Aug 20 2009Sweet Costume, Bro: Bumblebee Transformer

If you've been reading Geekologie long enough you may recall the homemade Transformer costume videos I posted way back in October '07 (the dark years). Well this Bumblebee costume is similar, just not made out of cardboard (skip about halfway through to see the transformation). Apparently it's being worn by some poor sap at a car dealership in order to hype some sort of 'Transforming Deals!' promotion. The point is, I need you to help me whip this guy's ass and take that costume. I'm tired of always being a ninja turtle. Psyyyyyyyyche -- TURTLE POWER!


Thanks to Yopoleo, who once wore a gorilla suit to promote a mattress store and whistled at girls as they drove by.

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Reader Comments

Omg this is badass, idk i rushed to be first haha


how is it possible that the comments on The Superficial are less retarded than the ones on Geekologie?

I was so first lol. After actually watching the video, i stick to my comment of saying its badass haha.

This totally qualifies as the AWESOME!

The transformation is freakin' sweet ass!


This is win!

The suit wasn't bad, the guy in it was pretty horrible. Maybe a few minutes practicing would've helped Jose to do it a little faster than the speed of smell.

After you watch the video you can click on the 4th video from the left titled "BATA BATA LATIN FRESH"...

Mad Skillz...

I see Mexican transformer technology has advanced greatly in recent years...

Yeah Wearing That Suit Was AWESOME!!!

i wouldnt even know how to go about building that.


Cannot believe no one mentioned the Optimus Prime head!
Perhaps this is Prime and Bumblebee's secret love child? Haha


It is the Optimus Prime head the one where it changes your voice to sound like his.

My nephew has one i got it for him for x-mas.

Still its pretty badass.

I... Need to have this... Now. Immediately. NOW! GW GET THIS FOR ME! I'll trade it for the T-Rex bone in my back yard.

Eh??? EH???

oh sh!t, no focking way - freaking awsome!

If only Michael Bay could've seen this. Would've made the transformers movies better.

Oh noes! Our secret illegal aliens' smuggling plan has been revealed. Back to the drawing board.

& BTW: Viva México, Cabrones!! :-P

I am so glad that I am not the only person who noticed the Optimus Prime head. The real question is why when they have a Bumblebee head in every store? Seriously why take the effort to paint that when you could just buy the accuate pre-made head?

omg that is sooo bad ass!
I'd so go out with that guy!


SERIOUSLY people - Where do you buy this suite?? Halloween is coming up and I need it!

i think the most badass thing about the suit is the strobing headlights.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fakew because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the moive Never BAck Down where Max was driving a cop car and put his foot through the windshield while being chased by another car.


The BumbleBee helmet didn't come out for a while

after the Optimus Prime head so this may be and old video. Idk?

Me want

that is so feckin awesome!

Must See!

I want to do this guy in the butt. His tank looks about empty, and in need of a fill-up.

is the suit blinking at us ?!?!?

that suit is sick! is anyone selling them anywhere??

Someone please email back where we can buy this costume from because i have a fancy dress party comin up and i have no suit and i'd love to have this :)... Thanks

special 'mom jean' high waist , but they have assorted designs that suck

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