.


I just woke up and cracked open another beer so I'm getting a kick out of this...

Oh... This is awesome.

we need more websites like this.

those rabbits are from Uvic. i can't say i've ever noticed them holding lightsabers before

quite possible the worst post ever. except for the kitties hehe they made me giggle ;)

come on GW i have known about this for years!.... but i don't remember the double sided lightsaber... -_-

Can I HAZ one squirrel with lightsaber :D?

lol they are awesome, just like me ;D

lol gay i've had this picture for years

Beep Boop....George Lucas is gonna sue somebody

Needs more gore. Maybe some entrails.

FINALLY! It's about time.

They may have the force, but I have the shwartz!


i think its a waste of time

i'd like to poop on them

lol, that's cute

this made me check out their site...bunch o' hilarious stuff.

Less talking and more bunnies impaled on lightsabers please....

All I wanted was sharks with freakin' lightsabers on their heads. Is that too much to ask?

@29 - Complete waste of storage space. Delete that sh|t so there is more room for pr0n on the web. Thanks.

100% pure WIN!

@5 way too far. ouch, my childhood

Oh my goodness, I AM AMUSED. |D

Must See!!!

This makes my day! even if it i'm a few days late! What other way would a lonely drunk guy spend his Saturday night…. Drinking, reading Geekologie, and looking at animals with lightsabers!

Only doing this because of a beautiful woman… but let not get into that

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Support of the Lou Zhu, Lou Zhu worked hard
Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. classic cardy

yoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo this is stupid and dumb

oh come on negatives. its funny. ever seen the one where bruce lee has nun chuks and waves them around in front of some kid then the thing replays and they's saber chuks! real funny. YouTube it

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