Sep 24 2009I'd Rock That, INTO BATTLE: Ecko Unlimited Master Chief Hoodies


Looking to expand their line of geek-wear, Ecko Unlimited is releasing this $88 Master Chief hoodie just in time for cooler weather. Good thing too, I'm tired of setting myself on fire!

Brand new, limited edition Halo 3 hoodie from Ecko makes a great gift for your favorite gamer. Color-blocked hoodie is zip-front with nylon welt pockets and nylon overlay over fleece. Velcro(R) close hood with self-welt pockets, rib knit sleeve cuffs and hem.

I, for one, would wear the hell outta that thing. And I'm not just saying that cause it'll compliment my cardboard Halo arsenal so nicely, but that's part of it. *pew pew* *bang bang* *rat-a-tat-tat!* What do you mean I can't get on the bus like this?! Mr. Driver -- PREPARE TO BE BAGGED!

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halo odst hoodie protects against cold, not orbital drops [technabob]

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Reader Comments

war is brewin.....

You'd rock that into eternal virginity.

there's a great pair of sunglasses made for the hood too

Ladies Ladies there is plenty of Master Chief Ham Bone to go around please form a line by decreasing breast size

it doesn't even look like masterchief. that's a piece of shit that they'll overprice and doesn't even look good.


I agree, who the hell would see this on the street and recognize master chief? Fail.

Other virgins?

I've never seen the vid of the kid with the halo weapons... he even knows how to reload them! He's probably really highly ranked on xbox live... like a 23 or something.

My gamertag is "itz exhibit xwx" feel free to add me.

@5 Aggreed ... the one my mom knitted me looks much more realistic


Even looking at it from a non geek perspective... it's not a bad looking jacket!

i'd buy that, even though i cant tell it looks like anything from halo.

knock it down to $50 though.

one thing you do have to look out for though, this kinda stuff never looks good on someone who is chunky

like me : (

It'll be cool to walk around that and the giant halo gun prop.

#6, I am feeling like steaks and burgers, need your address. I promise it'll be a fiery good time.

I love that the shoulder says "Noobs get Pwn3b". That makes this shirt a must have!

You know its actually not that bad looking!

how can you say this does not look bad?? wait where am i again.. ohhhhh - right.

Try geek-chic.

Must See!!!


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