Sep 22 2009Conceptual Oldschool Video Game Shirts


This is a picture of two conceptual video game shirts that Geekologie tipster Jessica sent me. Aaaaand that's all the information we have. Anybody seen these before? Are they being manufactured? Do YOU want to manufacture them? Because if you do I swear I won't tell the original designer or the Pac-Man and Tetris copyright owners. I just want that Pac-Man polo. You know, so I can rock it open all the way down to my belly button. Cause chicks dig outties, am I right? No? How about scars? Okay, what if I had a hairlip? Because I know people. With scissors.


Thanks to Jessica, who has taken a vow of toplessness until she procures these garments. THEY WILL NEVER EXIST!

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Reader Comments

not bad, not bad at all

aww, Pacman nomnom shirt, awesome!

Fisting firstards.

@3 I hate em

Just get it tattooed, that way you and Jess could both rock the designs AND be topless all de times.

lame. we should have been over this whole old school video game thing about 10 years ago when Hot Topic raped the concept from every angle. move on you unoriginal muff divers. lol muff divers.

i. want. the. pacman polo! nomnom NOM!


The Pac Man one is alright. But the Tetris one is all wrong - whenever you fill up the bottom lines they disappear, so the shirt keeps getting shorter and shorter, until the shirt vanishes all together.

How about a shirt with Mrs. Pac Man?
I'm pretty sure that I'd much rather have a female eating white balls on my stomach & chest.

I never realized (until I heard it on a game show) that every Tetris peice is made from 4 square units.

i like how the jacket will only open when the line fills in the rows

my GF would totally rock one of those pacman shirts

Really? Care to guess how many square units it would take to make the pieces for Pentris? How about Hextris? Heptris?

Any of this ringing any bells?

Now that I think about it a little bit...they probably wouldn't use "square" units for the incrementally larger versions.

I must now throw myself on my own fail sword. *ack*

I would say a game where the pieces are made of 5, 6 or 7 square units each.

Maybe they should just come out with a version that uses nothing but really really squishy circles...would make it WAY easier to fit everything together and i could finally make it past level 1.

Jell-O-tris FTW!!!1!

my mom knited me the exact same thing for christmas last year and i love it i wear it all the time ... on an unrelated note i'm on a dry spell since december 2008 ... your right 2002



@Jess ... I could get these brought to life easy!!! My family owns a screen print supply shop & I work there. If I had the graphic it would take minutes to print. Hit me up


I guess they're alright. I probably wouldn't own one though.

@ 10

Now THAT is a good concept.

Must See!!!

I think the word is HARELIP?
Maybe it's because english isn't my first language, but when I read hairlip I think of a mustache.

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