Aug 14 2009WTF Is That?: The Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12

The Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12 is the lovechild resulting from the night a 4-wheeler banged mother nature and then slept with a Formula-1 car for good measure (read: a 500-horsepower death trap that runs on E85 ethanol and costs a staggering $285,000). You'd think for more than a quarter of a million dollars you might get a roof and maybe an airbag, but no, YOU ARE TOO RICH TO DIE. Don't worry, your money will save you (no, no it won't).


Thanks to fleity, who's smart enough to know that race car is a palindrome.

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2nd boo yah!

The car is called the Lazareth. It resurrects it's dead drivers instantly.

I think i could get to work on time using that...

Why does it come with little urine samples near the handlebars?

This thing looks like a bad ass lawn mower.

That is is seriously sitting on his knees/shins? Wow, and I thought that 1000RR I just bought was asking for death.... lol

Completely off topic - What the hell is the deal with the EVONY ads on the site? Evony has NOTHING to do with hot chicks, and is Hella-Lame at best. They must be pumping tons of cash in to GW's pocket.

There are NO hot characters. No boobs. No chicks. Nothing. Gameplay is weak and non-challenging. The interface is busy and hard to use. Completely crappy game.

Save your time and badnwidth, avoid it like you would avoid OJ on the golf course.

OJ's Mom

Race fast safe car.

That thing is gayer than AIDS.

They're driving it backwards. It's more likely to fishtail when turning at high speeds due to the aerodynamic reduction heading down the frame, no?

Or maybe I'm looking at it upside down

Its more like a spider( and a trex ( doing a 3 way with the motorcycle from the dark night,

The name is misleading; this ride won't bring you back from the dead when you crash and die.

Plus, the Spyder is much cooler (and significantly cheaper):

i love the sweet action shots of the exhaust.. pff.. my car does that..

@ 6, I second that description! So I want one, but as a lawn mower. It would make mowing fun. I could run down them cursed kids now down the street! And by run down I mean run over and chop up into little bits.

8 - I've never seen an Evony ad on this site. Perhaps the ads are geared towards your search habits...

Ha! I totally read Race car backwards to make sure it was a palindrome.

I think that's badass. I'd rather ride that than a motorcycle. I don't speak French but I wonder what the thing's top speed is?

I speak Klingon though if that helps


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max saw how big the shark was and said I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.

It looks like a piece of crap

I wanna see when the driver goes to the max speed, and just slips backwards becouse of the g forces and his ass or leg touches the backwheels...

"Do-de-do... I'm a French prick...
do-de-do0.. I'll just drive my big engine down the street.. do-de-doo..."

@ 22

LIES!! Everyone knows the French have no "big engines". It's written in their constitution......along with surrendering to every foreigner that crosses their borders.

Looks like the next version of whatever Batman will be driving.

Hmm... funny how hating on the French is the new national pastime in the States, ever since that bullshit "freedom fries" debacle." Funnier still: you Yanks also seem to hate poor old curious George Bush, who brought about all the tension with the French with his pesky made-up war. Hypocritical, no?

Agreed, looks like a Peice of O S#1T to me too. Especially for the price! Any one of us could mod a Hyabusa for 100k and make a way better peice of equipment! Sure its green, but if its green it has to be good! This thing is gay!

if its french, its a piece of crap. and we hate curious george bush because hes a retard.

Too bad it was topped long before it was even made:

What a poorly shot video. I spent the whole video craving some sort of display of the speed that a guy strapped to a v12 engine can get, but alas, they just focussed on it as if it's a piece of static art. So we're left wondering just how fast this thing can accelerate. Really f'ing annoying!

How come whenever they show the instrument panel while he is driving the gauges are all at zero? They never move.

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