Aug 12 2009"We Don't Date N00bs, We PWN Them!"

This is a video about the problems associated with dating a World of Warcraft n00b when you come from a L337 family. Namely, that your parents won't approve of the relationship. Sadly, watching this video reminded me of the time when I started dating one of those RealDolls a supermodel. I miss you, Silicon Sally hot supermodel with a real name, we just came from two different worlds.

College Humor

Thanks to jessica, Robert and jack, who PWN both n00bs and non00bs with equal dexterity.

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bill frist!

I was dumped in WoW. No joke. This sort of makes me feel better about myself knowing I'm not the most pathetic human on the planet, after all. :)

you guys are all n00bs, suck dog ballz


Isn't this the same conversation you have with yourself in the mirror every morning?


She looks like a nefl huntard to me. If so she's hardly worth it, even at 80. Unless she pvpwns, rides a mechanohog, and's geared 40 heroic.

Cannot view at work, again. I have a sad.

@everyone you're all L7 weinies.

@2 Don't deny it, we all know you play WOW trying to hook up with fellow nerds like yourself

@4 I feel sorry for you, I really do. You would have had better luck sucking on your neighbor's dog's balls than being with a noob that plays WOW.

Why is Funny or Die and College Humor blocked at work?!


Because our company is a bunch of penises.

I would kick a noob out of my house.

@14 why stop there? We collect all the noobs in your neighborhood and melt them in a vat of boiling fat, Gordon's 500pound ex-girlfriend would be the perfect source for the fat.


Pretty funny. College Humor has been putting out some good stuff lately. Compared to Funny or Die, which has been on the decline.

@ 5 and all his clones .... take your own advice and go suck dog balls.

This reminds me of that time I was playing WOW and I...wait, I don't play WOW. I have sex instead. PEW PEW!



I hate you so much.



@20, 22, 23



Sorry naas, gotta do it.


@26 wait until this friday when we go back into the pain cave


You misspelled "pleasure".


windows joke sucks

Yeah Marrying noobs is worthless, they always just want tag along with you and ask you questions. I like to make my noobs worship me and the ground I walk on, and than do tasks I ask of them, like dropping bombs off at the bank or feeding my pets.

The pie wasn't even baked!! Still frozen!!!!! What a n00b!

Harsh! And yet totally justified....

@ 4

He sucked anyways. Time to get with a hero, and ditch the......loser type guy....damn I f*cked up.

lawl this is so awesome. i play halo and alliance and i may be a lvl 16 but im no a noob! i just love tlking to peoples!!!! RAWR :)

btw geekologie writer...
check me out ;)

Mmmm.... hot L337 girl.... I'd fstarck her.



... / t's or gtfo.

LOL @ the ending

Aww jesus Tiff, come on, there are MUCH hotter gamer girls on Geekologie. say, me, for example.

I lol'ed :D

Love it! I only wish my parents were that geeky!

I cracked into hysterics when the old hag said "This relationship is headed for an epic fail"

Honestly? I'd say most of you guys ready this right now are homosexual n00bs. LOLWUT.

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